Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3189


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The owner of this voice seemed to have no intention of concealing it at all, so he said it directly.

Chu Fengmian’s gaze looked over. This was a young man in military uniform. This look seemed to belong to a general of the Sect extermination team.

At the moment Chu Fengmian looked towards him, his gaze also looked towards Chu Fengmian. In these eyes, there was a certain provocation.

However, Chu Fengmian just glanced at him briefly and ignored him.

It’s just a god of law, and it’s not worthy of Chu Fengmian’s attention.


Looking at Chu Fengmian regaining his gaze, the general of the Sect extermination team can only be coldly snorted.

Now on the surface, they still can’t directly work on the Heavenly Sword Alliance. After all, this is one of the iron rules of the Heavenly Sword.

It’s not a big deal if it is secretly shot, but on the surface shot, but equivalent to directly provokes the law led by Heavenly Sword, this is not a consequence that a general can bear.

However, this Sect extermination team general’s remarks caused the consent of many military martial artists on board the surrounding military ships. They all agreed that they cannot directly act on the Heavenly Sword Alliance, but they are hostile to the Heavenly Sword Alliance. It’s not a lot.

Looking at the hostile gazes on the surrounding military ships, many martial artists of the Heavenly Sword Alliance felt uncomfortable, but with Chu Fengmian there, they did not have much fear.

Now in the Heavenly Sword Alliance, Chu Fengmian exists as a character like the Sea Calming Divine Needle. As long as Chu Fengmian is there, they will face any powerful enemy and will not be afraid.

In a short period of time, Chu Fengmian has established his supreme majesty in the Heavenly Sword Alliance, and now no one dares to provoke him as an Alliance Leader.

“This martial artist, named Long Zhen, is Long Wu’s younger brother, but his aptitude is still higher than Long Wu. It is said that he is the supreme genius cultivated by the third Legion and was also selected by the third Legion. , Is one of the geniuses who may inherit the position of military master in the future.

Fa Sword Immortal stood aside, opened the mouth and said in a low voice, telling Chu Fengmian the young martial artist why he was so hostile to Chu Fengmian.

“Long Zhen? Long Wu’s younger brother?”

Chu Fengmian heard Venerable Sword Immortal’s words and looked at him again, but from this dragon, he felt the same Dragon Clan Bloodline Strength as Long Wu.

Long Wu wanted to attack Qi Sword Sect before, but he happened to run into Chu Fengmian, but was bombarded by Chu Fengmian on the spot.

This incident is already well known in the leadership of Heavenly Sword. The development of Heavenly Sword Alliance is so smooth, and it has a great relationship with Chu Fengmian who killed Long Wu and established majesty.

Because Long Wu was a general of the Sect extermination team, he had some blood and blood feuds with many sects. Chu Fengmian killed Long Wu, which equivalently helped a lot of sects and solved the serious problems in his heart.

Then I went to win over these sects. When they joined the Heavenly Sword Alliance, these sects did not have much resistance, and they chose to join the Heavenly Sword Alliance.

Didn’t expect this Longwu, and a younger brother, who is actually one of the geniuses cultivated by the third Legion and one of the successors of the future army master.

Every Legion, in the contemporary military master, has already become a military master. After an era, it is time to choose the next military master, and start training the genius in Legion.

The successor to the future military master is naturally impossible. There is only one person. Perhaps one era can cultivate several or even a dozen such geniuses.

But even among these geniuses, it may not be possible to truly give birth to the next military leader. After all, if you want to become a military leader, the first condition is that only the Immortal Emperor can succeed.

For most geniuses, the Immortal Emperor Realm is still an insurmountable threshold. Among the Three Great Saint Territories, there are no martial artists who are stuck in this step.

Heavenly Sword leads the situation here, compared to Three Great Saint Territories, the situation is even worse. Heavenly Sword leads extremely poor, without enough opportunities, it is even more difficult to step into the Immortal Emperor.

For example, General Na Huogan who was beheaded by Chu Fengmian, although he is called the future leader of the tenth Legion, but in essence, he is only one of the successors of the leader. There are also some in the tenth Legion. Numbers, geniuses like General Huo Gan.

However, although many of these trained military master successors will not be able to truly step into the Immortal Emperor and inherit the position of military master in the future, the sword technique of their cultivation is also completely different from the sword technique of military martial artist cultivation. .

Legion martial artist, the sword technique of the cultivation is the combined sword technique, or a very shallow sword technique, which uses the Combined Assault Technique to fend off the enemy. Even some generals, the cultivation is only a little profound Joint strike sword technique that’s all.

Only these successors are qualified to cultivate the true mysterious sword technique mastered by the leader of the cultivation Heavenly Sword, their strength, and the generals of far surpasses.

It is like General Huo Gan who died in the hands of Chu Fengmian. In terms of strength, he is much stronger than Sect Master in Donghe, Sect Master Jian and the others around Chu Fengmian.

Chu Fengmian beheaded the big brother Long Wu, Long Zhen, no wonder Long Zhen looked towards Chu Fengmian’s gaze, which contained such a killing intent.

“It’s okay.”

Chu Fengmian waved his hand.

He also didn’t care if the dragon was really killing intent.

If this dragon really dared to do it directly, Chu Fengmian would kill him directly, just as he killed General Huo Gan.

As for using tricks in the dark, Chu Fengmian doesn’t care much.

All military ships are flying in the same direction.

This goal is naturally the gathering place of betraying the sect, the Kyoho mountain range.

Betraying the sect scattered in other places has now been to catch everything in one net.

If each Legion, dear generals, still wants to eliminate the sect and gain military merit, their only goal now is the Kyoho mountain range.

As far as Chu Fengmian is concerned, he doesn’t need any military merit. Although he is a general of the Seventh Army in name, he belongs to the sect side after all. This military merit has nothing to do with him.

He went to the mountain range of Kyoho, just wanting to bring this matter to an end temporarily, and at the same time, he can see if he can win the sect powerhouse and join the Heavenly Sword Alliance.

It is said that the reason why this huge mountain range can gather so many betraying the sect, they chose to unite together, because in this one, there is a real Heavenly Venerate powerhouse sitting in the town.

Because of these Heavenly Venerate powerhouses, we can force each sect to unite these sects against the military.

If it weren’t for absolute power suppression, these sects, even if a catastrophe is imminent, would not necessarily work together.

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