Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3296


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The strongest Tai Clan is Bloodline and Martial Dao.

In the Taizu Bloodline, the pure and ultimate power is the foundation for the Taizu to dominate the last era.

Every Tai Clan martial artist, once it grows up, the weakest is the strength of Immortal Venerable. This is terrifying to the extreme. No Bloodline in the world can match this Tai Clan.

Of course, such a powerful Bloodline also makes the clansman of the Tai clan extremely rare. This is also an eternal rule. The more powerful the Bloodline exists, the fewer the same kind.

In particular, it looks like the first Heavenly God beast, with inherently strong strength, a strength comparable to the master, but it is also unique and unmatched. It is impossible to have a second Heavenly God beast in the world.

For powerful existences like Kun Peng and Bai Ze, their Bloodline will become weaker from generation to generation. This is an eternal rule.

Even in the last era, in the Taizu Peak era, there were only hundreds of clansman of Taizu.

But this is already a terrifying number.

hundred thousand martial artist of the Tai clan, equivalent to is the hundreds of immortal gods, and even among them, the martial artist of the Tai clan who can break through the Immortal Venerable Realm world and become the Immortal Emperor is unknown.

So in the last epoch, Tai Clan was the darling of Heaven and Earth, the overlord of an epoch.

In addition to Bloodline, Martial Dao of Taizu is also the root of their prosperity. Although Taizu’s Bloodline is powerful, it is not as qualitative as the Wuzu, but incomparably pure power. Therefore, the martial artist of Taizu almost can cultivation of various Martial Dao.

It is very similar to the overlord of this era, human beings, but human beings do not have the inherently powerful Bloodline of the Tai clan.

Every Taizu martial artist is a Martial Dao Grandmaster, even more how Chu Fengmian got these Taizu palaces, among which the weakest master is also an Immortal Emperor powerhouse of Taizu.


Chu Fengmian opened the jade slip, and what appeared in it was a giant axe. The martial artist of this Tai clan cultivated using the axe method.

This disappointed Chu Fengmian.

What he wants most is naturally the sword technique, the sword technique of the Tai clan. Although this axe technique also contains the mysterious of the Tai clan Martial Dao, compared with the sword technique, Chu Fengmian can be compared to the mysterious mysterious. , Still much less.

However, Chu Fengmian also incorporated the mysterious method of this axe into the Sword Dao ancient book, but it did not greatly improve the Sword Dao ancient book.

Next, Chu Fengmian opened a Taizu palace again.

What appeared in front of Chu Fengmian was still a huge throne. On the throne, sat a silhouette of a martial artist of the Taizu.

This time Chu Fengmian directly caused the martial artist of the Tai Clan to have no words yet, so he directly shot and slapped the silhouette with one palm. At the same time, he found a jade box from under the throne again and put it in Take out the jade slip.

“saber technique.”

This martial artist of the Tai clan, his cultivation is Dao Dao, which is not much improved for Chu Fengmian. After Chu Fengmian integrated the mysterious technique of the saber technique into the Sword Dao ancient book, he combined Focus on the next palace.

Exactly the same scene.

Chu Fengmian is already used to it. Just breaking the gate, he shot directly, patted the martial artist incarnation of the Taizu sitting on the throne to death, and then took the inheritance of the Taizu into his hands.

One hour has passed.

Nine Taizu palaces, including the huge palace of the 9th-order Immortal Emperor of Taizu, were collected by Chu Fengmian, but none of the inheritance Martial Dao had Sword Dao.

Among them, the Martial Dao of Immortal Emperor cultivation of the 9th-order Tai Clan is the way of Halberd Art. This is what Chu Fengmian understood when he played against him before.

As for the others, they are all saber technique, spear technique, and axe technique, but there is no Sword Dao.

“There are also many sword cultivators among the Tai Clan. Am I so bad luck?”

Chu Fengmian was a little disappointed.

Other Martial Dao, at most mysterious, can be incorporated into the Sword Dao ancient book, but they are far from enough to change the Sword Dao ancient book. Only the real Taizu sword technique can be integrated into it. , Can make the power of Sword Dao ancient book go further.

Now what remains is the palace of the 7th grade Immortal Emperor of the Taizu.

Chu Fengmian’s heart moved, this last palace also appeared in front of Chu Fengmian, broke the gate, and bombarded the martial artist incarnation of the Tai clan. Chu Fengmian was already easy to control, and soon the inheritance in this palace The jade slip also fell into Chu Fengmian’s eyes.

His Spiritual Consciousness was injected into it, and what appeared in his mind was the appearance of a spirit sword.

“sword technique?”

Chu Fengmian’s face was startled. In this last Taizu palace, the sword technique is finally recorded.

The Tai clan is a race belonging to the previous era. Between each era, even Heaven and Earth Law will change somewhat.

The sword technique of the Tai clan is naturally completely different from the sword technique of this era.

So even if it is just a Taizu sword technique, the value of Chu Fengmian is much higher than the value of hundreds of sword techniques in this era.

“Tai Clan…Tai Clan…”

In the mind of Chu Fengmian, countless pictures emerged. It was in the last epoch, the era when the Tai clan dominated, the last epoch, there is no difference between Smaller Thousand Worlds, Intermediate Wide World and Great Thousand Worlds. , But a whole continent.

This continent is bigger than the current Three Great Saint Territories, Nine Domains, and countless Smaller Thousand Worlds combined.

Desolate Ancient continent is actually just a small part of the continent of the last era. A small piece of debris, mountains, rivers, some rivers, and even flowing down from the sky, countless fish flying above the sky.

Heaven and Earth Law are completely different from this era, and countless scenes that cannot be inferred by common sense all appeared in Chu Fengmian’s eyes.

Chu Fengmian kept his eyes on, watching all this, the most dazzling thing is a tall star, this star, located in the sky above the entire continent, this is the Tai Clan’s lair, the Tai Clan’s palace.

In the last epoch, Taizu aloof and remote were not an adjective, but true. Compared with the creatures on the opposite continent, Taizu was like God.

In an instant, the picture in front of Chu Fengmian changed, and there appeared a Taizu powerhouse holding a spirit sword. The spirit sword in his hand was the aggregation of the Taizu power.

The power of the Tai Clan is the best weapon of the Tai Clan. In an instant, thousands of sword lights burst out in his hands, slashing in the sky, all turned into star rivers, bursting out bright radiance.

Chu Fengmian’s gaze was completely attracted by all this. I don’t know how long it took, the sword light was gradually dissipating, and Chu Fengmian’s gaze opened slowly again.

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