Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3177

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And the status token in the Chu Fengmian space ring was also shattered. There is only one status token led by Heavenly Sword for each person.

His last identity was the patrol officer of the Seventh Army led by Heavenly Sword, just a vacant position.

But this time his identity is a genuine general.

Chu Fengmian’s current influence is not what it used to be, and he also established the Heavenly Sword Alliance.

Legion generals led by Heavenly Sword are all qualified to form their own army. Chu Fengmian has the status of a general, and he can also incorporate the Heavenly Sword Alliance’s discipline into his army, which can completely whiten his identity.

This status token is invaluable. According to the East River Sect Master, the only power that can get the general status token in Heavenly Sword is the Three Great Sword Sect.

Now Chu Fengmian has actually got one of them, which proves that in the eyes of Ten Third Prince, Chu Fengmian also has a power close to the Three Great Sword Sect.

Of course, this is not only because of Chu Fengmian alone, but also because of the ever-expanding Heavenly Sword Alliance.

With this identity, Chu Fengmian can also be in the lead of Heavenly Sword, unscrupulously shot.

“500 sword techniques, I will send them to the Heavenly Sword Alliance within 7 days.”

Xiao Shaoyun looked towards Chu Fengmian opened the mouth and said, after finishing speaking, he was a ray of light and directly chose to leave the Heavenly Sword Alliance.

“These ten Third Princes are so polite to win Alliance Leader, there must be fraud.”

Not long after Xiao Shaoyun left, Donghe Sect Master slowly appeared beside him. He also heard the conversation between Chu Fengmian and Xiao Shaoyun just now.

Xiao Shaoyun represents Ten Third Prince. This time he came to meet Chu Fengmian. This is polite, but it is a bit unusual.

Donghe Sect Master has also been dealing with the Imperial Family for a long time. He also knows the character of the Imperial Family very well. The Imperial Family has never been so polite to the Sect party.

Even though Chu Fengmian is currently in great shape, there is still a gap compared to Three Great Sword Sect. Even if it is facing Three Great Sword Sect, the Imperial Family may not be so polite.

Among them, there must be ghosts.

“It’s okay, we and the Imperial Family, but it’s just trading that’s all, each gets what we need.”

Chu Fengmian didn’t care.

He also didn’t bother to care about the Imperial Family, what was his idea, and his real purpose was for the sword technique led by Heavenly Sword.

even more how His superficial strength is just a Heavenly Venerate, but his true strength is already comparable to the 5th and 6th Immortal Emperor.

Such a character, among the Three Great Saint Territories, without exception, is Old Antique, which has been difficult to be born in several eras. With his strength, unless he really encounters the Sword God Emperor, otherwise Chu Fengmian will retreat without a problem. .

And as long as Chu Fengmian gets more sword techniques and integrates the mysterious into the Sword Dao ancient book, and completes the Sword Dao ancient book, Chu Fengmian’s strength can go further.

So now Chu Fengmian doesn’t care about the little thought of Ten Third Prince.

Seeing that Chu Fengmian was so confident, Donghe Sect Master didn’t say anything.

Less than 7 days, 3 days later.

Xiao Shaoyun came to the Heavenly Sword Alliance again.

At the same time, according to his promise, he brought 500 sword techniques. These 500 sword techniques are regarded as the sincerity of the Imperial Family and the first batch of rewards to Chu Fengmian.

“Not bad.”

Chu Fengmian looked up these 500 sword techniques, almost all of which were led by Heavenly Sword. Chu Fengmian had seen some of them in the Lord of Sword Dao, but he had never seen most of them.

Lord of Sword Dao, although he is the Sword Dao of Nine Domains, Sword Dao stepped into Peak, but he is not like Chu Fengmian. He intends to gather the world’s sword techniques to condense the sword techniques, and he has not collected it. The habit of various sects sword technique.

Only some profound sword techniques can enter the eyes of Lord of Sword Dao.

But for Chu Fengmian, the sword technique he needs is the more the better, and some of the sword techniques that are not high in realm, among which the mysterious, are of great use to the Sword Dao ancient book.

Xiao Shaoyun came to the Heavenly Sword Alliance this time, of course, not only with the sword technique, he also brought a message to Chu Fengmian.

“Now in the 8th Legion garrison, some betraying the sect appears. They are fighting against the Imperial Family and fighting the army. The 8th Legion general asks for help.”

Xiao Shaoyun looked towards slowly opened the mouth and said.

“Oh? Betraying the sect? Is it to suppress, close, or destroy?”

After listening to Xiao Shaoyun’s words, Chu Fengmian understood all of a sudden and directly opened the mouth and said.

He is now paid from the Imperial Family, and naturally must be in order to Imperial Family to do things.

This so-called betraying the sect refers to those who are not willing to take refuge in the Imperial Family and the military’s sect on the sect side. These sects are the key targets of the Imperial Family and the military.

Among the sects of Heavenly Sword, in fact, only a part of the sects are willing to join the Imperial Family or the military, and a large part are not willing to compromise and would rather fight.

Heavenly Sword leads the fight for Legion, and it is usually responsible for suppressing these betraying the sect.

However, this time, in order to prepare for the upcoming Sacred Domain war, most of the power of Legion was mobilized. These sects also took advantage of this opportunity to launch a rebellion.

At this time, someone must be needed to suppress the rebellion.

“It’s up to you to do it, but from now on, these sects can no longer cause trouble.”

Xiao Shaoyun opened the mouth and said.


Chu Fengmian’s eyes lit up.

If these sects are left to Chu Fengmian to deal with, then Chu Fengmian can do whatever he wants.

Even if these sects are pulled into the Heavenly Sword Alliance, it is ok.

For him, this is an extremely fast opportunity to develop the power of the Heavenly Sword Alliance, and more importantly, these sects and equivalents that join the Heavenly Sword Alliance will bring countless sword techniques.

“I’ll take this matter.”

Chu Fengmian doesn’t talk nonsense, and directly opens the mouth and said.

“The Ancient Snake Alliance Leader is really refreshing. These 500 sword techniques can be regarded as a meeting ceremony for ten Third Princes. After the event is completed, there will be 500 to sword techniques offered.”

Xiao Shaoyun smiled and opened the mouth and said, and at the same time, there was an extra jade talisman in the palm of his hand and handed it to Chu Fengmian.

“This is the list of this time betraying the sect. As long as it is the sect on the list, the Ancient Snake Alliance Leader can handle it at will.”

After Xiao Shaoyun finished speaking, he left again.

Chu Fengmian looked at this jade talisman and looked at the list above. There are 40-50 sects on this list. This is the betraying the sect list this time.

At the same time, he also called Donghe Sect Master to start Sect Master Jian.

Chu Fengmian’s understanding of the Heavenly Sword leader is only a silly understanding. Although he has the memory of several generals, he still knows nothing about the forces on the sect side.

“Aurora Sect? Sun-Moon Sword Sect? These are all sects under the command of Tenth Imperial Prince.”

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