Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3290


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When Chu Fengmian was alive, Ten Third Prince dared not think about it.

But now Chu Fengmian has fallen and lost Chu Fengmian. The Heavenly Sword Alliance is a piece of unsuspecting fat. Ten Third Prince naturally wants to eat the Heavenly Sword Alliance in one bite.

As for the thoughts of Ten Third Prince, Chu Fengmian eyes flashed clearly, and the corners of his mouth are a little cold.

In contrast, the Tenth Imperial Prince next to him is really ugly.

Compared with the ten Third Prince, the price paid by the Tenth Imperial Prince to win the Taixu Tianzun is greater, and this time, the Taixu Tianzun fell into the Primordial Secret Realm, and the responsibility of the Tenth Imperial Prince bears the brunt.

Especially in the future, too Void Sword Sect’s anger, Tenth Imperial Prince must also bear it. Although as Tenth Imperial Prince, too Void Sword Sect dare not kill him too much, but revenge will definitely be of.

In order to win over Void Sword Sect, Tenth Imperial Prince also paid a great price. Now this time, with the fall of Void Sword Sect, he and Void Sword Sect may directly turn friends into enemies. No wonder the face of Tenth Imperial Prince is so ugly.

Similarly, among the martial artists of the princes present, there are also joys and worries. The Sixth Imperial Prince and the Second Tenth Imperial Prince, the giants among the two princes, have a much calmer expression.

In the Taikoo Secret Realm this time, they did not have any accidents and so on, and they also collected a lot of Taikoo hidden treasure.

The only thing they care about is the demonic path martial artist who popped up suddenly, especially in the hearts of Prince Qing. It is even clearer that this demonic path martial artist is very likely, but it is the Sword of this generation. Demon Blood Slaughter.

This news, the Youth Prince and Sixth Imperial Prince, have no plans to spread the news. The fewer people who know this news, the more they can get some benefits in it.

As for the threat of Sword Demon Blood Slaughter.

In the Heavenly Sword collar, after all, there is the existence of the Heavenly Sword God. As long as the Heavenly Sword God is present, this Sword Demon Blood Slaughter will not cause too much trouble.

Every prince martial artist present has his own plot against in his heart.

Chu Fengmian eyes flashed, and I also saw the familiar silhouette, the first Imperial Princess, the first Imperial Princess, she did not fall, and it seems that she did not have any injuries on her body, apparently from the hands of the Yasumi , Retired all over.

The first Imperial Princess, but also the son of the era who has passed the great catastrophe, inherited the era of the sword, the inheritance of the sword demon clan, and Chu Fengmian is not surprised to do all this.

“Should I go to find ten Third Princes, or continue to cooperate with the first Imperial Princess?”

Chu Fengmian looked around, and in his mind, there were two choices, whether to continue to find ten Third Princes, continue to cooperate with ten Third Princes, or to cooperate with the first Imperial Princess.

The cooperation between Chu Fengmian and Ten Third Prince is also very pleasant, and Ten Third Prince has already helped him get the identity of the Imperial Family disciple.

Next, Chu Fengmian wants to enter the Holy Land led by Heavenly Sword and go to the comprehensive sword technique, and it should be unimpeded.

Originally, Chu Fengmian’s plan was to show up again when he was about to leave Swire Secret Realm, and then continue to cooperate with Ten Third Prince.

It’s just this time that Chu Fengmian found another partner in Taikoo Secret Realm. It was the first Imperial Princess. In terms of identity, in the Heavenly Sword’s Imperial Family, the first Imperial Princess. With ten Third Prince, it is simply worlds apart.

Even the Sixth Imperial Prince and the Second Tenth Imperial Prince, the giants among the two princes, actually did not dare to confront the first Imperial Princess. Among the Heavenly Sword’s Imperial Family, the first Imperial Princess’s power, Definitely the strongest.

This is a big advantage. If Chu Fengmian cooperates with the first Imperial Princess, his actions in the Heavenly Sword will be more smooth than the cooperation with Ten Third Prince.

Furthermore, the hidden identity of the first Imperial Princess is also a son of an era who has survived the great catastrophe. She knows a lot more than Chu Fengmian, even the leader of Heavenly Sword, even These are some ancient secrets of his Nine Domains, and now the first Imperial Princess knows them all.

If you are cooperating with the first Imperial Princess, Chu Fengmian can also hit the side and get more information from the side of the first Imperial Princess.

Just cooperating with the first Imperial Princess is also very risky. When the first Imperial Princess came into contact with Chu Fengmian, she also hid a lot of secrets. Cooperating with her is tantamount to seeking skin with a tiger.

If the first Imperial Princess told Chu Fengmian that many of the secrets were false, maybe Chu Fengmian would fall into a dangerous situation.

Cooperating with the first Imperial Princess is a high-risk and high-yield decision, while cooperating with Ten Third Prince is very stable. With the strength of Ten Third Prince, it is impossible to escape Chu Fengmian’s palm.

But in this way, it is much harder to get in touch with the Heavenly Sword collar and the secrets of the Three Great Saint Territories.

After Chu Fengmian came to Heavenly Sword, he was the only one who heard about Myriad Realms in the mouth of the first Imperial Princess, and wanted to clarify the existence of this Myriad Realms. The first Imperial Princess was Chu Fengmian The best choice.

“danger lurks within the riches and honour, this first Imperial Princess, although not necessarily a friend, but not an enemy, cooperation with him can also figure out the existence of Myriad Realms.”

Chu Fengmian eyes flashed, and soon a decision was made in his heart.

Myriad Realms, is a sharp sword oppressing Chu Fengmian’s head, which can be stabbed at any time.

In the face of such an enemy, know yourself and know your enemy, Chu Fengmian can be fully prepared, otherwise, a sudden attack will definitely make him completely unprepared.

Chu Fengmian’s body moved is transformed into a demonic path martial artist, transformed into a escape light, and flies in the direction of the first Imperial Princess.

The appearance of Chu Fengmian did not hide the silhouette. Suddenly the eyes of the two Tenth Imperial Prince, the two Imperial Family powerhouses behind the Sixth Imperial Prince, the Prince of Youth, and Ling Guogong fell on Chu Fengmian’s body. .

The two of them recognized Chu Fengmian the moment they saw Chu Fengmian. Chu Fengmian was the one who seizing food from the tiger’s mouth and seizing the giant elephant temple from the two of them.

“This person actually walked to the side of the first Imperial Princess. Is he the powerhouse that the first Imperial Princess was attracted to?”

Seeing that Chu Fengmian walked to the side of the first Imperial Princess, stood beside the first Imperial Princess, and talked with the first Imperial Princess, the Qing prince and Ling Guogong were all taken aback.

It seems that this result was not expected.

The first Imperial Princess, in the Imperial Family led by Heavenly Sword, has always been alone and indifferent to many powerhouses in the Imperial Family.

If it weren’t for her invincible strength, the first Imperial Princess would also be impossible in the Heavenly Sword’s Imperial Family, with such a transcendent status, but it’s almost impossible to hear what the first Imperial Princess has recruited. powerhouse.

So seeing Chu Fengmian come to the side of the first Imperial Princess, they will find it strange.

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