Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3295


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“If you need help, you can come to me directly or contact this jade talisman.”

The first emperor took out another jade talisman and gave it to Chu Fengmian.

Chu Fengmian talked with the first emperor for a while, then left the East Palace and lived in a courtyard in the imperial city.

This courtyard is not the one that Chu Fengmian lived in before, but a courtyard arranged by the first emperor.

Because of the identity of the ancient snake Sword Monarch, he has fallen into the Primordial Secret Realm, so Chu Fengmian changed his name again, called Songluo Demon Zun.

This Loose Demon Lord was originally a demonic path giant of the Heaven Venerable Realm in the Nine Domains, and it was extremely special. A Demon Lord of the cultivation Sword Dao was later ranked first The emperor beheaded.

It’s just the news of the fall of the Songluo Demon Venerable. The outside world does not know it. Only the first emperor knows it. So in order to help Chu Fengmian conceal his identity, she inherited the identity of the Songluo Demon Venerable.

At the same time, in name, he also became a powerhouse recruited by the first emperor.

With the relationship with the first emperor, Chu Fengmian easily settled in this imperial city.

The reason why Chu Fengmian did not leave the imperial city is because he has not yet entered Heavenly Sword to lead the Sacred Domain, but the first emperor has also arranged for someone to do this matter.

As the first emperor, arranging a martial artist to enter Heavenly Sword to lead Holy Land is not a difficult task. After all, this is something that even ten Third Princes can do.

On Chu Fengmian’s side, we still need to wait a few days.

On the other side, Ten Third Prince, as Chu Fengmian had guessed, after the fall of the ancient snake Sword Monarch, Ten Third Prince stretched out his hand to the side of the Heavenly Sword Alliance, preparing to send Heavenly Sword Alliance is directly in the bag.

However, Chu Fengmian was also well prepared. He didn’t need to take action, he just had to say hello to the people under the first emperor.

After discovering the appearance of the martial artist under the first emperor, Ten Third Prince also stopped directly.

Heavenly Sword Alliance even though the attraction is great, in the eyes of Ten Third Prince, it is far less expensive than offending the first emperor.

Among the Imperial Family led by Heavenly Sword, the first emperor is the least provoked existence.

Even if it is 1/10000th possible, the Ten Third Prince dare not do anything when the first emperor is provoked.

Not only Ten Third Princes, this is also fiercely’s shock to other princes who want to play the Heavenly Sword Alliance idea, and it also made them understand that now the patron behind the Heavenly Sword Alliance is the first prince.

The matter on the Heavenly Sword Alliance soon settled down, and even the situation was much better than before. Not only the sect, the Imperial Family, and even the various Legions, were all against Heavenly. The Sword Alliance is very polite.

All this is naturally because of the reputation of the first emperor.

The relationship between the military, the various Legions, and the Imperial Family was originally hostile, competing for power, but the first emperor was a different kind of them.

The first emperor, but throughout the history of Heavenly Sword, in addition to the Sword God, the talent is the highest heaven. With such a talent, it may even inherit the throne of the next Heavenly Sword God in the future.

Each Legion is very polite to the first emperor, don’t dare provoke.

Therefore, after Heavenly Sword Alliance got on the surface of the thigh of the first emperor, its development is also steady without any obstacles.

This also made Chu Fengmian feel relieved, because he was not paying attention to the Heavenly Sword Alliance.

Anyway, Dragon Sword Guard is in charge of the overall situation. For most of the troubles, Dragon Sword Guard is enough to deal with them. As for the troubles that Dragon Sword Guard can’t solve, Dragon Sword Guard can also directly pass the message to Chu Fengmian.

The Dragon Sword Guard is essentially God created by Chu Fengmian, and can send messages to Chu Fengmian anytime, anywhere.

After arranging all this, Chu Fengmian also chose to retreat during the waiting days.

Chu Fengmian is comprehend on one side. The many hidden treasures from the ancient mysteries, the many Martial Dao of Desolate Ancient, and the mysterious, began to be comprehend by him and integrated into the Sword Dao ancient book .

This time Chu Fengmian entered the Primordial Secret Realm and collected dozens of hidden treasures, all from the countless powerhouses of Desolate Ancient.

The hidden treasure inheritance in this ancient mystery is at least the strength of Heavenly Venerate, and Immortal Emperor also has a lot.

Of course, among these hidden treasures, the strongest are naturally the ten palaces belonging to the Tai Clan.

The nine small palaces are all without exception. All of them are the Immortal Emperor powerhouse of the Tai Clan. The palaces left behind, the strongest one of them, is also a 7th grade Immortal Emperor of the Tai Clan. Under the palace.

The 7th grade Immortal Emperor, but it is more powerful than Chu Fengmian’s current full force. Facing the 7th grade Immortal Emperor, Chu Fengmian is only able to self-destruction now.

But wanting to defeat the opponent, or even behead the opponent, is impossible.

Of course, the biggest gain is the huge palace of the Immortal Emperor of the Nine Tribulations of the Tai Clan.

After collecting all the other hidden treasures, all the comprehend, and all the treasures in them, Chu Fengmian’s gaze was placed on the last ten palaces of the Taizu. He moved his mind first, the weakest among them. That Taizu palace fell in front of Chu Fengmian.

The gate of the palace of the Taizu is still tightly closed, but the power of the Taizu contained in it has long been swallowed by Chu Fengmian.

Such a closed gate is just a decoration. He a finger pointed. This gate burst open suddenly, and a huge throne appeared in Chu Fengmian’s eyes.

This ancient palace has such a huge throne. On top of this huge throne, there is actually a silhouette sitting on it.

The moment I saw Chu Fengmian, this silhouette made him stand up suddenly. Let’s look at Chu Fengmian first.

“You, there is no Taizu Bloodline! You dare to blaspheme the inheritance left by my Taizu, the sin is inexcusable…”

“So much nonsense.”

Chu Fengmian didn’t wait for the silhouette to finish. He waved his hand and slapped it with a palm. The silhouette on the throne was broken.

This silhouette is just an incarnation of the power of the Taizu, and the incarnation that it has transformed into should have been left by the Palace Lord of this palace, in order to wait for the blood vein successor of the Taizu.

However, Chu Fengmian doesn’t care about that many. He doesn’t bother to waste time with such an incarnation. Anyway, this Taizu palace was taken by him.

Incarnation was destroyed, Chu Fengmian took a look at the palace, and soon under the throne, he found a jade box with a jade slip in it.

jade slip is a book of the Taizu from the previous era.

This jade slip should be the inheritance left by this Taizu martial artist.

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