Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3178

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After reading the content in jade talisman, Donghe Sect Master opened the mouth and said in surprise.

Most of the so-called betraying the sect in this list are actually already in the Imperial Family.

However, unlike the Heavenly Sword Alliance who has taken refuge in Ten Third Princes, these betraying the sects have taken refuge in Tenth Imperial Prince.

“It seems that this time, Ten Third Prince intends to take action against the forces of Tenth Imperial Prince?”

Hearing what Donghe Sect Master said, Chu Fengmian also understood a general idea at once.

Among the Heavenly Sword leaders, betraying the sect that often pops up, naturally impossible is that sects often come out to make trouble. Most of the so-called betraying the sects are actually sects under the command of other princes.

Every so-called betraying the sect is essentially a struggle between the princes.

Like Donghezong, it was once included in the betraying the sect by the Sect extermination queue.

“Is this an internal fight between Tenth Imperial Prince and Ten Third Prince?”

Kai Sect Master Jian also opened the mouth and said in a low voice.


The corner of Chu Fengmian’s mouth showed a little said with a sneer.

“This is just to make Sect’s own internal consumption that’s all. It is said that it is an internal fight, but it is actually a fight between Sects. What they pay is just a little resource that’s all.”

In terms of internal fighting, the Imperial Family did not pay much. Because of the special nature of the Imperial Family, this little resource is nothing at all. On the contrary, Sect has become more and more powerful in the internal fighting. weak.

When Donghe Sect Master and Kai Sect Master Jian heard this, their eyes showed some helplessness.

They have also received such a task, but even if they are reluctant in their hearts, there is no way to ignore them. If you keep your hands on the other party, you may ruin yourself.

For example, the fall of the 4 Supreme Elders of Donghe Zong is the best example.

These 4 Supreme Elders did not die in the hands of the military, but died in the hands of the sect martial artist.

“What do we do then? Do we want to make a move?”

Donghe Sect Master asked in a low voice.

“Of course you have to shoot.”

A smile appeared at the corner of Chu Fengmian’s mouth, and he rose from the throne, opened the mouth and said.

“This time, I will personally take someone to the 8th Legion.”

“Alliance Leader intends to go in person?”

Donghe Sect Master and Qi Sect Master Jian heard this, they were all strange.

Sect suppression is just a trivial matter. In fact, without Chu Fengmian’s action, just let a few Elders in the Heavenly Sword Alliance take action, it is enough.

This little thing shouldn’t be worth Chu Fengmian’s personal visit.

“It’s okay. Although these sects are now under the command of the Tenth Imperial Prince, they are on the same side of the sect with us and should not fight each other. If I go this time, I can try to resolve grievances and let them join the Heavenly Sword. In the Alliance.”

Chu Fengmian opened the mouth and said.

One Sect, for Chu Fengmian, represents an inheritance sword technique, and he naturally wants to go personally.

And now Chu Fengmian does not have a deeper understanding of the Heavenly Sword collar, he can go this time to figure out some things about the Heavenly Sword collar.

In addition, Chu Fengmian had comprehend a lot of the sword technique led by Heavenly Sword before. Now this time, he can also take the opportunity to hone his skills. The sword technique is comprehend, after all, it is necessary to use it, otherwise it is impossible to understand its true mysterious.

“I’ll take Dragon 2 and Dragon 3 to go. Chu Long sits in the Heavenly Sword Alliance. As for you, you are going to win over other sects. I hope that the Heavenly Sword Alliance will soon grow into the Number in the Seventh Army leader sect. One Influence.”

Chu Fengmian opened the mouth and said.

“Yes, Alliance Leader.”

Kai Sect Master Jian, Donghe Sect Master, all opened the mouth and said in unison.

Chu Fengmian has the supreme supreme authority in the Heavenly Sword Alliance, and no one dares to refute Chu Fengmian’s words.

Soon Chu Fengmian, with Dragon 2 and Dragon 3, got up and went to the 8th Legion.

Of course, this time to suppress and eliminate the sect, not only Chu Fengmian went alone to eliminate the sect, the most troublesome point is to cut weeds and eliminate the roots, if it is to make some Elder disciple escape, how many years, you can rebuild sect.

So Chu Fengmian this time also brought a lot of Heavenly Sword Alliance’s disciplines to deal with those betraying the sect’s disciplines. As Chu Fengmian, he didn’t bother to deal with some immortal kings, Immortal Monarch levels, even not yet Step into the Little Brat of Immortal King Realm.

A huge empty ship is located in the sky. The empty ship is as big as ten thousand meters long. It flies in the air and shields the sky. These are some unique ships in the Heavenly Sword leader. A military ship is an empty ship built by the military.

This kind of empty ship is made of steel with a whole body. On top of the steel, there are countless Arrays carved into the sky. A military ship of this kind can hold as many as 10000 people.

However, the discipline that Chu Fengmian took away this time was only 100 people. These people were originally various sects disciples, but now they all join the Heavenly Sword Alliance and become the discipline of the Heavenly Sword Alliance.

This military ship, in terms of performance, may not be as good as the empty ship of Three Great Saint Territories. However, the refining materials of this military ship are very ordinary. Although this kind of steel has been refined, it can be used casually. A martial artist who steps into Celestial Realm can condense a lot.

Compared with the empty ships of Three Great Saint Territories, countless heavenly materials and earthly treasure materials are needed to refine, but the refining methods of this kind of military ship are much more ordinary.

It is said that in the Heavenly Sword collar, any Legion has over 10000 such warships. The army is dispatched, and it can travel 10,000,000 li in an instant, which is completely impossible for Three Great Saint Territories.

In the Three Great Saint Territories, even if it is the overlord sect, it is impossible to build a large number of empty ships for Direct Disciple to ride.

Seeing this empty ship, Chu Fengmian sighed even more. Everything in this Heavenly Sword leader is to make armaments for a large-scale war. If such a ship is really used in warfare, in terms of mobility, To far surpasses the sect of Three Great Saint Territories.

Chu Fengmian has now become a general of the Seventh Army regiment, and naturally, he has acquired a few such military ships. After all, these military ships are not too expensive in the Heavenly Sword command.

Chu Fengmian sits in the palace at the top of the military ship. Dragon 2 and Dragon 3 are also serving on the 2 side.

The disciplines of Heavenly Sword Alliance are all sitting on military ships, some cultivator sword technique, and some curiously looking all around.

In addition to these Heavenly Sword Alliance disciples, there are more golden men on the military ship. These golden men control the military ship, and at the same time are responsible for the Heavenly Sword Alliance disciple clothes and training.

These golden men are Dao soldiers.

Dao soldiers led by Heavenly Sword.

Chu Fengmian had seen Dao soldiers led by Heavenly Sword in Nine Domains. Heavenly Sword led some forces to fight against each other. It was not purely a battle between disciplines, but more of a battle between Dao soldiers.

These Dao soldiers are all refined from various materials and have good combat capabilities.

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