Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3176

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But Chu Fengmian, however, remains unmoved.

His face was calm, without any expression.

This made Xiao Shaoyun a little confused for a while.

The resources he took out are what the sect party lacks most. With these resources, their Imperial Family wins over each sect, and it is very smooth.

“I don’t need these.”

Chu Fengmian shook the head.

Speaking of resources, the resources in his hands, even if the Heavenly Sword Alliance is now expanding 100 times, he can easily supply them. Chu Fengmian mastered a Smaller Thousand Worlds, and even beheaded an unknown Immortal Emperor fleshy body.

The accumulated resources of that Immortal Emperor over several eras are now in Chu Fengmian’s hands, and he has no shortage of resources at all.

“Top grade Immortal Grade, even top grade Immortal Pill, our Imperial Family can provide it.”

For fear that Chu Fengmian misunderstood his words, Xiao Shaoyun hurriedly opened the mouth and said.

But Chu Fengmian’s expression was as indifferent as before.

“I don’t need these, I just need the sword technique.”

Chu Fengmian calmly opened the mouth and said.

“Sword technique?”

Hearing Chu Fengmian’s words, Xiao Shaoyun’s face showed a strange look.

He seemed to have completely unexpected that Chu Fengmian did not play cards according to the routine. For each sect, Chu Fengmian does not need the most important resource, but a sword technique.

“I need the sword technique, the inheritance sword technique of the Heavenly Sword collar, or even the sword technique of other collars. The more ancient sword technique, the better.”

Chu Fengmian didn’t explain, and directly opened the mouth and said.

“Sword technique?”

Xiao Shaoyun heard Chu Fengmian’s words, browse tightly frowns.

sword technique, there are indeed many of them in the Imperial Family. Whether it is the Heavenly Sword collar, the inheritance sword technique left behind by the Sword God Emperor, or the sword technique acquired by the Imperial Family, they add up to a mountain, and indeed they have Lots of.

Most of these sword techniques are sealed in the Book Collection Pavilion. Only the Imperial Family disciple who is interested in these will enter the Book Collection Pavilion by chance.

However, Heavenly Sword leads the Imperial Family cultivation’s sword technique, which is based on the Heavenly Sword secret technique. As for the other sword techniques, they can only be used as an auxiliary reference.

These sword techniques are of little significance to the Imperial Family, even if they are taken out and given to Chu Fengmian, it does not matter.

“I don’t know Sword Monarch, how many sword techniques are needed, and what level of sword technique?”

Xiao Shaoyun asked.

He immediately thought that the sword technique that Chu Fengmian wanted should be the Heavenly Sword secret technique led by Heavenly Sword. This is the sword technique created by Heavenly Sword God’s inheritance, and it is the strongest sword among the Heavenly Nine Domains. technique.

Even as the Imperial Family disciple, the Heavenly Sword secret technique of cultivation is just the first few formulas. As for the most mysterious part of the latter, only the real Imperial Family prince is qualified for cultivation.

If it were the Heavenly Sword secret technique, then he would definitely not be able to agree to Chu Fengmian’s request.

However, Chu Fengmian’s answer was beyond his expectation.

“Sword technique of any level can be used, the more the better.”

Chu Fengmian replied.

He wanted these sword techniques only to comprehend the mysterious in it, and to integrate it into the Sword Dao ancient book. Chu Fengmian itself does not cultivation this kind of sword technique.

Therefore, the strength and quality of these sword techniques is of little significance to Chu Fengmian. What he really needs is the many mysterious in those sword techniques, which can be integrated into the Sword Dao ancient book.

It may be just an ordinary sword technique, but the idea of ​​creation is different from other sword techniques. Then this sword technique is also of great help to the Sword Dao ancient book.

What Chu Fengmian needs is a large number of sword techniques, the more the better.

“the more the better.”

Xiao Shaoyun’s face became more and more weird.

Everyone knows that a sword cultivator, even if the sword technique assisted by comprehend is counted, can only add up to 4 cultivation and 5 seven cultivation, which is already the limit.

If there is more cultivation, even the Sword Dao genius, it is difficult to fully master these sword techniques, bite off more than one can chew.

For a while, Xiao Shaoyun couldn’t understand what Chu Fengmian wanted these sword techniques to do.

However, since there is no limit to the grade, Heavenly Sword leads the Imperial Family. Such a sword technique can cost 1000 to 10000, and most of them are of no value. He can take it out at will and use it to win Chu Fengmian. It is definitely something that makes a profit without losing money.

“I can provide 500 sword techniques first, as the sincerity of Ten Third Prince.”

Xiao Shaoyun thought about opened the mouth and said.

500 tracks.

Among the sword techniques where the Imperial Family is 1000 to 10000, this number is not too much.

But Chu Fengmian’s heart was overjoyed.

He did not expect that Xiao Shaoyun actually agreed to Chu Fengmian 500 sword techniques in one breath.

You should know that Chu Fengmian has established an alliance and has drawn sect everywhere into it. The sword technique he has obtained is only a dozen that’s all. Now the Imperial Family can provide 500 in one go.

And these 500 sword techniques are obviously only a few of the sword techniques controlled by the Imperial Family.

This gap made Chu Fengmian a bit shocked for a while, but he soon wanted to understand that Heavenly Sword led the Imperial Family, but in name, Heavenly Sword had been notified of how many ages he did not know.

This time has elapsed. Now, in the ancient book led by Heavenly Sword, there is no record of what happened before Heavenly Sword. There are 100 eras. In these 100 eras, many sects have declined and may also be imperial. Family is destroyed.

The accumulated sword technique must be an astronomical number.

So when Xiao Shaoyun spoke, he could provide 500 sword techniques.

“it is good.”

Chu Fengmian also nodded, and agreed with Xiao Shaoyun’s words.

500 sword techniques, if available, will greatly improve Chu Fengmian’s Sword Dao ancient book.

And more importantly.

That is the number of sword techniques in the hands of the Imperial Family, which is definitely much more than these 500. As long as it is connected with the Imperial Family, then Chu Fengmian will not worry about the sword technique anymore.

This is much faster than Chu Fengmian’s use of Heavenly Sword Alliance and one Sect one Sect to draw in.

But of course, Heavenly Sword Alliance can’t stop here. Mosquito meat is also meat, even more how. Now in the Heavenly Sword collar, there can be 10000 years of suppression. None of the inherited sects are weak.

Many of these sects have deep background, and their inheritance sword technique is naturally stronger than those sects destroyed by the Imperial Family.

“This is the newly prepared status token for Sword Monarch by Ten Third Princes. There are also several blank status tokens that can be used by people around Sword Monarch.”

Seeing Chu Fengmian’s promise, Xiao Shaoyun also took out a space ring at once. Several jade talisman flew out of it and fell in front of Chu Fengmian.

Chu Fengmian breathed into it, and suddenly his appearance appeared in the status token.

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