Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3183

Now he gives all sects only these two options. Not joining the Heavenly Sword Alliance is destruction.

This extreme dominance has also made the Heavenly Sword Alliance expand rapidly.

Don’t leave it to those sect, there are other ideas.

As a result, the Heavenly Sword Alliance has made many enemies, but Chu Fengmian is not worried. As long as the Heavenly Sword Alliance is getting stronger and stronger, these enemies are not worth mentioning.


Long Er, Long San agreed and walked out, and one of them took a military ship and flew in one direction.

Now there are five military ships under Chu Fengmian’s command. This type of military ship is not a precious thing in the military at all. Chu Fengmian directly went to Xiao Shaoyun and asked for five military ships. ferry.

Ten Third Prince, apparently through some means, the understood Heavenly Sword Alliance’s terrifying record in the eighth Legion leader directly sent ten military ships to Chu Fengmian’s request.

At the same time, he brought five hundred sword techniques.

This was originally intended to wait until Chu Fengmian’s mission was completed before giving Chu Fengmian a reward, but now it is given in advance.

Chu Fengmian came to the eighth Legion, not only targeting the sect list, those sects under the command of Tenth Imperial Prince, really betraying the sect, he also attacked a lot.

For Chu Fengmian, these betraying the sects can all be pulled into the Heavenly Sword Alliance and become the power of the Heavenly Sword Alliance.

If they are willing to take the initiative to join, then everything is fine. When encountering the kind of unwillingness to join, Chu Fengmian can only use force.

This record of eliminating betraying the sect also brought a lot of benefits to the Ten Third Prince. This is also the reason why the Ten Third Prince, facing the request of Chu Fengmian, agreed so happily.

Six of the military ships were all sent back to the Heavenly Sword Alliance by Chu Fengmian.

This kind of military ship, when the army is dispatched, can take a lot of opportunities and provide mobility. The remaining five military ships are carried by Chu Fengmian and continue to be in the eighth Legion. Mop up.

“Continue, next goal.”

Looking at Sun-Moon Sword Sect, it has been completely solved. After Chu Fengmian obtained the inheritance sword technique of Sun-Moon Sword Sect, he again ordered to find the next target.

The three military ships flew towards the distance.

The other side.

Heavenly Sword collar center.

Imperial Palace, in the palace of the Tenth Imperial Prince.

Looking at the martial artist in front of him, the jade talisman presented, the more Tenth Imperial Prince looked at the content, his face became uglier, a killing intent, and even filled his pupils. This This kind of killing intent cannot be suppressed.

“Damn! Damn! What a courage, this Heavenly Sword Alliance actually dared to do something to me? Who gave him the courage, I haven’t taught this ancient snake Sword Monarch, but he dared to come to me instead People do it?”

The content in this jade talisman tells the Tenth Imperial Prince that in the eighth Legion leader, all his sects have been hit hard by the Heavenly Sword Alliance, and his subordinates are in the Heavenly Sword Alliance, dozens of Sect, now more than half, has been swept by the Heavenly Sword Alliance.

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