Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3182

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3 The four law immortals teamed up, none of them may be the opponent of this Aojian Old Ancestor, now only Dragon 4 is alone.

“It’s okay, Dragon 2 is more than enough to deal with this person.”

Chu Fengmian is not worried.

The strength of this proud sword Old Ancestor, placed in the Heavenly Sword collar, is a bit shocking, but if placed in the Three Great Saint Territories, it is nothing at all.

Not to mention that compared with the Celestial Emperor, the White Snake, and the geniuses cultivated by Overlord Influence such as Ling Xiao, the strength of the Old Ancestor of Aojian is at most comparable to the Senior Brother Luodi who is facing the Celestial Emperor almost on par.

Heavenly Sword lacks resources and has fewer opportunities. This proud sword Old Ancestor once got the opportunity of Immortal Emperor, which is invincible in the same realm.

But among the Three Great Saint Territories, there are not a few geniuses who have obtained the opportunity of the Immortal Emperor.

Therefore, the strength of Aojian Old Ancestor is nothing in Chu Fengmian’s eyes.

The most terrifying thing about Nine Domains is the number of strong men. In the Heavenly Sword alone, there are more than 20 Immortal Emperors. This is only the strong man on the Fang Ming side.

The Imperial Family and Sect 2 all have the presence of the Immortal Emperor strong, and the hidden Immortal Emperor strong from the military is a terrifying number.

Even if the Heavenly Sword leader is not capable of fighting alone, but the ants often kill the elephants, even more how the gap between the two parties is far less than that.

“Before the Nine Domains barrier disappears, the Heavenly Sword leader must first be weakened.”

Chu Fengmian’s eyes are serious.

All his foundations are in the Three Great Saint Territories. Once the Three Great Saint Territories suffers a catastrophe, there will be no eggs under the cover.

even more how Chu Fengmian and the god emperor of the Nine Domains, but mortal enemies, have the vengeance of killing masters, the god emperors of the Nine Domains, but they have no plan to let him go. They will have a battle in the future.

“The pace must be accelerated.”

There is still more than half a year left for Chu Fengmian. In this more than half a year, he must increase his strength at all costs, and then he must pass the assessment of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword.

For more than half a year, for martial artist, it was just a matter of flicks.

Now Chu Fengmian’s expansion speed is still slow.

“The Old Ancestor side of Aojian will be handled by Dragon 2. You go in and surrender all Proud Sword Sect disciple. Anyone who is willing to join the alliance can join the alliance. If you don’t join the alliance, you will be demoted to a sword slave and back to the alliance. Go in.”

Chu Fengmian opened the mouth and said against the Sword Immortal. The Sword Immortal was leading people and directly penetrated into the Proud Sword Sect.

Without Aojian Old Ancestor, the current Proud Sword Sect, impossible to withstand a single blow, and a large number of disciplines, were all surrendered on the spot and escorted to the warship. Some of the disciplines chose to surrender on the spot and joined the alliance.

However, most of the disciplines still have the idea to resist. They still know that Aojian Old Ancestor has not yet lost.

As long as Aojian Old Ancestor is undefeated, there is hope for them.

But this hope was soon dashed.

In the air, the battle between Aojian Old Ancestor and Dragon 2 has also come to an end. In front of the waves of Dragon 2’s offensive, Aojian Old Ancestor’s sword technique can’t be resisted either. He has Lots of blood stains.

Now the aura of Aojian Old Ancestor is extremely chaotic. At this time, Chu Fengmian winked. The other dragon sword guard behind him, Dragon 3, also suddenly shot, sword edge came out, sword qi Dragon Transformation was immediately suppressed.

A huge Ancient Battle Dragon was suppressed. The power of Aojian Old Ancestor was firmly suppressed. His body fell on the ground and could no longer mobilize any power. It was captured by Dragon 2. Come on top of the military ship.

Although Dragon 2 continues to fight, it is only a matter of time before surrendering this proud sword Old Ancestor, but Chu Fengmian obviously intends to waste such a long time.

Watching Aojian’s Old Ancestor were suppressed, countless Proud Sword Sect disciples were ashamed of death. The only hope in their hearts was shattered. Most Proud Sword Sect disciples chose to acknowledge allegiance on the spot, only a small one. Part of it, also put up a desperate struggle.

Chu Fengmian mobilized a military ship again, and escorted the Old Ancestor and the Proud Sword Sect disciple who were unwilling to acknowledge allegiance to the Heavenly Sword Alliance, and escorted them back to Proud Sword Sect.

At the same time, he took the remaining Proud Sword Sect disciple who was willing to join the Heavenly Sword Alliance, and continued to set off to the place where the next Sect was located.

With the collapse of Proud Sword Sect, the inheritance sword technique of Proud Sword Sect has also fallen into the palm of Chu Fengmian.

He was sitting on the throne of the warship, motionless, with eyes closed, looking like he was resting, but Chu Fengmian was actually comprehend this sword technique brought by Xiao Shaoyun.

Many of these sword techniques are extremely old and have many mysterious. These mysterious, and perhaps the inheritance sects of these sword techniques, are not truly comprehend and are obscure. But in the face of Chu Fengmian, all the mysterious are taken in by him. entire scene.

During this period, Chu Fengmian has always been comprehend the one after another sword technique, and incorporates the mysterious one after another sword technique into the Sword Dao ancient book.

At the same time, on the other side, the military ship also swept several nearby betraying the sects, and several sects that were closely related to Proud Sword Sect, without exception, were all swept away. Two of the sects were selected on the spot to acknowledge allegiance.

The other three sects are put up a desperate struggle.

However, in front of Dragon 2 and Dragon 3, these resistances are meaningless. Dragon 2 can easily capture the Sect Master of the 2 sects and directly force the 3 sects to subdue.

This rate of expansion is terrifying.

When leading the Seventh Army, the Heavenly Sword Alliance also had to take into account the ideas of other sects.

But in the 8th Legion leader, in the face of these betraying the sect, Heavenly Sword Alliance is unscrupulous. They are now playing the name of the Seventh Army group and subdued each and everyone sect.

Of course, some of these sects are not so-called betraying the sect, but are recorded on the jade talisman and betraying the sect list given to Chu Fengmian by Xiao Shaoyun.

These sects are all sects of Tenth Imperial Prince, but they are all regarded as betraying the sect by Chu Fengmian, to catch everything in one net.

“Damn! You Heavenly Sword Alliance, you dare to do something to us! Tenth Imperial Prince won’t let you go!”

In a valley, it is one Sect, the station of Sun-Moon Sword Sect.

From this valley, a lot of power fluctuations broke out, as well as the sounds of fighting each other and cursing.

This Sun-Moon Sword Sect can be regarded as the larger one Sect among the Tenth Imperial Prince’s Lower Sect. The Law Immortal Venerable has a full 5 positions.

However, in front of the army of the Heavenly Sword Alliance, it is still impossible to withstand a single blow. The 5 law immortals were solved by Dragon 2 and Dragon 3. As for the remaining discipline, it was impossible to withstand a single blow. Sweep easily.

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