Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3181

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The number of these Bronze Armored Soldiers is so large that in front of Chu Fengmian, they are just beckoned.

It’s just the golden armor Dao soldiers, but they are firmly grasped by the military. It is one of the military’s biggest cards. If you want to get it, easier said than done.

Even the Imperial Family did not get the refining method of golden armor Dao soldiers.

Although Chu Fengmian had caught some golden armored Dao soldiers, they were far from being able to replicate them. He didn’t know the mysterious in them. This Dao-armed technique was incomparably secretive, unless it was really obtained by refining methods. It cannot be copied at all.

“Imperial Family, although on the surface is the lord of Heavenly Sword, it is the military who really controls Heavenly Sword.”

When Chu Fengmian was thinking.

The battle situation in the sky has already changed.

In terms of the number of Dao soldiers, Heavenly Sword Alliance has an overwhelming advantage, almost twice the number of the Proud Sword Sect side. The strength of the Dao soldiers on both sides is almost the same. What you fight is naturally the number of Dao soldiers.

After a few breaths, the Taoist soldiers on the side of Proud Sword Sect began to retreat steadily.

At the same time, among Proud Sword Sect, countless Proud Sword Sect disciples are holding Spirit Sword and soaring into the sky.

Heavenly Sword Alliance naturally did not dare to show weakness. Numerous Heavenly Sword Alliance disciples also rushed downwards and fought against those Proud Sword Sect disciples. The martial artists of the two sides also really began to fight. together.

The Heavenly Sword Alliance is now an alliance composed of more than a dozen sects. Although Chu Fengmian brought out this time, it is only a part of the discipline, but it is much stronger than a single Proud Sword Sect.

The battle was almost leaning towards the Heavenly Sword Alliance.

No matter how the Proud Sword Sect disciple resists, it is still forced to retreat by the Heavenly Sword Alliance disciple, and even the great array is almost broken.

This is Proud Sword Sect. With the help of the great array of sect, it can barely withstand the Heavenly Sword Alliance disciple offensive. If it is outside, this Proud Sword Sect, in front of the Heavenly Sword Alliance, is basically impossible to withstand a single blow.

The current Heavenly Sword Alliance, although it hasn’t reached the terrifying power of the Three Great Sword Sect, is much stronger than most of the sects in the Heavenly Sword collar.

Watching Proud Sword Sect disciple retreat steadily, and even many Proud Sword Sect disciple were captured alive, the eyes of the Old Ancestor were getting darker, the sword edge in his hand flashed and suddenly turned into a sword light , Soaring into the sky.

Aojian Old Ancestor, all shot in person.

His goal is directed at this military ship.

“hmph! ”

Almost at the same time, coldly snorted resounded.

Sword Immortal, Fa Sword Immortal, and the other 2 Supreme Elder of Sword Sect, shot together, and the three of them joined forces to shoot out in the direction of Old Ancestor.

Several sword light, volley collision, almost instantly, the result was separated.

The Sword Immortal and the other two Sword Sect Supreme Elder were forced to withdraw almost instantly, even if the Sword Sect is now shot by 2 people, facing Old Ancestor, it is still not enough.


Aojian Old Ancestor suddenly forced the Sword Sect 3 people back, and his eyes fell on Chu Fengmian. He knew that the true leader of the Heavenly Sword Alliance was Chu Fengmian.

to catch brigands, first catch their king!

Aojian Old Ancestor rushed towards Chu Fengmian’s direction, almost no one could resist.

The martial artists who shot a on the military ship were all forced out by Aojian Old Ancestor.


Aojian Old Ancestor rushed into the military ship in one step. The sword edge in his hand contained boundless killing intent, and went to Chu Fengmian to kill. This a sword light, squinting towards him, contained boundless killing intent. under.

Chu Fengmian was still calm. He sat on the throne, the corner of his mouth moved, and he whispered.

“Dragon 2, capture him.”


An air wave broke out.

The dragon man standing behind Chu Fengmian suddenly stepped out, a sword light, soaring into the sky, pointing straight at the Old Ancestor, and slashing in the past, two sword lights, clashing together, burst into a roar.

The violent air wave forced the Aojian Old Ancestor to withdraw. His eyes were fixed on the dragon in front of him. He didn’t seem to think that standing behind Chu Fengmian, it looked like just a guard. Dragon people actually have such strength.

Aojian Old Ancestor, once got a shocking chance, from an Immortal Emperor hidden treasure, he got an Immortal Emperor’s power to transform his body, making his power stronger than the same realm’s martial artist many.

This is also the Old Ancestor of Aojian. Although it is still the rule of immortal, and has no real achievement of Heavenly Venerate, it has the strength to almost rival Heavenly Venerate.

But this time the power confrontation, his power was actually suppressed, he was actually forced out by others, and there was actually someone who could surpass him in power.

Especially the dragon man in front of him is a martial artist he has never heard of.

“Is this a who thing? How come the powerhouse of Heavenly Sword Alliance came out of thin air?”

The Aojian Old Ancestor’s eyes were shocked.

He probably knows Heavenly Sword who is the leader of the sect side, but now there is someone who he does not know.

Such a strong man is impossible to be named, but this Dragon 2 does appear to have emerged out of thin air.

The shock in Aojian Old Ancestor’s eyes has not dissipated, but the dragon 2 on the other side shot directly, his sword light moved and the dragon roar roared, and I saw this sword qi, which turned into 9 Ancient Battle Dragons. Roaring at that proud sword Old Ancestor away.

“Want to capture me alive?”

The Aojian Old Ancestor, seeing these 9 Ancient Battle Dragons, knows that this is not a killer move, but a sealing sword technique.

The Dragon 2 in front of him actually wanted to capture him alive.

To know that capturing a strong man alive is more than ten times more difficult than beheading the opponent.

His proud sword Old Ancestor was a figure who had escaped from the Immortal Emperor incarnation at the beginning. Now someone is going to capture him?


Aojian Old Ancestor gave a long roar, and the Spirit Sword in his hand moved again, and the sky was full of sword qi, covering the sky.

The sword technique of Proud Sword Sect is a sword technique that is domineering to the extreme, arrogant and invincible, how can you tolerate someone more arrogant than him.

The sword light of the Old Ancestor slashed at Dragon 2 time and time again, one after another sword light collided in the air.

“Alliance Leader, do you want us to take action to help the dragon Second Elder?”

Beside Chu Fengmian, Fa Sword Immortal, looked towards the dragon 2 and Old Ancestor who were fighting against each other in the sky, with a little worried expression in their eyes.

Although they knew that the two dragons around Chu Fengmian had good strengths.

But in front of him, it was Aojian Old Ancestor.

The strength of Aojian Old Ancestor is invincible within the realm of Law Xianzun. Almost no one can compete with him, even if he was beheaded by Chu Fengmian at the beginning, he was trained as the tenth Legion future military owner. General Huo Gan, in terms of strength, is not as good as this proud sword Old Ancestor.

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