Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3291


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The first Imperial Princess, standing at the closest place to the entrance of Taikoo Secret Realm.

Beside her, no prince, martial artist, dared to stand beside her.

Everyone knows the supernatural status of the first Imperial Princess in the Imperial Family of Heavenly Sword. Even the Sixth Imperial Prince and the second Tenth Imperial Prince actively stand in the area not far behind her. .

When I saw Chu Fengmian, I actually walked to the side of the first Imperial Princess. Many princes and martial artists who had not seen Chu Fengmian were very strange.

“You are not dead?”

The first Imperial Princess saw the sudden appearance of Chu Fengmian, and she was taken aback.

After she escaped from the sandstorm tornado, she no longer felt the breath of Chu Fengmian. She also searched the sand sea deep in the primordial mountain ring, but finally did not find Chu Fengmian. Breath.

Naturally think that Chu Fengmian has already fallen.

Unexpectedly, Chu Fengmian suddenly appeared.

“Some accidents happened.”

Chu Fengmian didn’t explain much either.

The first Imperial Princess, also heard what Chu Fengmian said.

There are many people here, and it is indeed not a suitable place to talk. It is to chat with Chu Fengmian casually.

This look looks like two old friends who have known each other for a long time.

“It seems that this person did know the first Imperial Princess and has a good relationship. It seems that he is also the first Imperial Princess and was brought into this Primordial Secret Realm.”

Seeing this scene, there is even more speculation in the heart of Prince Qing.

It seems that the first Imperial Princess entered the Swire Secret Realm by herself.

However, a powerhouse comparable to the Immortal Emperor of Tier 6 wants to hide his identity and blend into the Primordial Secret Realm, which is also with no difficulty.

Perhaps the first Imperial Princess was low-key and didn’t want to be too ostentatious to do so.

“The first Imperial Princess, she was attracted to such a powerhouse. Is it because she wants to fight for power?”

The Sixth Imperial Prince next to Prince Qing saw Chu Fengmian’s appearance, but his face was not as calm as Prince Qing, but a bit of panic appeared in his eyes.

Now, the Sixth Imperial Prince is still confidently competing for the power of Heavenly Sword to lead the Imperial Family. It is precisely because the first Imperial Princess does not have the mind to be in power, and his power is stronger than the second Tenth Imperial Prince.

Now among the princes of Heavenly Sword, he is the most powerful.

The current Sixth Imperial Prince already has a lot of rights in the Imperial Family led by Heavenly Sword. In many places, he has his own people and has a stable operation. He has great hope of defeating other princes.

Under such circumstances, what he fears most is the first Imperial Princess. Once the first Imperial Princess is fighting for power, it is only her, there is no gap.

Even if it is the first Imperial Princess now, there are not many people under its command, but this is also the result of the first Imperial Princess’s unwillingness to accept the refusal of all parties. If the first Imperial Princess is willing to develop power and actively willing to take refuge in the first Imperial Princess I don’t know how many powerhouses there are.

At least many of the powerhouses under the Sixth Imperial Prince’s command, at first the prince who most want to take refuge in, are also the first Imperial Princess, and they will only choose him after they hit a wall from the first Imperial Princess.

“It shouldn’t be, with the character of the first Imperial Princess, if she really wants to fight for power, whether it is you or the second Tenth Imperial Prince, there is no chance at all. There are many in the Imperial Family The prince, the prince, will take refuge in her.”

The Youth Prince slowly opened the mouth and said.

The horror of the first Imperial Princess, these princes, national princes, but they know much more than the princes, and these princes, already not in a level.

If the first Imperial Princess is willing to take power, I am afraid that the next day, these princes will be directly exiled.

The strength gap between the two, as different as heaven and earth.

“The first Imperial Princess, she was obsessed with Sword Dao. She didn’t care about other things. The martial artists around her also talked to her about the powerhouse of Sword Dao. This person should be one of them, since It is the powerhouse next to the first Imperial Princess. For you, you shouldn’t worry about it.”

The Youth Prince slowly opened the mouth and said.

“Of course, if you have the ability, you can win over this person, and befriend him will be a great help to you.”

“But he is the person next to the first Imperial Princess after all.”

Hearing this, Sixth Imperial Prince opened the mouth and said hesitantly.

“It’s okay, the first Imperial Princess, I don’t care about this little action to you, and you don’t need to draw this person completely, as long as you have a good relationship with him and take over friendship, you can ask him to help at critical moments. You are right now.”

The Qing prince calmly opened the mouth and said.

“The first Imperial Princess has always been alone, and it is impossible to win, but there are not a few powerhouses around her. You can win a few people to support you and defeat the second Tenth Imperial Prince, with no difficulty.”

Hearing this, the eyes of the Sixth Imperial Prince flashed rays of light, I don’t know what I was thinking about now.

“It is actually the person next to the first Imperial Princess.”

Ling Guogong’s gaze is also looking towards Chu Fengmian, watching the conversation between Chu Fengmian and the first Imperial Princess, and hurriedly whispered to the second Tenth Imperial Prince next to him.

“The identity of this person, but absolutely can’t be checked, the people around the first Imperial Princess, if you provoke him…”

“I know.”

Don’t need to remind Ling Guogong, the second Tenth Imperial Prince also quickly gave up the idea of ​​checking Chu Fengmian’s identity.

Before Chu Fengmian suddenly shot, and in their hands, they snatched the giant elephant temple. With the breath of the second Tenth Imperial Prince, it was naturally impossible to swallow it easily, just watching the attitude of the Sixth Imperial Prince and Prince Qing, they Then I chose to be more careful and first investigate Chu Fengmian’s identity.

Now that Chu Fengmian is actually standing with the first Imperial Princess, the second Tenth Imperial Prince also knows that he must not be investigating Chu Fengmian.

And since they are the people around the First Imperial Princess, there is no threat to them. As the First Imperial Princess, if you want to fight for power, you don’t need to resort to external forces.

The other prince martial artists present also have their own thoughts in their hearts, but no one speaks out, just talking to each other with Spiritual Consciousness.

The appearance of Chu Fengmian made these prince martial artists suddenly silent, silent.

However, this silence did not last long. A rumbling sound rang out loudly. Space Power condensed, and only a huge space channel appeared in the sky.

“All the princes and martial artists who participated in the trial of the prince, please pass the Transmission Array as soon as possible and leave the Swire Secret Realm and Transmission Array. They can only last for one hour. Once closed, they will never be opened again!”

From the sky, there was an old man’s voice, which was the voice of Prince Qi.


The first Imperial Princess took the lead. She rose in the air and entered the Transmission Array. Chu Fengmian, who also followed closely from behind, was submerged in the Transmission Array.

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