Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3193


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These huge silhouettes, each and everyone have ten thousand meters high, almost human-shaped creatures, suddenly rushed out of this giant mountain range.

In an instant, the huge silhouettes of several military ships that suddenly rushed out were directly held and crushed.

“What is this?”

In Chu Fengmian’s gaze, all were curious, looking towards this huge silhouette, this one huge silhouette, rushed out from the Kyoho Mountain Range, and gradually left the cover of the snowstorm, showing The original appearance.

These huge human figures are actually a huge giant ape. They have white hair growing on their bodies. However, after a closer look, they found that the hairs on these huge human figures are actually condensed by Profound Ice. The result, the entire giant ape, is like a huge ice sculpture.

In the eyes of the ice and snow giant ape, there is nothingness. Through these eyes, it can be seen that the body of the ice and snow giant ape is actually full of never-ending snowstorms.

It seems to be a giant ape transformed from ice and snow.

A total of four, such a huge ice and snow giant ape, suddenly rushed out from the Kyoho Mountain Range, rushed into the army, and slaughtered the military ship in front of him frantically.

The huge military ship as long as ten thousand meters, in front of these ice and snow giant ape, seems extremely small, so when you shoot, you just grab a military ship and use your palms to force the ship. A giant ape of ice and snow was crushed in his hand.

Some of the military martial artists who responded quickly on the military ship fled out in a hurry. Some military martial artists who had no time to escape followed the military ship and were crushed by the ice and snow giant ape.

In just a few breaths, at least a dozen military ships were crushed on the spot by these four ice and snow giant ape.

This loss is much greater than the loss caused by the tens of thousands of soldiers just now.


Chu Fengmian eyes flashed.

He looked at these ice and snow giant ape and saw the essence of these ice and snow giant ape.

The essence of these ice and snow giant ape is actually the spirits condensed from the Spiritual Force of the five elements. It is no different from the spirits that Chu Fengmian had seen in the giant elephant temple and the five elements continent. .

However, compared with the demon in the five elements continent, they only have instincts and have different appearances. Although there are only four ice and snow giant ape in front of them, their shapes are exactly the same, and these ice and snow giant ape, look It doesn’t look like a demon without spiritual wisdom.

They will not attack the martial artist on the sect side of the Kyoho Mountains, only the military martial artist, which is obviously under human control.

“This is Xue Yuanwei! Li Xue is a warrior under Heavenly Venerate.”

Sword Immortal, who recognized the origin of these ice and snow giant ape, opened the mouth and said beside him.

“It seems that the rumors are correct. The powerhouse of the Heavenly Clan in the Kyoho Mountain Range is indeed Li Xue Heavenly Venerate.”

“Snow Monkey Guard?”

Chu Fengmian took a look, and he probably understood that this Snow Ape Guard is actually a creature close to the Dragon Sword Guard created by Chu Fengmian.

However, the Dragon Sword Guard is a God born from the incense belief, while this Snow Ape Guard is a kind of demon created by absorbing a large amount of Power of Five Elements.

The two are considered the same.

It’s just that these four Snow Ape Guards seem to only know how to fight without being aware. Compared with the Dragon Sword Guards created by Chu Fengmian, there is still a gap.

Among the sects of the Three Great Saint Territories, such demons are often created as the Guardian of the sect.

The strength of the four Snow Ape Guards in front of them, each of them, is almost the same as that of Dragon Two and Dragon Three. They are extremely powerful demons.

This Li Xue Heavenly Venerate is worthy of being an ancient Heavenly Venerate, but he actually made this thing.

Chu Fengmian is not surprised.

Heavenly Venerate powerhouse, different from Immortal Emperor.

Immortal Emperor can condense into his Smaller Thousand Worlds as long as it can comprehend more laws, and improve his realm and strength.

However, once Heavenly Venerate is achieved, it will be difficult to go further. Although there are some Heavenly Venerates, after the achievement of Heavenly Venerate, there are opportunities and strengths soaring.

But after all, it doesn’t look like the Immortal Emperor, it has a path of practice.

Once it is the achievement of Heavenly Venerate, the path of practice is completely interrupted. A Heavenly Venerate wants to improve his strength, and it is more difficult than the Immortal Emperor.

Although Heavenly Venerate, there are also powerful Great Heavenly Venerates like Lei Zu and Shenxi Heavenly Venerate, which are powerful enough to compete with the fifth-order Immortal Emperor and even the sixth-order Immortal Emperor.

But in fact, once they achieve Heavenly Venerate, their strength is almost at this level. Although they are strong, it is extremely difficult to go further.

Most of the Heavenly Venerates are unable to achieve the Immortal Emperor’s way, so they have to cultivate into Heavenly Venerate, because everyone knows that becoming Heavenly Venerate represents their own strength and has reached the limit.

As far as Heavenly Venerate has reached its limit, they can only use external forces to improve themselves. This Snow Ape Guard should be made by Li Xue Heavenly Venerate, the four Snow Ape Guards The combined strength is enough to temporarily contend with a Heavenly Venerate, which can be regarded as extremely powerful battle strength.

“However, I still can’t resist it.”

Chu Fengmian shook the head.

The edge of the Kyoho Mountain Range.

As one of the military ships was destroyed by the Snow Ape Guards, the other military ships also reacted. They were in a panic for a while, but they soon calmed down. These military ships approached. Together, all of a sudden, it temporarily blocked the killing of the four Snow Ape Guards.

At the same time, there were several silhouettes in this military ship, but they flew out suddenly, pointed directly at the four snow monkey guards, and rushed over.

One of the most powerful auras is that Chu Fengmian had seen him, Long Zhen, Long Wu’s younger brother, the supreme genius cultivated by the third Legion, and one of the successors of the military master.

He stepped out one step at a time, holding a Spirit Sword engraved with Dragon Mark, and stepped out one step directly, directly facing one of the Snow Monkey Guards.

The sword edge fell into the air and fought fiercely with this one Snow Monkey.

There is also another military powerhouse, who stepped out in one step and fought fiercely with another snow monkey guard. Although the aura of this military powerhouse is weaker than that of the dragon, his Sword edge is even more fierce. Every sword contains pure killing intent.

It is the real Slaughter Sword Technique technique.

From this sword technique, it can be seen that the creatures who died in the hands of the military powerhouse are already uncountable.

“General White Mist of the Sect extermination team?”

Chu Fengmian looked at the empty ship he was leaving. The big white fog on it was the identity of the understood.

General White Mist, one of the most prestigious generals in the Sect extermination team.

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