Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3186


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“Sun and Moon Sect Master, Elder Zheng, you have worked hard.”

Mr. Na Chun, his gaze fell on the military ship, and he saw Sun-Moon Sword Sect Sect Master and the Supreme Elder, Elder Zheng, calmly opened the mouth and said.

“His Royal Highness Tenth Imperial Prince, I will not forget you. I specially ordered me to come and take you away today.”

“We are sorry, Tenth Imperial Prince, especially the three traitors, who actually betrayed Tenth Imperial Prince today!”

Sun and Moon Sect Master saw Mr. Chun, his eyes also showed some excitement, and shouted loudly.

The three traitors in his mouth are naturally Sun-Moon Sword Sect. The other three Supreme Elders, their three people, chose the acknowledge allegiance on the spot under Chu Fengmian’s command and betrayed Sun-Moon Sword Sect.

“It’s okay, those three people actually dared to betray the Tenth Imperial Prince, but bring about one’s own destruction. They are inexcusable. The Heavenly Sword collar is the Heavenly Sword collar of the Imperial Family, a small Heavenly Sword Alliance. I thought that with this name, I could occupy the general trend and consider myself orthodox?”

Mr. Chun sneered, glanced at the Heavenly Sword Alliance disciple on the military ship, and said with a cold smile on the corner of his mouth.

“Two immortals and a few immortal saints, although not many, since Heavenly Sword Alliance dares to be an enemy of Tenth Imperial Prince, I will kill you today. It is a lesson for Heavenly Sword Alliance! “

While speaking, Mr. Chun made a sudden move. A powerful force condensed in the palm of Mr. Chun’s palm. When he shot his hand, he pressed down against the military ship below.

The tyrannical force came down suddenly, and the countless Arrays on this military ship were beginning to shatter. On the military ship, everyone, Heavenly Sword Alliance disciple, was also in this brief moment. They shot together, and countless sword lights rose up into the sky. , Pointed at the palm of the sky and slashed away.

But under this huge oppression force, one after another sword light just flew out and was crushed mercilessly.

Mr. Chun, as a sword cultivator, although he is bare-handed and uses less than two or three tenths of his strength, he still cannot resist the power of the Immortal Venerable by his laws.

After all, a law fairy, and a newly promoted fairy, are worlds apart in terms of strength.


Just at this moment when Mr. Chun made another move, the power in his palm soared, and he planned to crush this Heavenly Sword Alliance disciple to death.

A rays of light suddenly broke out from the military ship, turned into a sword light, and directed at Mr. Na Chun to kill him.

This a sword light rushes straight into the sky. Mr. Chun seems to have not expected it, but he immediately stepped back, and this a sword light passed by in front of him.

But this also scared Mr. Chun into a cold sweat.

This a sword light, if it really kills him, then today, he is probably don’t die also seriously injured.

“Oh? You can avoid this sword. Yes, your strength is much stronger than Sun and Moon Sect Master and the others. This movement technique is the movement technique of the Imperial Family inheritance?”

This a sword light did not kill Mr. Chun, but returned to the military ship, slowly turning into a silhouette.

“Alliance Leader.”

Seeing this silhouette, the Heavenly Sword Alliance disciple present, one after another saluted.

This silhouette is Chu Fengmian.

But looking at it now, this silhouette is not like an entity, almost illusory.

It can be seen at a glance that the Chu Fengmian in front of him is not his body, but his incarnation, a spiritual force incarnation.

This Tenth Imperial Prince will send people to rob people, and Chu Fengmian had long expected it.

After all, the escort at this time is different from the past, but Sun and Moon Sect Master.

Sun-Moon Sword Sect, but he is one of the best sects among the Tenth Imperial Prince’s Lower Sect.

Now that Sun and Moon Sect Master encounter this tribulation, if Tenth Imperial Prince sits on the sidelines, then his sect will only endanger himself, and dare not pin his hopes on Tenth Imperial Prince.

So on this military ship, Chu Fengmian left one of his incarnations ahead of time. He was waiting for the people who came to rob people.

“Sword Monarch?”

Mr. Na Chun, his face was incomparably panicked. He knew that the ancient snake Sword Monarch was a Heavenly Venerate powerhouse. With his strength, facing a Heavenly Venerate powerhouse was nothing different from bringing about one’s own destruction.

But after a closer look, he also saw that Chu Fengmian in front of him was just an incarnation. The panic on his face suddenly disappeared, replaced by a cold smile.

“It turned out to be just a small incarnation. Based on this incarnation, today do you think you can stop me?”

Heavenly Venerate is on the same level as the Immortal Emperor in realm, but Heavenly Venerate is not an Immortal Emperor after all. Most of Heavenly Venerate has its own chances against the heavens, which makes the power transformation, and the ultimate achievement of Heavenly Venerate, but Heavenly Venerate is powerful , Is their body.

Heavenly Venerate’s incarnation, on the contrary, is impossible like the horror of Immortal Emperor incarnation.

“Just an incarnation?”

When Chu Fengmian heard this, his face showed a little smile.

His incarnation does not even have the 0.1% power of his body.

But this is not something Mr. Chun in front of him can contend with.

“Kill you, enough.”

Chu Fengmian opened the mouth and said indifferently.


Mr. Chun was furious when he heard Chu Fengmian speak.

If it is Chu Fengmian’s ontology, he really can’t refute this kind of words, but if it’s just an incarnation, would he kill him?

Mr. Chun, but the Imperial Family disciple, and later as the guard of the Tenth Imperial Prince, following the Tenth Imperial Prince, he also got a lot of benefits. His strength is compared to Sun and Moon Sect Master and the others, but also a higher level.

“Today, I will destroy your incarnation. I am killing all of these Heavenly Sword Alliance disciple. It also makes you understand that one Sect’s Old Antique is coming out and wanting to disturb the situation is overestimate one’s capabilities!”

When Mr. Chun spoke, a Spirit Sword appeared in the palm of his hand. This Spirit Sword exuded a dazzling sword glow. The sword glow rose to the sky, and the sky was affected by this sword. The effect of glow turns into a Sword Domain.

“Extreme Dao Immortal Weapon?”

This kind of power means that the Spirit Sword in Mr. Chun’s hands is an Extreme Dao Immortal Weapon.

A Law Immortal Venerable can actually possess an Extreme Dao Immortal Weapon.

As soon as this Extreme Dao Immortal Weapon came out, it was held by Mr. Chun in the palm of his hand, and the aura on Mr. Chun’s body was completely different from just now. This is the true strength of a sword cultivator.

“Heavenly Sword secret technique! Break!”

Mr. Chun gave a long roar, and the sword edge in his hand was slashed down. All the power, above the sword edge, condensed into a three-inch sword light, which was cut down.

This three-inch sword light, slashed down, has the might of tearing everything apart, and its edge is irresistible. This is a sword light that cuts everything to the extreme, slashing towards Chu Fengmian.

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