Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3184


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These sects are not the Sun-Moon Sword Sect swept and destroyed by the Heavenly Sword Alliance, but they directly chose to join the Heavenly Sword Alliance and join them.

These sects were all managed by the Tenth Imperial Prince after spending a lot of resources, but now they are completely destroyed by Chu Fengmian.

On the previous occasion, Chu Fengmian smashed the alliance of the Four Sects of the empty Fire Sword sect alone, and actually hit the Tenth Imperial Prince in the face.

Now that he hasn’t retaliated yet, Chu Fengmian actually took another shot and swept across the eighth Legion collar. Tenth Imperial Prince’s sect, which made Tenth Imperial Prince, how acceptable.

He was so angry that he couldn’t bear this killing intent, and he wanted to smash Chu Fengmian into pieces now.

“Little sect martial artist, dare to be my enemy!”

Tenth Imperial Prince’s gaze became more and more gloomy. He has already planned to take action and completely kill Chu Fengmian, so that he can restore his majesty.

“His Royal Highness Tenth Imperial Prince, although it was the Heavenly Sword Alliance who made the shot this time, the real master is someone else. Now the Heavenly Sword Alliance is already under the command of the Tenth Prince. Their identity, They are all from Ten Third Princes. I dare to do something with you this time. Obviously it is not this little Heavenly Sword Alliance. What I dare to do, the culprit should be Ten Third Prince.”

Just as the Tenth Imperial Prince was preparing to start the plan, an old man beside him slowly opened the mouth and said.

“It’s not sensible for you to fight against this person right now. This ancient snake Sword Monarch has great strength, and he is actually only cooperating with ten Third Princes that’s all, this time ten Third Prince made this person shot. Obviously, I want to cause you to fight with this person. This is not wise.”

This old man is a great minister under the command of Tenth Imperial Prince.

Compared to the Tenth Imperial Prince, he has already figured out why the Heavenly Sword Alliance suddenly attacked the Tenth Imperial Prince Lower Sect at this time.

“So what? Do you want me to submit to humiliation?”

Tenth Imperial Prince opened the mouth and said with cold eyes.

He didn’t know that the real messenger was Ten Third Prince.

But in the Imperial Family led by Heavenly Sword, although there are countless secret fights, they cannot be displayed on the surface. Otherwise, once the Sword God is blamed, no one can bear it.

Although the princes seem to be in the leadership of Heavenly Sword, their status is extremely high, but once they anger the Emperor Sword God, they are dead end. In front of the Emperor Heavenly Sword God, all the princes, all the military masters, It is a nobody, impossible to withstand a single blow.

Even if it is understood this time, the real behind-the-scenes man is Ten Third Prince. He is not good at working on the surface, he can only swallow this breath.

Can make him submit to humiliation today, it is absolutely impossible.

“Of course not. It is said that this time to win the Heavenly Sword Alliance, Ten Third Princes have also paid a lot of price. Ten Third Princes want to stir the situation, and it is not a day or two. If the Heavenly Sword Alliance can be hit hard, even It’s complete destruction, and Ten Third Prince won’t be better.”

The square character slowly opened the mouth and said.

“But, who is going to take the shot? The military is now preparing to fight the Three Great Saint Territories, so I don’t want to take it at all?”

Tenth Imperial Prince brows tightly frowns.

The current Heavenly Sword Alliance is about to become a climate, and its power is extremely large. It is no longer what it used to be. In addition, there is also the ancient snake Sword Monarch, such a Heavenly Venerate powerhouse.

Even the military is unwilling to take action against the Heavenly Sword Alliance.

Before the Nine Domains barrier completely disappeared, there are only five years left. The entire military is preparing for this battle, especially the military masters.

The last time Chu Fengmian beheaded General Huo Gan, the tenth Legion chose to submit to humiliation and did not take revenge. It was also fearful of Chu Fengmian’s strength.

A Heavenly Venerate, if it weren’t for a military commander, it would be impossible to deal with it.

“Without the military, now the Heavenly Sword Alliance, despite its overwhelming momentum, has also aroused dissatisfaction among many people, especially the Three Great Sword Sect, which has been dissatisfied with the Heavenly Sword Alliance for a long time. We only need to spend At a little price, to win them over, they are very willing to take action.”

Fang Fu smiled and opened the mouth and said.

Sect side, Three Great Sword Sect, until now all have this supreme authority, and no one can shake it.

The appearance of the Heavenly Sword Alliance obviously shakes the situation within Sect. As the leader of Three Great Sword Sect, it is natural to be dissatisfied.

“Let Three Great Sword Sect take action?”

Tenth Imperial Prince’s eyes flickered, he thought about it, opened the mouth and said.

“This matter is left to you. Three Great Sword Sect can give them whatever benefits they want, as long as they destroy the Heavenly Sword Alliance.”


Fang Fu gave a wry smile when he heard this. Tenth Imperial Prince was also completely dazzled by anger, but he didn’t dare to persuade now.

“Also, find someone to rescue Sun and Moon Sect Master and the others. They would rather die. They are now being escorted to the Heavenly Sword Alliance. You go find someone and rescue them.”

Tenth Imperial Prince is opened the mouth and said again.


In the shadow of the palace, a silhouette slowly stepped out, and said respectfully to the Tenth Imperial Prince, and disappeared into the palace.

“Didn’t expect, this time Heavenly Sword Alliance made a move. It was so strong, it swept so many sects?”

In another palace.

Ten Third Prince, standing in the great hall, in his hand, also holding a jade talisman, which is the news about the eighth Legion collar.

Now in the eighth Legion leader, Heavenly Sword Alliance has become an influential figure, which is considered the number one contributor to annihilating the sect. Compared with the Sect extermination team, more people have been annihilated.

Although these exterminations were essentially included in the Heavenly Sword Alliance by Chu Fengmian, since these sects have disappeared, they can be considered as successful exterminations.

As long as they don’t come out to make trouble, all parties don’t bother to pay attention to them, especially in the current Sacred Domain war.

“The strength of the Heavenly Sword Alliance is indeed more terrifying than we imagined. It is said that this time when attacking Sun-Moon Sword Sect, the ancient snake Sword Monarch has never taken a shot, but the two dragon men around him shot. It swept Sun-Moon Sword Sect, this kind of strength…”

A youngster standing next to Ten Third Prince also saw clearly the content in jade talisman and opened the mouth and said in surprise.

He is Xiao Shaoyun, who once represented ten Third Princes to draw the special envoy of the Heavenly Sword Alliance. Although he has been in the Heavenly Sword Alliance, he has also seen the dragons around Chu Fengmian.

But he didn’t even think that these dragon people had such terrifying strength.

In the Sun-Moon Sword Sect, there are a total of five law immortals, and they were actually solved by these two dragons. The strength of these two dragons is also deep and unmeasurable.

They also thought that the Heavenly Sword Alliance, but only Chu Fengmian was a strong Heavenly Venerate, but now it seems that the Heavenly Sword Alliance is more deeply and unmeasurable.

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