Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3179

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Each of the Taoist soldiers Chu Fengmian encountered in Nine Domains has the strength of the Immortal Monarch. A Taoist squad has a total of 100 Taoist soldiers, and they can even display the Combined Assault Technique.

This Dao Bing team made a move, and it was even enough to cause great trouble to Xianzun.

Of course, Chu Fengmian is also understood now. The Taoist soldiers he encountered in Nine Domains were the strongest golden armored Taoist soldiers in the Taoist squad.

This kind of golden armored Taoist refining method is firmly grasped by the military, except for the military, even the Imperial Family, there is no way to master it. Every golden armored Taoist soldier will have the strength of the Immortal Monarch.

However, there are not many Jin Family Dao soldiers in the military. Golden armor Dao soldiers can be regarded as the core battle strength of Legion. They will only be stationed in some important places. At the beginning, Chu Fengmian was forced to go to the immortal to be blocked. The siege of the Taoist soldiers.

Under the golden armor, there are three types: silver armor, bronze armor, and iron armor.

The strength of each silver armor Taoist soldier has the strength of the fairy king. The method of refining is easier than the golden armor Taoist soldier, and it is not only the military can master, such as the Imperial Family, and the Three Great Sword Sect, There are methods for refining silver armored soldiers.

Of course, this so-called silver armored Taoist soldier does not refer to a single kind of Taoist soldier, but a refined Taoist soldier whose strength reaches the Immortal King Realm world, and can be called silver armored Taoist soldier.

In essence, the Three Great Sword Sect and the Imperial Family, the silver armored soldiers controlled by the military, are completely different Taoist soldiers. Although each type of Taoist soldier is similar in strength, they have different focuses.

The group of golden armor Dao soldiers that Chu Fengmian encountered at the beginning was good at sealing the secret technique, used to intercept the enemies who broke into the fairy city.

And now, most of the Dao soldiers on this ship are good at frontal combat.

However, the Dao soldiers on this military ship are not even the silver armored Dao soldiers, but the bronze armored Dao soldiers. The strength of every bronze armored Dao soldier is the strength of Xianhou.

The Bronze Armored Soldier was brought along with the Heavenly Sword Alliance because a sect named Sword Sect joined the Heavenly Sword Alliance.

Sects like Donghezong, the original Dao soldiers were just iron-clad Dao soldiers, whose strength was no more than the strength of an immortal general. In a real war, they didn’t play much role at all and could only be regarded as cannon fodder.

These Taoist soldiers, in addition to frontal combat, can also be responsible for controlling military ships and controlling some arrays.

This time Chu Fengmian took people to the 8th Legion. In addition to about 2 100 Heavenly Sword leaders, there were more of these Bronze Armored Soldiers, with a total of 1000 Bronze Armored Soldiers.

There were only 2 Bronze Armored Soldiers in the Heavenly Sword Alliance, and Chu Fengmian brought out half of them all at once.

“It’s almost the 8th Legion.”

It took 3 days for the military ship to fly before finally leaving this huge mountain range. The whole picture of the Seventh Army regiment is a huge mountain range.

Leaving the mountain range, even entering the 8th Legion next to it.

In the Heavenly Sword collar, every Legion collar is extremely huge, even if it’s on this military ship, it took 3 days to finally reach the edge of the 8th Legion collar.

“Come to stop!”

Just when they came to the edge of the 8th Legion, a few silhouettes flew out of the 8th Legion. They looked towards the military ship below. One of the men in military uniform stepped out. In the military ship.

“Here is the 8th Legion collar. Nothing to do, no entry!”

Each Legion leader is a separate existence, equivalent to is a separate kingdom, if there is no identity, it is not qualified to step into it at will.

However, Chu Fengmian’s current identity is already a general of the Seventh Army regiment. With a move of his palm, a status token flew out and fell in front of the man in uniform.

“It turned out to be General Old Snake.”

When the man in military uniform saw the Chu Fengmian information on the status token, he all went in the direction of Chu Fengmian and bowed respectfully.

He is just a Captain of the patrol, and the identity of a general, worlds apart.

“you are welcome.”

Chu Fengmian waved his hand, opened the mouth and said.

“This time, I was ordered to suppress the betraying the sect rebellion in the 8th Legion. I don’t know where the betraying the sect rebellion was recently?”

“So you guys are here to suppress betraying the sect.”

The man in uniform, hearing Chu Fengmian’s words, hurriedly replied.

“Now the betraying the sect gathering place is in the giant mountain range on the edge of the 8th Legion, but just around here, there are also several betraying the sects. Something is happening. Their gathering place is not far away. In Kunshan.”

“Oh? There is betraying the sect rebellion near here?”

Chu Fengmian did not expect that the betraying the sect rebellion in the 8th Legion at this time was actually more serious than he thought.

It seems that this time, not only Ten Third Prince intends to act on the sect under the Tenth Imperial Prince, Ten Third Prince should be able to use this time betraying the sect rebellion opportunity, fiercely to attack the forces of Ten Third Prince.

Of course, this is also an assessment for Chu Fengmian.

Of course Chu Fengmian also knows.

However, he is not in a hurry to act on those sects on the list.

He also wanted to see what the origins of these real betraying the sects were, and whether they could be pulled into the Heavenly Sword Alliance and used by Chu Fengmian.

“many thanks.”

Chu Fengmian nodded is to order the military ship to fly towards Kunshan not far away.

This Kunshan is just a mountain, but in essence it is also a large mountain range, overlapping and overlapping. In this Heavenly Sword collar, there is no small place. In such a mountain range, several millions of martial artists are hidden. , Are with no difficulty.

And most of the sects in the Heavenly Sword collar hide the discipline in the Small World, so it is difficult to find.

Chu Fengmian’s military ship came to the top of Kunshan Mountain. Although the mountain range below was a desolate mountain range, there were not many people in sight.

But his gaze can see through the space. A Small World is hidden in front of Chu Fengmian. In this Small World, there are countless palaces and a large number of disciplines. Among them, the cultivation and communication are obviously from one Sect. station.

“Alliance Leader, this sect, named Proud Sword Sect, is an inheritance of several ancient sects. They are unwilling to join the Imperial Family. They often rebel against the Imperial Family military. Among them, Old Ancestor, Aojian Old Ancestor, But he is an incredible figure. It is said that this person’s strength is infinitely close to Heavenly Venerate. He once played against an Immortal Emperor incarnation without fail.”

An old man standing next to Chu Fengmian whispered open the mouth and said.

This old man is one Sect who recently took refuge in Heavenly Sword Alliance, Sect Master of Sword Sect, and Sword Immortal.

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