Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3187


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Mr. Chun displayed exactly the 1st Style of the Heavenly Sword sword technique, break!

It’s just that compared to the Imperial Family special envoy who had fought against Chu Fengmian, this move presented by Mr. Chun in front of him is more powerful, and it also displayed the mysterious of this move more.

Three inches of sword edge, tearing the space, pointed at Chu Fengmian and killed him.

Adding the Spirit Sword in the hands of Mr. Chun, but an Extreme Dao Immortal Weapon, it adds a bit of power to this sword edge.

“A good sword technique, but unfortunately it doesn’t make any sense in front of me.”

This move, Chu Fengmian has seen it a long time ago, and he was also disinclined to pay attention to. From the palm of his hand, a Spiritual Force condensed into a Spirit Sword, and he also killed it with a single sword. Out.


Two sword light, volley broken.

The three-inch sword edge displayed by Mr. Na Chun was crushed on the spot by a powerful force.

Even if Chu Fengmian in front of him is just an incarnation of his, dealing with Mr. Chun is with no difficulty.

“Dare to be an enemy of the Heavenly Sword Alliance, in that case, you die!”

Chu Fengmian’s gaze was cold. The moment he smashed the a sword light, the Spirit Sword in his hand moved again, and it was a sword light again, killing him in the direction of Mr. Chun.

This a sword light contains supreme killing intent, which is the Slaughter Sword Technique technique. However, this Slaughter Sword Technique technique is better than any Slaughter Sword Technique technique that Mr. Chun has ever seen. It’s much scarier.

Slaughter Sword Technique is a sword technique achieved by integrating the killing intent into the sword technique. There are not 10,000 kinds of Slaughter Sword Technique in the world, but there are thousands of them. As long as the killing intent is cultivated Martial artist can perform this Slaughter Sword Technique.

Mr. Chun also had a lot of lives under him. Facing ordinary killing intents, he did not fear at all, but this time when he saw the terrifying killing intent contained in the sword light of Chu Fengmian.

The moment this killing intent enveloped him, Mr. Chun’s body was stunned, and his heart was full of fear, without any thought of resistance.

Under the influence of this killing intent, his mind was completely destroyed, and he felt that he was trapped in the center by a sea of ​​blood turned into by the endless killing intent.

Mr. Chun, although he also grew up in the killings, has the current strength, but after all he came from the Heavenly Sword and led the Imperial Family, transcendent position, the so-called competition, but also internal competition.

Compared with Chu Fengmian, from rebirth, he has been killing all the way to the realm now. The powerhouses of all races who died in his hands are already countless.

In this sword, Chu Fengmian also contains a trace of the killing intent of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword.

Chu Fengmian was eroded by the killing intent of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, even though it was extremely dangerous, it also made him comprehend some of the killing intent.

Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, the name, but Three Great Saint Territories, even if it is heard by the strong of Nine Domains, it must be shiver coldly, a name that can’t help but generate fear in my heart.

The creatures who died in the hands of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword are hundreds of millions, and can even fill countless Smaller Thousand Worlds. Even a trace of the killing intent is not something Mr. Spring can resist.

With this sword, Mr. Chun felt that his death was approaching.

“I am the Imperial Family disciple! You dare kill my!”

Mr. Chun finally awoke suddenly, loudly shouted.

Imperial Family disciple, in the Heavenly Sword collar, but no one dared to provoke, even if someone dared to provoke the Imperial Family disciple, he would definitely not dare to kill.

Even the generals of Legion, and even the commander of the army, must be respectful when facing the Imperial Family disciple. After all, on the surface, the Imperial Family is the true orthodoxy of Heavenly Sword.

Once an Imperial Family disciple is killed, it is a sinful thing, enough to cause a big shock in Heavenly Sword.

This move is tantamount to an enemy of the entire Heavenly Sword leader.

However, Chu Fengmian ignored Mr. Chun’s words and ignored him. The sword edge in his hand suddenly fell down, and Mr. Chun’s body was shrouded in boundless killing intent and disappeared instantly.

All of his blood essence was condensed into a ball, turned into several blood pills, and fell onto the military ship.

“This, is this killing?”

Whether it is the Heavenly Sword Alliance disciple on the military ship, or the Sun and Moon Sect Master, Elder Zheng, they are all stunned.

They never dreamed that Chu Fengmian would kill Mr. Chun directly, regardless of Mr. Chun’s identity.

In their opinion, Chu Fengmian was at best Mr. Jiang Chun severely injured, but they did not expect that Chu Fengmian would actually kill him.

“Crazy man, this is definitely a maniac, Imperial Family disciple, this is, if you say kill, kill?”

Sun and Moon Sect Master looked towards Chu Fengmian, all of them were full of fear.

Dare to kill the prince’s discipline.

This is definitely not a normal person.

Only a madman would dare to do this, dare to desperately, against the Imperial Family.

And if it continues to anger like this.

Sun and Moon Sect Master, both shudder.

Mr. Chun and Chu Fengmian all said they would kill if they were killed, even more how it was him.

He looked towards Elder Zheng next to him. In his eyes, there was the same fear. The little resistance in their hearts was completely extinguished.

All of this was seen by Chu Fengmian. He killed Mr. Chun today, and he also wanted to kill the chicken to warn the monkey.

The expansion of the Heavenly Sword Alliance will naturally arouse dissatisfaction from all parties. The Imperial Family, the military, and even other forces in Sect will not sit back and watch the Heavenly Sword Alliance gradually become a huge monster.

This time Mr. Chun came to rob people, which represented an attitude and a temptation. Once he succeeds, I’m afraid other forces will all take action together and destroy the Heavenly Sword Alliance.

But today Chu Fengmian directly beheaded Mr. Chun, and also warned other forces that once he dared to be an enemy of the Heavenly Sword Alliance, he would end up just like Mr. Chun.

After all, the Imperial Family disciple and Chu Fengmian all said they would kill them, even more how it was someone else.

Chu Fengmian has already noticed that the auras hidden in the surroundings all quickly dissipated.

“Alliance Leader.”

Elder looked towards Chu Fengmian and didn’t know how to speak for a while.

“Don’t worry about too much, continue to bring people into the Heavenly Sword Alliance. Once something happens, I will naturally take action. As for these blood pills, it will be yours.”

Chu Fengmian handed over the blood pill made by Mr. Na Chun’s fine blood refinement to Elder of Donghe Zong. Then his incarnation disappeared and disappeared.

This incarnation was originally a cohesion of strength left behind by Chu Fengmian. After beheading Mr. Chun, the power of this incarnation could no longer be sustained and dissipated directly.


Looking at the blood pill in his hand, the East River Sect Elder was first taken aback, and then he was ecstatic.

This is a blood refinement made by the Law Immortal Spirit.

He has just stepped into the world of Immortal Venerable Realm. Once he can swallow one of the blood pills, it will be worthy of his hundreds of years of hard work, and it will be enough to raise his strength to a new level.

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