Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3185


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Beside Chu Fengmian, the origins of these dragon people can’t be detected by them, and they are extremely mysterious.

“If the Heavenly Sword Alliance is allowed to develop…”

Xiao Shaoyun opened the mouth and said a little worried.

He is a little worried that if the current Heavenly Sword Alliance is allowed to develop again, it may become a scourge in the Imperial Family of Heavenly Sword.

After all, between sect and the Imperial Family, it was originally a transaction. Both can’t be called alliances. If the Heavenly Sword Alliance can be controlled, it is naturally a good thing for the Imperial Family.

But if you can’t control it, it’s to cultivate yourself a strong enemy.

“It’s okay, the stronger the strength of the Heavenly Sword Alliance, the more beneficial it will be for me.”

Ten Third Prince said with a confident smile at the corner of his mouth.

He is not afraid of the Heavenly Sword Alliance losing control.

The Heavenly Sword God is about to go out, which is his biggest trump card. Once the Heavenly Sword God goes out, the so-called Heavenly Sword Alliance is naturally impossible to withstand a single blow.

The stronger the strength of the Heavenly Sword Alliance now, the more he can use the Heavenly Sword Alliance to improve his status. The Heavenly Sword Alliance this time led the sweeping the sect in the eighth Legion, which also made the ten Third Prince more famous Come bigger.

Originally, many strong men who have devoted themselves to other princes have chosen to take refuge in the Ten Third Prince.

There is also competition within the Imperial Family. After all, among these princes, only one person can inherit the Datong. The Heavenly Sword God emperor is now less and less appearing. The princes guess that they are also choosing a successor. It’s time.

At this time, for the princes, improving their strength is everything.

“Take the ancient snake Sword Monarch well. He has made all requests and can agree to him, and must let him, for me to use, not be attracted by other princes.”

Ten Third Prince looked towards Xiao Shaoyun opened the mouth and said.


Xiao Shaoyun nodded, he chose to withdraw.

The eighth Legion collar.

A military ship is heading in the direction of the leader of the Seventh Army.

This military ship is hung with the flag led by the Seventh Army, but on it, there are two big ancient snakes. This is the temperament of Chu Fengmian.

All the generals in the command of Heavenly Sword are qualified to fly their own flags. Naturally, on this military ship is the Heavenly Sword Alliance disciple, a group of bronze Taoist soldiers, surrounding the military ship and guarding it. .

On the military ship, there are many silhouettes, the most prominent of which is the Sect Master of Sun-Moon Sword Sect.

This military ship is responsible for escorting those powerhouses who are not willing to acknowledge allegiance Heavenly Sword Alliance, and escort them to the Heavenly Sword Alliance Small World, waiting for Chu Fengmian to resolve the matter of betraying the sect, and then go Deal with them.

This ship is a military ship. The flag hung on it is also the flag of the Seventh Army leader. Among the Heavenly Sword leader, on the surface, no one dares to act on the military personnel.

Passing by a military ship by accident is also a sign of friendship, passing by without stopping.

“This time we, the Heavenly Sword Alliance, are really greatly showing divine might, sweeping countless betraying the sect, and even Sun-Moon Sword Sect was destroyed by us. It’s really exhilarating. How could it be possible that there will be this day? “

Above the military ship, a martial artist looked at the powerful men under escort, and his face couldn’t help showing a bit of pride.

He turned out to be an Elder in the Donghe sect. When he was in the Donghe sect, he met these strong men below, but they were all respectful. He never thought that these strong men would one day. , Was escorted by him.

All these changes are naturally due to the Heavenly Sword Alliance. As the first sect to join the Heavenly Sword Alliance, Donghe Sect has received a great deal of preferential treatment. The identity of these Donghe Sword disciplines is as the tide rises. , the boat floats.

In the Heavenly Sword Alliance, a disciple from Donghe Sect, his status is higher than others. This is something that Elder of Donghe Sect never dared to dream of.

“Yes, the Alliance Leader possesses great magical power, and the two Elders, Dragon Two and Dragon Three, are also superior in strength. Sun-Moon Sword Sect, the five rulers, was actually joined by the two Elders. Capture it.”

Another Heavenly Sword Alliance disciple, an Elder who was born in Sword Sect, also couldn’t help but sigh.

Sun-Moon Sword Sect, once seen by Kai Sword Sect, is also a huge monster, absolutely don’t dare provoke, who knows that it will be completely destroyed in just one day.

I originally joined the Heavenly Sword Alliance and many people in Sword Sect were hesitant. Now it seems that this benefit is beyond imagination.

Especially after joining the Heavenly Sword Alliance, all sect disciples have received a lot of resources. These two people are both known as the Peak Realm, but because of insufficient resources, they have not been able to step into the Xianzun. realm.

After getting a lot of resources in the Heavenly Sword Alliance, the two of them both directly broke through in the past few days and stepped into the world of Immortal Venerable Realm.

This is even more so that the two of them are grateful for the existence of the Heavenly Sword Alliance. Now they are extremely loyal to the Heavenly Sword Alliance, and they are desperate. Without the Heavenly Sword Alliance, they are almost poor. I will never be able to step into the Immortal Venerable Realm world.

This time, it was also because the two of them entered the world of Immortal Venerable Realm, so they were sent to escort Sun-Moon Sword Sect Sect Master and the others back to Heavenly Sword Alliance Small World.

“Be careful, you are about to leave the eighth legion.”

The Donghe Sect Elder glanced around, opened the mouth and said quietly.

“This is the first mission assigned to us by the Alliance Leader. Nothing can go wrong.”

“Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong. Those martial artists have been suppressed by the Alliance Leader. They can’t use a little bit of strength. Don’t even want to escape, and now we, the Heavenly Sword Alliance, have a reputation. Who dares to come to us? Trouble.”

Sword Sect Elder said confidently.

“Really? It’s a big tone, the little Heavenly Sword Alliance, but it’s just a newly established alliance that’s all, didn’t expect the tone is not too small, even your Alliance Leader, the ancient snake Sword Monarch, in In front of the Imperial Family, there are just bigger ants that’s all, eaten a bear’s heart and a leopard’s gallbladder, who dare to move the Tenth Imperial Prince?”

Suddenly a disdainful voice sounded from the sky.

I saw a middle age person dressed in a white robe, unconcealed, directly above the sky, and stopped in front of the military ship.


“It’s from the Tenth Imperial Prince!”

Seeing the white-robed middle-aged man and the two people who were still talking, their faces suddenly changed. They could clearly feel the terrifying power contained in the white-robed middle-aged man in front of them.

“It’s Mr. Chun.”

“Mr. Chun has come to save us!”

Many Sun-Moon Sword Sect disciples on the military ship yelled when they saw the people coming, as if they saw the straw.

They can recognize that Mr. Chun in front of them is a guard next to Tenth Imperial Prince, who is extremely powerful.

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