Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3294


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Secondly, members of the Era Society are not allowed to kill each other. Once they are offended, they are treated as betrayal.

Thirdly, the members of the Era Club need to help each other. Everyone has an opportunity to ask for help every 100 years. The members of the Era Club nearby must help each other.

There are only three rules.

It can be said that the organization of Jiyuanhui is much looser than Chu Fengmian imagined.

However, it is precisely because of this looseness that Epoch will be able to hide in the shadows for a long time without being noticed by all influence.

These three rules are all reasonable. Except for the third, they are almost non-compulsory, and the third rule is extremely loose. All you need to do is help.

If you are in danger, you can run away directly without being punished. The definition of vaccination with full force is very vague.

So these three rules are acceptable to Chu Fengmian. The only thing he cares about is the power contained in the jade talisman.

“The Power of Domination.”

Chu Fengmian is not familiar with this force.

Because of the power of nihilism, the killing intent of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, these two forces almost tried to torture Chu Fengmian to death.

The power contained in the jade talisman in front of me is the power of dominance.

Behind this era of society, there really is a master.

In this era, since it said it was going to fight against Myriad Realms, there must be this master behind it. Otherwise, how to fight against Myriad Realms?

Myriad Realms, but a force established by digital masters, behind the Epoch Society, there must be a master to fight against.

The dominating power in this jade talisman, as long as Chu Fengmian injects power into it, the dominating power in this jade talisman will also enter Chu Fengmian’s body.

This should be the monitoring method of the Epoch Club.

For such a power, it would be strange if it had no means of supervision.

The power of dominance, as a means of supervision, is indeed that even a 9th-order Immortal Emperor cannot fight against it. This is a completely different power.

It is like the secret technique of swallowing the sky mastered by Chu Fengmian. Even the power left by the 9th-order Immortal Emperor of the Tai Clan can be easily swallowed, and it can face this Void God. It is just a mark of power, but it is complete Helpless.

This is a force that is not on the same level at all.

To join the Epoch Club, it is necessary to accommodate this force and enter the body.

Chu Fengmian thought for a while, without much hesitation, a direct force was injected into the jade amulet, and at the same time, that dominating power suddenly entered Chu Fengmian’s body.

“Congratulations Sword Monarch, joining the Epoch Club.”

Seeing Chu Fengmian injecting power into the jade charm, the first Imperial Princess also showed a smile on the face.

“The contact information and some skills of the Era Club are recorded in the status token, and Sword Monarch can be consulted at any time.”

Chu Fengmian glanced over, and that jade charm, also under the infusion of Chu Fengmian’s Spiritual Force, began to change, and a vague dragon shape appeared in it.

“This is the Supreme Beginning Strength of the ancestor Heavenly Dragon?”

The power that Chu Fengmian has just injected into it is that it contains a trace of the strength of Dragon of the ancestor, and now it really appears in the jade talisman.

At the same time, there is a blank name on it.

“This is a code name. Many members of our Epoch Society, in order to conceal their identities, call each other by code names, so they appear on the status token and are also code names.”

Most of the members of the Era Club joined it to fight against Myriad Realms. They are all wanted criminals. Naturally, they can’t be identified by their real names, so they will be coded and called by code names.

Chu Fengmian has not yet given a code name, so it is still blank.

“Since it is a dragon, it’s called Ancestral Dragon.”

This title is just a code name, and Chu Fengmian didn’t hesitate to choose the name Ancestral Dragon.

The power displayed by Chu Fengmian, since it is the power of the ancestor Heavenly Dragon, it is called Ancestral Dragon, which is also in line with his identity.

At the same time, after deciding on the code name, Chu Fengmian discovered another name in the status token.

“Sword Demon.”

This name represents another member of the Epoch Society.

“The status token of the Epoch Club is also an Immortal Grade, which can be used to communicate with each other. As long as there are members of the Epoch Club nearby, they will see each other’s existence. The sword demon is my code name.”

The first Imperial Princess looked towards Chu Fengmian, said with a smile.

“Sword Monarch joined the Era Club, and will be companions in the future. If you have anything, you can come to me. Also, this is my contact jade symbol.”

A jade symbol was handed over.

Era Club’s status token, although it also serves as a link, can only be contacted nearby. This jade talisman can span a much longer distance.

This kind of jade talisman for contact generally only cuts off contact when you go to another world.

Chu Fengmian clicked nodded and also sent his contact jade symbol.

“By the way, I also got several Taizu palaces in the sandy sea ringed by the primordial mountains. According to the agreement between you and me, I should give you half of them. This is the half of the palaces.”

Chu Fengmian suddenly moved his mind and opened the mouth and said.

He took out a space ring and handed it to the first Imperial Princess.

It is exactly half of the Taizu palace collected by Chu Fengmian.

These palaces, at first Chu Fengmian intends to own them, but now Chu Fengmian has joined the Era Club.

This First Imperial Princess is the only member of the Era Society Chu Fengmian knows. Chu Fengmian needs her to help in many things, so Chu Fengmian still plans to give these palaces to the First Imperial Princess as agreed.

“Taizu Palace?”

The first Imperial Princess took the space ring and opened it, and her face was ecstatic when she saw ten Taizu palaces among them.

“So much?”

She didn’t even think that Chu Fengmian would get so many Taizu palaces, but he actually gave her half as agreed.

After all, she doesn’t know how many Taizu palaces Chu Fengmian has collected, so Chu Fengmian can give her part of it, but now it seems that Chu Fengmian gave her half as agreed.

Tai clan, but the darling of the last era.

The hidden treasure of Taizu is definitely the best among all hidden treasures.

“Such a big gain.”

The first Imperial Princess also unceremoniously accepted the space ring, she looked towards Chu Fengmian, and talked a few more words, her tone was rather polite.

The gift that Chu Fengmian gave her is indeed very heavy.

Although it was said that the real gift, the palace of the 9th-order Immortal Emperor of the Tai Clan was still left by Chu Fengmian himself.

However, the ten Taizu palaces that Chu Fengmian gave to the first Imperial Princess are all palaces left by the Taizu Immortal Emperor, and they are invaluable.

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