Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3192


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Hearing Chu Fengmian’s order, the two Heavenly Sword Alliance disciples walked out. The moment the surrounding military ships flew towards the Kyoho Mountain Range, the five Heavenly Sword Alliance military ships stopped at In place.

“The ship of the Heavenly Sword Alliance did not move.”

“It seems that they are not going to make a move.”

“Counting they are acquainted, they dare not come to us for military merit.”

Martial artists on some military ships around, also noticed this, and opened the mouth and said one after another.

At the same time, more military ships have already flown in the direction of the Kyoho Mountain Range, and hundreds of military ships searched for it, almost simultaneously rushing into the Kyoho Mountain Range.

From above these military ships, countless silhouettes flew out in one leap. It was General Legion, hundreds of generals, joined hands, bursting out an extremely large force, gathered into A rays of light blasted into the Kyoho Mountain Range.

On the Kyoho Mountain Range, a huge Array suddenly condensed and collided with this rays of light. This huge Array began to tremble violently.

The one after another line above, under this tremor, there is a sign that it is about to break, and there are countless cracks.

This Array of Kyoho Mountains, although it was laid by Li Xue Heavenly Venerate, a real Heavenly Venerate powerhouse.

But this time, there are hundreds of immortal powerhouses, among them there are even more than 20 rules of immortal powerhouses, and they work together. Even an Array arranged by Heavenly Venerate is already irresistible. Living.

Stalemate for a minute.

I saw that the power of rays of light has not diminished at all.

On the contrary, the power of the great array of the Kyoho Mountain Range began to decrease sharply. One after another line, it was no longer able to support it, and it began to break continuously.

Start with the first line broken.

This one after another line is broken one after another. The strength of this Array has reached its limit, and it can no longer withstand the bombardment of this rays of light. In the end, this Array was broken.


Just in the Array of broken in an instant, from the Kyoho Mountain Range, an angry roar came out, and at the same time a blizzard spewed out from it. This blizzard completely enveloped the surrounding space.

All the military ships that just attacked the Kyoho Mountains were caught in this blizzard.

At the same time, there appeared with this blizzard, there were countless silhouettes of Dao soldiers, a group of Dao soldiers, began to fly out from the Kyoho Mountain Range, they were mixed in this blizzard.

When the blizzard swept through the military ships, these Taoist soldiers also launched an attack on the military ships.

At the same time, on the other side, the military side, did not show any weakness. These warships also released their own Dao soldiers. At the same time, some of the martial artists all act together to protect the warships.

This time, the Taoist soldiers that came out of the Kyoho Mountain Range actually had tens of thousands of them, all of them coming out together, covering the sky and the sun.

Chu Fengmian didn’t even think that there are so many Taoist soldiers hidden in the Kyoho Mountain Range.

It takes countless resources to refine Dao soldiers. For example, there are hundreds of Dao soldiers in some sects, which is quite a lot, such as Donghe sect that has been ruined, even It is that even the ability to form a squad of Taoist soldiers is gone.

Although there are still some Taoist soldiers in the Donghe sect, they are only used for daily care of the sect disciple, without any battle strength.

The strength of Taoist soldiers fighting alone is extremely weak. They only have pure strength and do not know the skills of fighting. Compared with Dragon Sword and Guardian, they are worlds apart.

So only when the number of Taoist soldiers is large enough to form a squad, Legion, can they truly burst out with powerful formidable power. A team of hundreds of Taoist soldiers and thousands of Taoist soldiers can make a move. It is the power that covers the sky.

In this kind of absolute strength, reluctance, the weakness of skills is already insignificant.

Heavenly Sword Alliance also established a Daoist squad after surrendering more than a dozen sects. However, Chu Fengmian currently has only more than 2,000 Dao soldiers on the ship. Some of them are due to Chu Fengmian. After surrendering some betraying the sect and getting their Dao soldiers, there are such numbers.

Now in the Kyoho Mountain Range, tens of thousands of soldiers sprang up suddenly, forming Legion, and smashing this warship.

The Kyoho Mountain Range, obviously came prepared.

Thousands of Taoist soldiers are not the amount that can be accumulated in a short time.

In addition, this does not seem to be the whole part. From the Kyoho Mountain Range, there are still a large number of Dao soldiers flying out from far away. These Dao soldiers are all in a small team of one hundred. Form a squad and rush to kill a military ship.

Some military ships were already fighting, and were directly destroyed by these Taoists. The military martial artists above were all dead, wounded, and injured.

However, on the Jufeng Mountain Range, it was not much better. A large number of Taoist soldiers were killed on the spot, and the loss was huge.

This battle, at first, has gone into intense heat.

But the battle of the Taoist soldiers is actually just a prelude.

Preparing for the real battle, those warships destroyed by the Taoist soldiers are actually considered weak warships during the operation this time. There are real warships with the powerhouse, although they are In the battle, he also seemed embarrassed, but he didn’t lose much.

At most, it is just the loss of some Taoist soldiers that’s all.

“If the Kyoho Mountain Range, without other means, will soon be invaded by the military.”

Chu Fengmian took a look, slowly opened the mouth and said.

The Taoist soldiers in the Kyoho Mountain Range seem to have been exhausted. Every time one is beheaded, one is missing.

About less than ten minutes.

The Taoist squad in the Kyoho Mountain Range has already begun to be all killed.

A large number of fragmented Taoist soldiers fell to the ground.

The power of the Kyoho Mountain Range is indeed very strong, and it can even be said to be beyond Chu Fengmian’s expectations.

However, if it is compared with the military, it is still far behind. Although at this time, the military martial artist who came to attack the Kyoho Mountain Range together is far from a Legion power.

However, there are hundreds of immortal monarchs, tens of thousands of Immortal Monarchs, and immortal saints realm martial artist.

Such a force, sweeping now is just some betraying the sect, the formation of alliances is with no difficulty.

It’s just the Kyoho Mountain Range, who dare to be so fanatical. The rebellion in the eighth Legion collar should not be so impossible to withstand a single blow. It must have his hole cards.


Just when Chu Fengmian was thinking.

Suddenly from the giant peak mountain range, several huge silhouettes rushed out.

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