Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3174

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Many sects in the Seventh Army regiment territory have now voluntarily joined the alliance.

Once the alliance is established, it is unstoppable, and no one can stop this trend.

Many of the sects in the Heavenly Sword collar have been forced to the extreme, and they are all seeking variables. Now this alliance is the biggest variable.

No one can resist the alliance expansion anymore.

In the current situation, even if Three Great Sword Sect comes forward, it may not be able to stop the expansion of the alliance.

“Alliance Leader, now that the alliance has been established, it must have a name.”

Chu Fengmian sits above the great hall.

Kai Sect Master Jian was on the side, suddenly opened the mouth and said.

The current alliance has been truly established, so naturally it cannot be without a name.

Now that the alliance is outside, they are all called the East River League because it was established by the East River Sect.

However, as the power of the alliance is getting bigger and bigger now, the name of Donghe is not qualified to represent the whole alliance, and Sect Master of Donghe also knows.

Donghezong took the lead this time under Chu Fengmian’s command and became the veteran of the alliance. He has already obtained enough benefits, and he does not expect more benefits.

“New name?”

Chu Fengmian sat on the throne and thought in a deep voice.

“Our alliance, since it was established by sect led by Heavenly Sword, it’s called the Heavenly Sword Alliance, named after Heavenly Sword.”

Heavenly Sword Alliance.

Many Sect Masters present were chanting this name silently, and their eyes were a little surprised.

The name of Heavenly Sword.

Among the Heavenly Sword leaders, only Heavenly Sword God is qualified to call it the name of Heavenly Sword.

The alliance established by Chu Fengmian is actually going to become the Heavenly Sword Alliance, so the meaning of this is self-evident, this is to become the authenticity of the Heavenly Sword Alliance.

Saying these three words is enough to represent Chu Fengmian’s ambition. This alliance, but to accommodate the entire Heavenly Sword leader, will even be against the military, the Imperial Family, and become the overlord of the Heavenly Sword leader.

Chu Fengmian’s idea is naturally the same. Since he is going to establish an alliance, he will build the largest one, but the attention of the military and the Imperial Family is attracted by the upcoming Sacred Domain war.

For the alliance that Chu Fengmian has established now, it is the best opportunity for development, and he is not willing to be at home anymore.

“Well, it’s called Heavenly Sword Alliance!”

Donghe Sect Master first echoes the road.

“I agree.”

Kai Sect Master Jian was also followed by dipping.

Other Sect Masters, seeing this scene, also echoed.

Heavenly Sword Alliance is truly established.

This name also began to gradually resound through the Heavenly Sword collar.

After one day.

Chu Fengmian sits in the great hall.

In front of him, there are more than a dozen Sword Manuals.

It is the inheritance sword technique offered by the sect who joined the Heavenly Sword Alliance.

These inheritance sword techniques are the biggest foundation for Chu Fengmian to establish an alliance. Now that the alliance is in place, those sects are not hesitating, and one after another actively handed over the inheritance sword technique.

There are even a few sects who have not led the discipline to the Heavenly Sword Alliance Small World yet. They have already sent the inheritance sword technique in advance to show their loyalty.

These dozens of Sword Manuals were also comprehend by Chu Fengmian. Many of the mysterious ones have been integrated into the ancient book of Sword Dao. The sword techniques led by Heavenly Sword, many of which are inherited extremely old, and many of them are mysterious, Chu Fengmian is unheard-of.

He now incorporates the mysterious of these inheritance sword techniques into the Sword Dao ancient book. Chu Fengmian can clearly feel that his sword technique is gradually improving.

After coming to the Heavenly Sword collar, Chu Fengmian’s Sword Dao ancient book has begun to be gradually improved. He has a feeling that it is completely complete from the Sword Dao ancient book, and the Nine Domains Sword Technique is completely condensed, and it is already very fast. .

If you can get more inheritance sword technique, you can speed up this speed again.

Of course, the inheritance sword technique on the sect side represents only a part of the Heavenly Sword leader sword technique. When it comes to the oldest orthodox inheritance sword technique among the Heavenly Sword leader, it is still the Heavenly Sword secret technique controlled by the Imperial Family.

The Heavenly Sword secret technique, along with the countless sword techniques in the Heavenly Sword collar Holy Land, is the most mysterious and authentic sword technique among the Heavenly Sword collar.

This Heavenly Sword leads Holy Land, and Chu Fengmian must look for an opportunity to enter it…

“Alliance Leader.”

Just when Chu Fengmian Chen Si.

Suddenly, Sect Master Jian walked in from outside, looked towards Chu Fengmian, respectfully opened the mouth and said.

“The Imperial Family envoy came and said that he was going to meet the Alliance Leader.”

“Imperial Family Envoy, here again?”

A hint of surprise flashed in Chu Fengmian’s eyes.

He had deposed the Imperial Family envoy before, and fiercely slapped the Imperial Family in the face.

The current Imperial Family does not secretly make trouble with Chu Fengmian as an enemy. It has already made Chu Fengmian feel strange. Now he has sent a special envoy to see Chu Fengmian.

“The envoy has a very good attitude. He has not yet brought a gift to the Alliance Leader.”

Sect Master Jian opened the mouth and said quietly, and he also presented a space ring.

In this space ring, there are many Immortal Pill, Immortal Grade and Immortal Stone.

Although to Chu Fengmian, he despised these resources, but this is much more than the wealth of a treasure house like Donghe Sect.

Judging from the meeting ceremony, it’s a generous gift.

“Since you are bringing this gift, see you and let them in.”

Chu Fengmian calmly opened the mouth and said.

confront soldiers with generals and stem water with earth, no matter this time the Imperial Family sent a special envoy, why on earth, but since it is a gift, then see you.

Sect Master Jian heard Chu Fengmian’s words and quickly retreated. After a while, he took a middle-aged man and entered the great hall.

This middle-aged man is dressed in a Chinese dress with some ancient beasts tattooed on it. This is only the Imperial Family disciple qualified to wear clothes.

The person who came this time was actually an Imperial Family disciple.

This identity, but the Imperial Family envoy who came last time, is completely different, the Imperial Family envoy who came last time, in fact, can only be regarded as a martial artist cultivated by the Imperial Family, a genius, speaking of which is also a servant and a guardian. Characters, not really members of the Imperial Family.

Just came on behalf of the Imperial Family.

But the person who came this time is a real Imperial Family disciple. Although it seems that he is not counted as the true core member of the Imperial Family, he also owns the Imperial Family Bloodline and has a very high status in the Heavenly Sword.

Even if it is a general, you must respect 30% when you see the Imperial Family disciple.

“Ten Third Prince’s subordinate, Xiao Shaoyun, have seen the ancient snake Sword Monarch.”

The Imperial Family disciple Xiao Shaoyun came into the great hall and bowed to Chu Fengmian who was sitting on the throne. Although it was not a big gift, he still maintained respect.

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