Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3173

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Ten Third Prince confidently opened the mouth and said.

“Your Majesty, are you leaving the customs?”

When the old man heard this, his expression was extremely surprised.

Heavenly Sword God Emperor, actually is about to leave.

Every retreat in the Sword God Emperor’s weekdays is at least one era.

The last time Heaven Sword God Emperor 10,000 years ago, once shot a fierce battle with Lord of Sword Dao, and then retreat. I thought that Heaven Sword God Emperor would continue to retreat. Didn’t expect this time, Heaven Sword God Emperor would actually leave early. .

He has never heard of this news.

“Yes, so it doesn’t matter how you toss it, no matter how it is the ancient snake Sword Monarch.”

Ten Third Prince sneered said.

“It’s just a waste of time to deal with this person now, that’s all, it’s better to win over this person now and use him.”

“His Royal Highness is brilliant.”

When the old man heard this, he also opened the mouth and said respectfully.

As Ten Third Prince said, once the Emperor Sword God exits, no matter what the alliance develops, it is nothing more than clay chickens and pottery dogs that’s all.

Led by Heavenly Sword, in a huge Small World belonging to the Seventh Army.

This Small World is now the new location of the alliance.

Chu Fengmian will join the more than a dozen sect Small Worlds of the alliance, all gathered together to form a new and huge Small World.

For Chu Fengmian’s magical means, Donghe Sect Master, Kai Sect Master Jian, there is not much surprise.

After all, even a guard next to Chu Fengmian could easily capture the Four Great Sects master, even more how Chu Fengmian himself, the Four Great Sword Sect, also naturally joined the alliance, including the East River Sect. Now this alliance has fully integrated into a dozen sects.

This is already a force.

Among them, there are more than a dozen law immortal statues, and the immortal statue is close to 50.

In the great hall, Chu Fengmian sat on the highest throne, Chu Long sat beside Chu Fengmian’s right hand, and the remaining Dragon 2 and Dragon 3 2 Dragon Sword Guards stood Behind Chu Fengmian.

Below the thrones are Sect Masters who have joined the alliance of various sects.

There are 6 in total.

Among them are Sect Master Jian, Donghe Sect Master sits in the front, and then the remaining 4 Sect Masters.

As for the Thunder Sect, Hao Sword Sect, who originally joined the Alliance, the Sect Master of these 2 Sects, but after Chu Fengmian left before, rebelled in the Alliance, was directly captured and suppressed by Dragon 3, and is now demoted as a sword slave.

Now the two of them, as well as the four Sect Masters such as Sect Master Huo, can only stand outside the door and are not qualified to sit on this throne.

Looking at the end of Sect Master Huo and the others, many Sect Masters present also had some cold sweats in their hearts.

Many of them have also received contact from Sect Master Huo before, saying that as long as they launch a rebellion, they can get great benefits after the event is completed. Thunder Sect Master and Hao Sect Master Jian are tempted to be unable to bear. A rebellion was launched.

I didn’t expect that Chu Fengmian was not there, but suddenly there was a dragon who didn’t know where he came from, and directly suppressed the rebellion.

So much so that these two Sect Masters were all relegated to sword slaves.

Chu Fengmian demoted them to sword slaves, which also shocked the other Sect Masters, so that they did not dare to feel unhappy again.

It has been 3 days since Chu Fengmian surrendered to Sect Master Huo and the others.

In the past 3 days, Chu Fengmian reshaped this Small World, turning the current Small World into the nest of the alliance.

At the same time, under the persecution of Chu Fengmian, these Sect Masters who joined the alliance also handed over the inheritance sword technique in the sect one after another, and their Sect’s Disciples were completely integrated into the alliance.

Under a series of thunder methods, in the alliance, there is no more heart. Of course, Chu Fengmian also knows how to do both kindness and power, and he has also put out countless resources and contributed to the alliance.

Originally, many sect disciples were still dissatisfied with joining this alliance, but after seeing the large amount of resources, the dissatisfaction in their hearts was wiped out, and they soon joined the alliance wholeheartedly.

Any discipline with 2 hearts will be killed directly.

Now this alliance is no longer a loose alliance, but has become an enormous influence.

The alliance has been established.

The position of Alliance Leader is undoubtedly Chu Fengmian.

Originally, Chu Fengmian’s plan was to retreat behind the scenes and control the alliance, but now because of the beheading of General Huo Gan, Long Wu and the others, the reputation of the ancient snake Sword Monarch has already resounded through the Heavenly Sword.

He came to be the Alliance Leader, but he could make the alliance expand faster. Chu Fengmian simply became the Alliance Leader.

As for Chu Long and Donghe Sect Master, they are two Vice Alliance Lords. Chu Long’s strength is enough to suppress the entire alliance. If Chu Fengmian is absent, he controls the alliance. Donghe Sect Master is responsible for managing the alliance. Matters.

As for Dragon 2, Dragon 3, and the remaining 5 Sect Masters, the Alliance Elder has a lot of power in the Alliance.

“How many sects are willing to join the alliance?”

Chu Fengmian’s gaze suddenly looked towards the Sect Master of Donghe next to him.

Now that only a dozen sects have joined, it is far from reaching Chu Fengmian’s goal.

In the territory of the Seventh Army group alone, there are a full 100 sects. The power he currently holds is less than one-tenth, which is still too weak.

But before, because of Chu Fengmian’s shot, all Sect Master Huo and the others were surrendered. On the sect side, there is no such sect. They dared to make a big splash and blocked Chu Fengmian’s alliance.

And showing such a terrifying power, the win over other sects has also become much smoother.

“A dozen sects have already expressed their views and are willing to join the alliance.”

Donghe Sect Master hurriedly opened the mouth and said.

“The conditions set by the Alliance Leader, many sects are agreed to at one go. Some sects, even I haven’t invited them, are ready to join the alliance.”

Chu Fengmian gave the alliance a huge amount of resources, and these resources became the benefit of the alliance to win sect.

Now that the power of this alliance is getting bigger and bigger, it is already somewhat irresistible. If many sects are still waiting and watching before, or because of the forces on the Imperial Family, they dare not join the sect.

But as Chu Fengmian destroyed the Four Sects such as the empty Fire Sword sect, these wait-and-see sects are also willing to join the alliance.

After all, joining the alliance, for them, is also a huge benefit, they can get the protection of the alliance, and they can also get massive resources.

Although it is necessary to pay the price of inheritance sword technique.

But now each sect has almost been forced into a desperate situation, and has no longer cared about that many.

The expansion of the alliance is overwhelming.

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