Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3190


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A Heavenly Venerate powerhouse.

If it can be drawn into the Heavenly Sword Alliance, it will be a great help to the Heavenly Sword Alliance.

Heavenly Sword Alliance’s Heavenly Venerate powerhouse, in fact, apart from Chu Fengmian, only Chu Long, the dragon sword guard born in the first place, is considered to have the strength of Heavenly Venerate.

So now that Chu Fengmian is out, he must also keep Long Chu in the Heavenly Sword Alliance Small World.

Otherwise, any Immortal Emperor incarnation may come and destroy the Heavenly Sword Alliance.

Heavenly Sword Alliance currently lacks the true powerhouse, the Heavenly Venerate-level powerhouse. If you can win several Heavenly Venerates or even the Immortal Emperor powerhouse, then the Heavenly Sword Alliance can be regarded as the real mastery, even beyond Three Great Sword Sect, it is possible to become the overlord of Heavenly Sword’s sect side…

Five days.

The military ship sailed all the way.

A huge mountain range has gradually come into Chu Fengmian’s eyes.

This huge mountain range, covered with thick snow, looked at it, and it was pure white, only some rocks, from the pure white, dotted with a little black.

“This snow?”

Chu Fengmian just looked from a distance, his gaze condensed, and he saw a little bit of strangeness in the snow. It seemed that the snow was not shaped by the natural place. From it, Chu Fengmian Feel the breath of Spiritual Force.

“This seems to be a great array?”

These snow accumulates together, turning into a line, which contains Spiritual Force.

These lines seem to cover the entire mountain range of Kyoho, like an Array.

“Yes, this snow is an Array of the secret technique exhibited by Li Xue Heavenly Venerate. This is one of the strongest secret techniques of Li Xue Heavenly Venerate. He exhibited it and covered the entire seat. Kyoho mountain range will prevent the military from entering it.”

Sword Immortal said from the side.

“Li Xue Heavenly Venerate.”

Chu Fengmian said silently.

This Li Xue Heavenly Venerate is the Heavenly Venerate powerhouse hidden in the Kyoho mountain range in rumors.

Li Xue Heavenly Venerate is considered a sect party, a hidden Old Antique. A few times ago, his reputation resounded in the Heavenly Sword collar. He is a true Heavenly Venerate powerhouse, who used to follow A military master has played against each other, and the strength of the two sides is not equal.

This Li Xue Heavenly Venerate, no Sect, no Faction, is said to have received the inheritance of an Immortal Emperor when he was young. He practiced painstakingly by himself and reached his current strength.

Although Li Xue Heavenly Venerate did not become an Immortal Emperor, he also became a Heavenly Venerate, standing on the most peak led by Heavenly Sword.

Li Xue Heavenly Venerate is alone and does not care about the world, but it is said that 10,000 years ago, because of the military’s strangulation of sect, Li Xue Heavenly Venerate had to go out to fight against the military. Many sects also It was because of his shelter that he survived, and he was regarded as a sect, hero-like character.

This time, it is precisely because of Li Xue Heavenly Venerate. I don’t know why. He actually called sect, it seems to form an alliance, was discovered by the eighth Legion and reported it, and finally started this eradication of betraying the sect action.

“It is indeed a Heavenly Venerate that can influence such a large piece of Heaven and Earth, but not the hands of a newly promoted Heavenly Venerate.”

Chu Fengmian took a look, and he probably understood that the strength of Li Xue Heavenly Venerate in front of him should have reached the second-order Immortal Emperor, or even close to the third-order Immortal Emperor.

this can be considered Chu Fengmian came to the Heavenly Sword collar and saw the first place Heavenly Venerate powerhouse of the sect party.

As Chu Fengmian thought.

The military ship is getting closer and closer to the mountain range of Kyoho.

Just above the sky around the mountain range of Jufeng, there are already countless small black spots. As the military ships get closer and closer, these small black spots appear their true appearance. Of military ships.

Hundreds of search ships are now gathered around the mountain range of Jufeng.

Every military ship is full of military martial artists. Around the military ship, you can also see groups of Taoist soldiers flying around, protecting the military ship.

On each of these military ships, there is at least one Immortal Venerable sitting in town. In the military, only Immortal Venerable can lead a military ship.

Around this giant mountain range, hundreds of immortals have already gathered.

This is the first time that Chu Fengmian came to Heavenly Sword to see such a great array battle.

There are not a few law immortals in this, at least a dozen of them exist.

And this is still the current situation near the mountain range of Kyoho.

There are also a large number of military ships, which are approaching in the direction of Jufeng mountain range.

The five warships led by the Heavenly Sword Alliance are one of them. The three warships led by Chu Fengmian have already flown around the Jufeng mountain range. He is also stationed nearby like other warships. Above the sky, three military ships stood side by side and connected together.

After a while, two more military ships flew out from different directions towards Chu Fengmian. It was the military ships led by Long Er and Long San.

Previously, Chu Fengmian ordered the two of them to bring a military ship to destroy the sect. This time they also came to the Kyoho mountain range to gather.

It is like General Huo Gan who died in the hands of Chu Fengmian. In terms of strength, he is much stronger than Sect Master in Donghe, Sect Master Jian and the others around Chu Fengmian.

Chu Fengmian beheaded the big brother Long Wu, Long Zhen, no wonder Long Zhen looked towards Chu Fengmian’s gaze, which contained such a killing intent.

“It’s okay.”

Chu Fengmian waved his hand.

He also didn’t care if the dragon was really killing intent.

If this dragon really dared to do it directly, Chu Fengmian would kill him directly, just as he killed General Huo Gan.

As for using tricks in the dark, Chu Fengmian doesn’t care much.

All military ships are flying in the same direction.

This goal is naturally the gathering place of betraying the sect, the Kyoho mountain range.

Betraying the sect scattered in other places has now been to catch everything in one net.

If each Legion, dear generals, still wants to eliminate the sect and gain military merit, their only goal now is the Kyoho mountain range.

As far as Chu Fengmian is concerned, he doesn’t need any military merit. Although he is a general of the Seventh Army in name, he belongs to the sect side after all. This military merit has nothing to do with him.

He went to the mountain range of Kyoho, just wanting to bring this matter to an end temporarily, and at the same time, he can see if he can win the sect powerhouse and join the Heavenly Sword Alliance.

It is said that the reason why this huge mountain range can gather so many betraying the sect, they chose to unite together, because in this one, there is a real Heavenly Venerate powerhouse sitting in the town.

Because of these Heavenly Venerate powerhouses, we can force each sect to unite these sects against the military.

If it weren’t for absolute power suppression, these sects, even if a catastrophe is imminent, would not necessarily work together.

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