Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3188


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The killing of Mr. Na Chun was just an episode.

This is just a matter of incarnation that Chu Fengmian handled.

His body, now sitting on the throne of the great hall of the military ship, with the sword technique of comprehend, his eyes slowly opened.

“The people of the Tenth Imperial Prince actually dared to rob people. This time they killed Mr. Chun. With the character of the Tenth Imperial Prince, it should be impossible to bear again. This Tenth Imperial Prince’s power, although relying on Heavenly The Sword Alliance may not be unable to contend, but this incident was caused by the Ten Third Prince after all, and they cannot be allowed to sit atop a mountain to watch the tigers fight, the fisherman catches both.”

Chu Fengmian eyes flashed.

Mr. Chun’s robbery, his body has also been understood.

With a move of his palm, a jade talisman flew out. This jade talisman is the special envoy of the ten Third Prince, the contact jade talisman left by Xiao Shaoyun.

He has no plans. Now he is fighting with the Tenth Imperial Prince. Ten Third Prince this time let Chu Fengmian come to the eighth Legion leader. On the grounds of destroying the sect, he actually dealt with the Tenth Imperial Prince. power.

This led to Mr. Chun’s robbery.

Now that Chunxian Life and Death is in Chu Fengmian’s hands, he naturally won’t let Ten Third Prince sit on the sidelines.

After he passed Jade Talisman, he slowly got up.

Sword Immortal, who was standing under the throne, hurriedly greeted him.

“Now the eighth Legion leader, betraying the sect’s extinction situation, what happened?”

Chu Fengmian asked.

He has now sent Dragon Two and Dragon Three out, with the people of Heavenly Sword Alliance, to destroy the sect.

The strengths of Dragon Two and Dragon Three are almost infinitely close to Heavenly Venerate’s strength. Facing the rule of the Immortal Venerable, it is enough to easily win. With the two of them taking action, Chu Fengmian does not need to do it himself.

The general sect is also impossible to withstand the two of them, even the Sun-Moon Sword Sect, such a prestigious sect, is also resolved between the two of them.

Now the Heavenly Sword Alliance is led by Long Er and Long San, and destroying the betraying the sect in the eighth Legion collar is almost a total annihilation trend.

“Most of the sects on the betraying the sect list have been resolved, and most of them have chosen acknowledge allegiance and joined our Heavenly Sword Alliance. Only some stubborn sects have been Destroyed on the spot, Direct Disciple was brought back to the Heavenly Sword Alliance and relegated to sword slaves.”

“As for the betraying the sect led by the eighth Legion, more than a dozen have been resolved. As for the remaining betraying the sect, they are all gathered together and united together to resist the military’s attack. They are now hiding in the Kyoho mountain range, and they have built a strong position in it, which is not easy to penetrate.”

“Dragon Second Elder, also made me ask the adults if I want to attack the mountain range of Kyoho now.”

Sword Immortal respectfully opened the mouth and said.

Compared to fighting, he is better at dominating the situation.

Long Er and Long San are Dragon Sword Guards. Although they are powerful and possess their own consciousness, they are ultimately considered to be thugs.

Chu Fengmian himself didn’t bother to manage the Heavenly Sword Alliance. Now among the eighth Legion leader, the Sword Immortal is responsible for all this.

“Yes, the progress is very fast. Since the Kyoho mountain range is left, then don’t hesitate to let everyone go to the Kyoho mountain range, gather in the vicinity, and prepare to attack the Kyoho mountain range.”

Chu Fengmian directly opened the mouth and said.

He is not willing to waste too much time.

Solved the betraying the sect in the mountain range of Kyoho, this time the betraying the sect, even if it is over.

Under the order of Chu Fengmian, the three military ships, grandiose’s, flew towards the direction of the mountain range of Kyoho.

At the same time, the ships going to the Kyoho mountain range are not the only side of the Heavenly Sword Alliance.

Along the way, Chu Fengmian saw dozens of military ships.

Most of these military ships are flying these different flags, coming from each Legion.

The act of eliminating betraying the sect is not a matter of Legion. Almost every Legion will send people there.

In the Nine Domains, I don’t know how long there has been a war between gods and emperors. As far as the military is concerned, every betraying the sect rebellion and the action of annihilating the sect gain military merit. Best chance.

This military merit can be regarded as a currency in the army. The contribution point in the equivalent to Three Great Saint Territories sect, as long as the military merit is sufficient, you can exchange many treasures, opportunities, and even profound sword techniques in the army. , Spirit Sword, etc.

There are many ways to accumulate military merit, but betraying the sect is almost the fastest way.

This time the action of destroying the sect, it can be said that more than a dozen Legions have get involved, all influence tangled and complicated. Everyone wants to destroy more betraying the sect and get more military merits.

It’s just that Chu Fengmian did it this time, it was too fast.

Heavenly Sword Alliance itself is located in the Seventh Army group leader, the nearest to the eighth Legion leader, so he is also the first to arrive here and start annihilating the forces of betraying the sect.

In addition to the terrifying strength of Dragon Two and Dragon Three, the general betraying the sect, in front of them, almost can’t hold it for long, and it will be completely destroyed.

In the eighth Legion collar, almost half of the betraying the sect was wiped out by the Heavenly Sword Alliance. At this time, many other Legion powerhouses had just arrived, but they were all rushed. Good luck. , Can also pick up a sip of soup to drink, bad luck, or even nothing.

“Ancient Snake Banner?”

“These guys from the Seventh Army.”

“That’s the Heavenly Sword Alliance?”

“Damn it, it’s them. They robbed a lot of betraying the sect’s military merits, and we all got nothing.”

Many military ships encountered along the way, the martial artists on those military ships, looked very embarrassed when they saw the ancient snake flag flying on the military ship Chu Fengmian.

Heavenly Sword Alliance this time can be regarded as taking away all the benefits of the eighth Legion. These other Legion powerhouses naturally have a resentment qi in their hearts.

If it weren’t for the current Heavenly Sword Alliance, on the surface is an army belonging to the Seventh Army group, and if the armies cannot fight each other on the surface, I am afraid that someone has already started on the Heavenly Sword Alliance.

But on the surface you can’t fight, there are a lot of private fights.

The teams of Dragon Two and Dragon Three have been targeted by other Legion martial artists, even deliberately obstructing them to deal with the sect, but they were all dealt with by Dragon Two and Dragon Three soon, but there are also some The Heavenly Sword Alliance disciple was injured.

“This Heavenly Sword Alliance, which is not the same, is also betraying the sect. Now it is actually mixed into the army. It is ridiculous to grab military merit with us. In my opinion, you should directly catch the Heavenly Sword Alliance. everything in one net.”

An icy voice came from a military ship not far away. The voice was not concealed, it was clear.

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