Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3289


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“dong! dong! dong!”

At this time, three bells suddenly sounded above the sky.

This is the sound that Swire Secret Realm is about to shut down after seven days.

“Seven days have passed?”

Chu Fengmian was taken aback when he heard the bell.

When I went to the too ancient mountain ring, it was only the third and fourth, and now it’s actually over seven days.

Chu Fengmian talked with Gou Chen this time, only a few words, but three days have passed.

Seven days have passed, which also means that Chu Fengmian can no longer stay in this Secret Realm. He must follow the princes led by Heavenly Sword and return to Heavenly Sword together.

Although Chu Fengmian is now recognized by Gouchen, even if he stays in Swire Secret Realm, it should not be too dangerous, but Chu Fengmian still plans to leave Swire Secret Realm.

Many hidden treasures in Taikoo Secret Realm are not very useful to him, even if they are improved for Chu Fengmian, they are not big.

In contrast, Chu Fengmian still wants to enter the Heavenly Sword led Holy Land as soon as possible, thoroughly master the Heavenly Sword led sword technique, and integrate the Heavenly Sword led sword technique into the Sword Dao ancient book. Chu Fengmian doesn’t need to stay in the lead of Heavenly Sword.

Chu Fengmian body moved, it flew towards the entrance of Taikoo Secret Realm.

The opening of Taikoo Secret Realm takes only 30 minutes, and after a quarter of an hour, it will be completely closed.

This time Chu Fengmian came to the Taikoo Secret Realm. It was also regarded as a harvest was huge. He got the inheritance of the old man of Shinto and received countless hidden treasures. Among them, the hidden treasures of the Tai clan were collected by Chu Fengmian. But it hasn’t had time to see the opportunities.

However, among the hidden treasures of the Tai Clan that Chu Fengmian got, there is a hidden treasure left by the 9th-order Immortal Emperor of the Tai Clan, which must contain great opportunity, otherwise, the 9th-order Immortal Emperor of the Tai Clan left behind. The incarnation is not so angry.

Of course, the most rewarding thing is to meet with Gouchen. The Divine Stone of the Beginning that Gou Chen got from the hands of Gouchen, in this Divine Stone of the Beginning, contains the power of Gouchen Peak.

Once it broke out, the formidable power was terrifying to the extreme.

At the beginning, Chu Fengmian got the Divine Stone of Thunder in the Divine Palace of Witch. In terms of formidable power, I am afraid it is not as good as the Divine Stone that Chu Fengmian holds now.

And that Divine Stone of thunder, erupting in the Divine Palace of the Witch, is enough to severely injure a master and force a master back, even more how this Divine Stone of the Beginning.

The power of this Divine Stone from the beginning has exploded, I am afraid it will be enough to blow up a 9th-order Immortal Emperor.

You must know that the power of the peak of Chen Chen is even enough to fight against the ruler. Compared with the general 9th-order Immortal Emperor, this power is simply crushing.

Even if the Sword God Emperor is hit by the power of the Divine Stone in the early days, he will be hit hard. This Divine Stone in the early days is definitely enough to save Chu Fengmian’s life in times of danger.

This is Chu Fengmian’s trip to the Taikoo Secret Realm. The biggest gain. In comparison, the total of all the hidden treasures is far inferior to this Divine Stone from the beginning.

While Chu Fengmian was thinking about it, he was already at the meeting place.

Chu Fengmian changed his appearance again, turning into an ordinary sword cultivator.

This time I came to the martial artist prince of Taikoo Secret Realm. He has tens of thousands of princes. Half of the princes have been cut. There are thousands of martial artists. Chu Fengmian suppressed his breath to the level of the law immortal.

He is such an ordinary sword cultivator, unremarkable in the slightest, no one will specifically look at Chu Fengmian.

Chu Fengmian got the inheritance of the old man of Shinto and the robe of Shinto. Now he is trying his best to cover up his breath, even if it is impossible for the immortal Imperial Capital to see it.

The first Imperial Princess can see Chu Fengmian’s disguise. It does not recognize the breath of Chu Fengmian, but recognizes the Sword Dao of Chu Fengmian.

But if I don’t do it now, and if he is not exhibiting his Sword Dao, even the first Imperial Princess would not recognize his current identity.

In this gathering place, thousands of martial artist princes have now gathered.

This bell will probably ring when the channel of Swire Secret Realm is officially opened one hour before, just to let all the martial artists in Swire Secret Realm come over.

The prince martial artist who is generally fine will arrive early.

When Chu Fengmian came, most of the martial artists of the princes had already arrived. As for those who have not yet arrived, most of them should have fallen into this ancient Secret Realm.

Swire Secret Realm is opened, but it is called Trial of the Prince.

Every time the Taikoo Secret Realm is opened, more than half of the princes who die in the Taikoo Secret Realm, the martial artist has a higher mortality rate, and more than 2/3 may fall in it. There are many princes martial. It’s not surprising that the artist fell into it.

Chu Fengmian glanced at the past, and also saw ten Third Princes. Beside the ten Third Princes, there were many princes standing beside them. These all are attached to the ten Third Princes.

Among these princes, most of them have extremely calm faces and even a little joy. Obviously they have completed the trial of the prince this time.

Some even got some hidden treasures in this Taikoo Secret Realm, and their strengths increased greatly.

There are also some, frowning, obviously not completing the trial.

Once the prince’s trial is not completed, they will be expelled from the ranks of the Imperial Family princes led by Heavenly Sword after leaving Swire Secret Realm and become ordinary Imperial Family disciple.

Heavenly Sword leads the imperial family prince transcendent position, both of which have extremely high elimination rates, and those who can be eliminated again and again are the real elites who stay.

For this scene, it is not surprising.

Of course there are some more. The prince who originally attached to the Ten Third Prince is no longer visible. He should have fallen into this Primordial Secret Realm.

Even if they take refuge in Ten Third Princes, they can only use the power of Ten Third Princes to get through the most difficult first wave, and whether they can pass the trial of the prince next, can only rely on themselves. .

It’s not surprising to fall.

Ten Third Prince stood there, his face was not pretty.

Although he has gained a lot this time, Chu Fengmian, who was finally attracted, fell into the Taikoo Secret Realm. The equivalent to his previous investment was wasted.

However, the face of Ten Third Prince looked ugly, but through his eyes, he found that this person’s heart was actually extremely peaceful.

The relationship between Chu Fengmian and Ten Third Prince was originally used, and Chu Fengmian’s death, he only showed some sadness.

In fact, in the hearts of ten Third Princes, I am afraid that they are all plotting against. How to master the Heavenly Sword Alliance after Chu Fengmian’s death. After all, the Heavenly Sword Alliance is also an incomparably huge force, called the Heavenly Sword. Leading the Fourth Great Sects force in Sect.

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