Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3172

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This Tenth Imperial Prince, when facing this Yang Guogong, must be extremely respectful, called his uncle.

But such a character can’t capture the ancient snake Sword Monarch?

In the Tenth Imperial Prince’s view, this ancient snake Sword Monarch should also be an Old Antique who did not know where it came from. He fell asleep for a long time, and he couldn’t see the form of the Heavenly Sword collar now.

Also tried in vain to establish an alliance, unite sect, against the Imperial Family and the military.

I slept for a long time like this. I have some strength. I just woke up and can’t understand the Heavenly Sword collar. There have been many strong sects who want to stir wind and rain, but they have been chosen by the Imperial Family and the military together. The suppression went on.

After all, the strength of the sect side is too strong, which is not good news for the Imperial Family. Only when the strength of the sect side is weak can they master this power.

Once the power is too strong, it is very possible to backlash them, so the Imperial Family will never tolerate Chu Fengmian’s behavior of establishing an alliance like this.

He invited Yang Guogong to come out of the mountain this time, also planning to capture the ancient snake Sword Monarch in one fell swoop, the culprit, as long as the ancient snake Sword Monarch was captured, the alliance would fall apart.

But Yang Guogong’s answer was beyond his expectations.

“The strength of the ancient snake Sword Monarch is really so strong? Is he an Immortal Emperor?”

Tenth Imperial Prince didn’t believe it, and thought he had heard it wrong, and asked again.

“It shouldn’t be the Immortal Emperor.”

Yang Guogong thought for a while, said solemnly.

“I haven’t seen him take action to destroy Four Sects. It should be one of his guards, but the strength of this person has definitely reached the level of Heavenly Venerate.”

“A guard? Can you capture Four Sects Sect Master?”

Hearing this, Tenth Imperial Prince’s face became even more embarrassed.

Sect Master Huo, Rain Sword daoist and the others are all prominent and powerful players on the Sect side. He also paid a lot of resources to win these Sect Masters to make them obey the orders of the Imperial Family.

But now only one guard took the shot and captured all 4 of them. How could this be acceptable to the Tenth Imperial Prince?

But what he cares about now is not that.

“Heavenly Venerate, Heavenly Venerate, isn’t the Heavenly Venerate Immortal Emperor only among the Three Great Sword Sects? Where did the ancient snake Sword Monarch emerge from?”

Tenth Imperial Prince’s face was a little ugly.

He worked so hard to win a total of 7 sects, and now he lost half of it all at once, which made him extremely angry.

“Among the Heavenly Sword leaders, many sect inheritance is long, and some strong people who have never heard of it are normal, and the Heavenly Venerate has a long lifespan. Maybe it’s because you don’t know how many times the Old Antique was before, maybe.”

Yang Guogong calmly opened the mouth and said.

He is also a strong man who has lived for countless times, but he also knows that there are many more in this Heavenly Sword leader than his ancient strong man.

Heavenly Sword leads internal wars and changes in power. Compared with the Three Great Saint Territories, it is much more peaceful. Therefore, some Old Antiques can live for a long time. It is rare to hear about the fall of the Immortal Emperor and Heavenly Venerate.

“Heavenly Venerate, a Heavenly Venerate that’s all, is not the real Immortal Emperor, he may not be an invincible existence, no, I can’t swallow this tone, but just a small Heavenly Venerate that’s all, dare to provoke I?”

The killing intent in the eyes of Tenth Imperial Prince became more intense.

“Uncle Yang, you have worked hard this time, and the benefits that should be given will not be less for you.”


Yang Guogong also heard the intention of seeing off the guests, and he was not staying.

This time, he also took advantage of the Tenth Imperial Prince, so he was ready to shoot, but when he saw Chu Fengmian’s strength, he stopped.

This benefit is not worth his hard work with a Heavenly Venerate.

“Sword Monarch…The Sword Monarch…”

After Yang Guogong left, the killing intent in the eyes of Tenth Imperial Prince was even worse.

“Are you planning to form an alliance? Humph, since I can’t kill you, someone can kill you, come here, tell this news to the Tenth Army Master, I think the Tenth Army Master should be very willing to avenge his discipline of.”


From the side of the great hall 2, walked out several silhouettes, respectfully saluted the Tenth Imperial Prince, and flew outside the great hall.

Heavenly Sword leads the Imperial Palace.

In another palace.

The atmosphere is completely different from that of Tenth Imperial Prince.

“Okay, okay, empty Fire Sword Sect, Rain Sword Sect, Golden Light Sword Sect, No Sword Sect, these 4 Sect Masters of Sword Sect, all were suppressed? Elder disciple, all threatened to join the alliance This ancient snake, Sword Monarch, is really capable, and now the Imperial Brother, I’m afraid it’s going to be pissed off.”

In this palace, standing is a young man, he is also dressed in dragon robe, his appearance is very similar to that of the Tenth Imperial Prince, but his face is younger, and his gesture is between his actions. Also completely different.

He is also one of the princes of Heavenly Sword, Ten Third Prince.

“Ten Your Highness Third Prince, the ancient snake Sword Monarch, intends to establish an alliance. It is also a threat to our Imperial Family. Should we join forces with the Tenth Imperial Prince and solve this person first?”

An old man in front of Ten Third Prince, looking at the contents of jade talisman in his hand, browsed tightly frowns and said.

The news that Chu Fengmian established an alliance and wooed Sect has now also received.

This move made him feel a sense of danger.

“Resolve this person? No, no, even if this person establishes an alliance and draws all the sects into it, it doesn’t matter. What kind of threat is it that can’t be called, on the contrary, such a force, if it can For me to use, you can suppress the Imperial Brothers.”

Ten Third Prince opened the mouth and said with a sneer when he heard this.

“Six Imperial Brothers, ten Imperial Brothers, are now wooing the sect side, wanting to fight for power, but I didn’t expect that this time gave me a chance.”

“Pass the order, send a special envoy to the alliance to congratulate you, and bring gifts. I want this ancient snake Sword Monarch alliance, for me to use.”


As soon as Ten Third Prince’s voice fell, he walked out of the shadow next to the great hall 2 after several silhouettes. He bowed respectfully and flew towards the outside.

“This, will it be a bit risky, this ancient snake Sword Monarch, at first glance, is not a general, if you support him to establish the alliance, I am afraid it will backlash our Imperial Family.”

The old man who had just spoken, looked towards Ten Third Prince, hesitated for a moment, and was still persuaded.

“It doesn’t matter, even if it is established, it does not matter. This so-called alliance, in front of the Imperial Father, is impossible to withstand a single blow.”

“Imperial Father should almost out of seclusion. It is said that this time the Sacred Domain war, the Imperial Father intends to take action personally, but then, these Three Great Sword Sect and Sword Monarch are nothing but clay chickens and pottery dogs that’s all, I Just before the Imperial Father leaves the customs, make more use of this ancient snake Sword Monarch to plunder the benefits that’s all.”

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