Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3293


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This is an iron proof of the identity of the son of the era.

But there is another characteristic, that is, people who have never seen Supreme Beginning Strength can’t feel the existence of Supreme Beginning Strength.

Chu Fengmian completely hides the Supreme Beginning Strength, even if it is the Sword God Emperor, he cannot see his identity.

This first Imperial Princess, in the Imperial Palace led by Heavenly Sword, you have been hiding your identity without being seen through. It is not surprising.

“Moreover, there is a force behind me, so I can mix into the Heavenly Sword and the Imperial Family.”

The first Imperial Princess looked towards Chu Fengmian, but did not hide it, opened the mouth and said directly.

She, the first Imperial Princess, was actually not the person who led the Imperial Family of Heavenly Sword, but she became a member of the Imperial Family with the help of some means, and at the same time showed her own strength, with the help of Heavenly Sword. The resources of the Imperial Family have reached their current strength.

All this, speaking of which casually.

However, Chu Fengmian knew that it was not that simple to get into the Heavenly Sword to lead the Imperial Family.

This is not just the identity of the Imperial Family disciple.

If it’s just a simple Imperial Family disciple identity, ten Third Prince, you can help Chu Fengmian get it. His current identity is even the Imperial Family disciple.

But this is actually just the edge of Heavenly Sword’s leadership of the Imperial Family. No matter how strong it is, it is only an Imperial Family disciple, and cannot become a prince. Those who can become princes, without exception, inherited the Heavenly Sword God. People of Bloodline.

Only the martial artist of the Sword God Emperor and Bloodline is eligible to become a prince. The first Imperial Princess is also a prince, and she is obviously not a descendant of the Emperor Sword God.

But now it’s actually trying to hide from the sky. To do all this, the forces needed are far from what the first Imperial Princess alone can do.

Chu Fengmian also speculated that behind this first Imperial Princess, there must be a Great Influence, otherwise she would not know that many secret information, even Myriad Realms.

Now the first Imperial Princess, but it has revealed it on the initiative.

“The power behind me, called Epoch Association, is a force composed of the sons of Epoch. The purpose is to fight against Myriad Realms and restore balance. Since Sword Monarch is also the son of Epoch, he is born our companion. So I am here, and I want to invite Sword Monarch to join our Era Club.”

The first Imperial Princess directly opened the mouth and said without covering up.

“Our sons of Era, want to fight against Myriad Realms independently, it is basically impossible, so the era will be established, united together to fight against Myriad Realms.”

“Members of the Nine Domains, Three Great Saint Territories, help each other to fight against Myriad Realms. With Sword Monarch’s current situation, it’s the right time to join the Era Society so that we can talk to Sword Monarch. Together, everything is against Myriad Realms.”

Era Club.

Chu Fengmian’s eyes narrowed.

He also guessed some.

According to the first Imperial Princess, Myriad Realms almost wanted to hide the sky with one hand, control Heavenly Dao, and control everything. In this case, there should be resistance forces.

It now appears that in this era, one of the hidden forces is only extremely hidden, so Chu Fengmian has never heard of it.

But it seems that this era club should also be the most closely related to the children of the era, the children of the era, is the first target of Myriad Realms, so the children of the era, clump together, build a power, and Not surprisingly.

“Son of Epoch, there are many?”

Chu Fengmian thought for a while, suddenly opened the mouth and said in doubt.

The only son of Era he knows is him, and the first Imperial Princess in front of him, plus a mad Dragon Emperor who once wanted to be the son of Era, but did not survive the great catastrophe.

Apart from this, but he has not seen the sons of other eras.

But the Epoch Meeting that has suddenly emerged now is actually founded by the sons of Epoch, and it is spread all over the Three Great Saint Territories and Nine Domains, which is indeed a bit strange.

“Our companions are not many.”

The first Imperial Princess shook the head said.

“There are more than a dozen companions I know, but only seven are still alive. Of course, Sword Monarch is the eighth I have encountered.”

“Our Era Club, at first was established by the five sons of Era. Later, many powerhouses that rebelled against Myriad Realms were also added to the Era Club, which gradually expanded the era.”


Chu Fengmian also ordered nodded.

Counting Chu Fengmian, but only the son of eight eras.

The chance that Chu Fengmian will encounter is no different from to find a needle in a haystack.

It can be said that if Chu Fengmian entered the Taikoo Secret Realm not because of the invitation of the Ten Third Prince this time, he would not encounter the first Imperial Princess.

“How about Sword Monarch, do you want to join the Epoch Club?”

The first Imperial Princess asked.

The sons of Era are extremely rare.

Especially like Chu Fengmian, who has grown up to this day by virtue of his own strength before joining the Era Club, which is even rarer.

If you can win Chu Fengmian into the Era Club, it will definitely help.

Chu Fengmian is also thinking about the words of the first Imperial Princess.

The first Imperial Princess talked so much with Chu Fengmian today, telling Chu Fengmian the existence of Epoch Club, that is, she wanted to draw Chu Fengmian into Epoch Club.

The era of the society seems to be a force against the forces established by Myriad Realms.

The interests of Chu Fengmian are the same.

Moreover, the information in the Epoch Club is also what Chu Fengmian needs.

Chu Fengmian’s understanding of Myriad Realms was only heard from the mouth of the first Imperial Princess. Of course, this is also what the first Imperial Princess can tell Chu Fengmian. If you don’t join the Epoch Club, I’m afraid not. It is easy to know some information about Myriad Realms from the mouth of the first Imperial Princess.

“You can join and try.”

Chu Fengmian thought for a while, but decided to join this era meeting.

Now he still knows nothing about the existence of Myriad Realms. Joining the Epoch Club can at least get information about Myriad Realms.

Furthermore, it is indeed extremely difficult to fight Myriad Realms with the strength of Chu Fengmian alone. Joining the Epoch Club, he can also use the Epoch Club to fight Myriad Realms. Even if he can’t fight Myriad Realms, he can alleviate his own pressure.

“Welcome to Sword Monarch and join the Epoch Club.”

When Chu Fengmian agreed, the first Imperial Princess also showed a little smile on her face.

She moved her palm, and a jade charm flew in front of Chu Fengmian.

“This is the status token of the Epoch Association. As long as Sword Monarch injects a force into it, it is considered as joining our Epoch Association.”

“Our Era Club, there are not many rules, they are all written in it.”

Chu Fengmian eyes flashed, I also looked over, and in this jade symbol, it also revealed the rules of joining the Epoch Club.

First, joining the Epoch Club does not allow the information contained therein. Once leaked, it is betrayal and will be obliterated.

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