Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3180

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Sword Sect can be regarded as a declining sect, but his Peak is much stronger than Donghe Sect, Kai Sword Sect, etc., possessing the refining secret technique of this bronze armour.

Now the Bronze Armored Soldiers of the Heavenly Sword Alliance are based on the refining secret technique of the Sword Sect.

Dao soldiers are one of the most fundamental forces of a force.

Therefore, the status of Sect Master Jian and Sword Immortal in the Heavenly Sword Alliance, as the tide rises, the boat floats, is almost only inferior to Sect Master in Donghe, enough to be on the same level as Sect Master Jian.

The refining methods and control methods of these bronze armored soldiers can only be learned by the discipline of Sword Sect, even now Sword Sect takes the initiative to surrender all of these in order to fully take refuge in the Heavenly Sword Alliance.

But within a short period of time, it is difficult for other disciplines to master this method of controlling the Bronze Armored soldiers.

This time Chu Fengmian took the Dao soldiers on the expedition, and the Sword Immortal Venerable also followed with him. He was in charge of controlling the 1000 Bronze Armored Dao soldiers.

The Sword Immortal is also an extremely old immortal. His age is far beyond the Donghe Sect Master and the others, but his aptitude is limited, and he can only reach the realm of the law immortal in his lifetime.

But for the many sects led by Heavenly Sword, he knew very well, just by looking at it, he recognized the origin of the sect in front of him.

“Oh? This Aojian Old Ancestor can fight against Immortal Emperor incarnation?”

Chu Fengmian’s mind moved.

This Immortal Emperor incarnation is not the fleshy body of the Immortal Emperor, but just a force of the Immortal Emperor, a condensed incarnation, but even so, it is not an ordinary law immortal, and can be opposed.

This proud sword Old Ancestor can compete with Immortal Emperor incarnation, and its strength is indeed barely close to the threshold of Heavenly Venerate.

“Such strength, if you are willing to join the Heavenly Sword Alliance, is a great help to the alliance.”

Chu Fengmian said to himself.

Among the Heavenly Sword Alliance, what is most lacking now is true powerhouse, a strong player at the Heavenly Venerate level.

The strongest of the Heavenly Sword Alliance is actually Chu Fengmian, and then there are 3 Dragon Sword Guards. As for the remaining various segments Sect Master, they are just general rules. Although they have some strength, they are alone. , And even far inferior to the Long Wu that Chu Fengmian bombed.

If the Heavenly Sword Alliance wants to expand, it is natural to have a strong enough power to sit in. This Old Ancestor is a good candidate.

“Alliance Leader, this Old Ancestor, has a very arrogant personality. It is said that he does not even give the face of Three Great Sword Sect, and he has played against the Imperial Family many times. If it were not for his super strength, I am afraid he would have fallen. Now, it’s hard to get him to join the Heavenly Sword Alliance.”

Fa Sword Immortal said softly beside him.


Chu Fengmian said with a smile at the corner of his mouth.

“I want to see where he can go arrogantly. I don’t want to join. I have a way.”

“Go, let the Aojian Old Ancestor open the gate.”


Fa Sword Immortal, stepping out, came to the gate of Proud Sword Sect, I don’t know what it was.

“Get lost! What Heavenly Sword Alliance, a lackey of the Imperial Family, want me to join Proud Sword Sect? Three Great Sword Sect is not qualified to let me take refuge in Proud Sword Sect, a small Heavenly Sword Alliance, it’s what!”

Suddenly, there was an angry shout, erupting from the gate of Proud Sword Sect.

At the same time, there was a tyrannical sword light, a sword light, tearing apart the space, and slashed towards the Sword Immortal.

Hong long long !

The Sword Immortal Venerable Sword Immortal retreated again and again before reluctantly avoiding the sharp edge of this sword light, but his expression was extremely embarrassing. He was directly driven out by the Proud Sword Sect.

“Is the tone bad?”

All of this was seen by Chu Fengmian, his face was still calm, but his eyes showed a bit of coldness.

“Then you have to give this Proud Sword Sect a lesson first.”

Chu Fengmian stepped out, suddenly shot, his right hand became claws, and he grabbed it in front of him. The space he grabbed was shattered. The door of Proud Sword Sect Small World shattered. The entire Proud Sword Sect appeared. In front of Chu Fengmian.

“Dare to attack the sect?”

From the Proud Sword Sect, an old man with an inch head looked towards the military ship outside, his face extremely angry.

This is the Sect Master of Proud Sword Sect, Old Ancestor of Proud Sword Sect.

Aojian Old Ancestor lifts the head, looking towards the military ship’s gaze, there is a killing intent!

“All the disciplines obey orders! Kill them!”


In an instant, countless Proud Sword Sect disciple drank in unison.

“Debut soldier!”

Suddenly countless bronze men of metallic color rose into the sky. These bronze men, all of bronze color, holding Spirit Sword, a total of 100 bronze men, flew towards the sky.

These bronze men are the Dao soldiers of Proud Sword Sect.

“Tao Bing, go to war!”

Almost at the same time, on the military ship, several Sword Sect disciples also drank in unison. Under their control, the countless Dao soldiers on the military ship also flew down.

Countless Dao soldiers fought in the air instantly and collided together.

Sect battle, the first is the confrontation between Taoists and soldiers, which is the characteristic of Heavenly Sword leading sect.

After all, Heavenly Sword leads sect and Direct Disciple are extremely scarce, and death is a great loss. Heavenly Sword leads to poverty. Every time a discipline is cultivated, it consumes a lot of resources, and sect cannot afford to die.

In contrast, Dao soldiers only need resources to replenish them continuously. Therefore, any force fights with Dao soldiers.

Even the military Legion is no exception.

The Dao soldiers hiding the sky and covering the earth fought together. These Dao soldiers, under the control of both sides, collided together. From time to time, Dao soldiers were cut off and fell to the ground.

Chu Fengmian watched all this quietly.

This was the first time he saw Heavenly Sword leading sect against each other.

These two sides only had more than 1000 Taoist soldiers, but when they fought each other, they occupied a large area of ​​the sky.

This made Chu Fengmian couldn’t help but think, like when each Legion attacked and the Sacred Domain war broke out, the number of such Taoist soldiers was counted as 1000000. At that time, it was really shining, and it was impossible. withstand.

“If this kind of Taoist soldier can be used in the Sword Dao sect, it can also enhance the Sword Dao sect’s strength.”

Chu Fengmian couldn’t help but think of it.

These Taoist soldiers, although they are fighting alone, are only the strength of Xianhou, but the Combined Assault Technique that erupted together, even Xianzun has a strategic withdrawal.

However, what Chu Fengmian needs is not this kind of bronze armored Taoist soldiers. What he needs are golden armored Taoist soldiers. If the number of golden armored Taoist soldiers is large enough, they can even have a little impact on Heavenly Venerate.

A large number of golden armor soldiers can even affect the situation of a war.

In contrast, this kind of Bronze Armored Taoist Soldier is not enough.

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