Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3298


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In the Heavenly Sword leader, Chu Fengmian has already used the Heavenly Sword Alliance and Ten Third Prince to collect a large number of sword techniques.

Among these Heavenly Sword collars, the sword techniques that have been inherited from generation to generation are all comprehend by Chu Fengmian, and many of them mysterious have been incorporated into the Sword Dao ancient book.

However, these various sects inheritance sword techniques obtained by Chu Fengmian have their own strengths, but the Sword Dao, which can truly represent the sword technique of Heavenly Sword, is naturally the Heavenly Sword secret technique created by the Emperor Sword God.

Chu Fengmian wants to enter the Heavenly Sword leader Holy Land, he must comprehend the Heavenly Sword secret technique in it, complete the Heavenly Sword leader sword technique, and finally turn it into the 3rd Style of the Nine Domains Sword Technique.

Because of the sudden appearance of the Taizu sword technique, the 3rd Style of Nine Domains Sword Technique was created in advance, which is also a surprise, and has accelerated the pace of perfection of Nine Domains Sword Technique.

As the barrier between Nine Domains and Three Great Saint Territories is getting weaker and weaker, Chu Fengmian must also speed up, especially after meeting the first emperor, Chu Fengmian is understood the existence of the world .

What he has to face is not the seven gods of the Nine Domains, but the entire ten thousand realms, this huge monster.

To perfect the Nine Domains Sword Technique, for Chu Fengmian, it may be more important than the comprehend rule. Therefore, Chu Fengmian devotes almost all his energy to this aspect.

As for the law, Chu Fengmian has Qiongqi Bloodline, and the speed of comprehend Law of Wind is also extremely fast. Qiongqi is the wind god, and it is only a matter of time before Chu Fengmian will reach the Great Accomplishment of Law of Wind in the future.

Chu Fengmian does not need to worry. As for the remaining four rules, they are all in a short time and difficult to comprehend. In contrast, after coming to Heavenly Sword, Chu Fengmian came into contact with a lot of people in Three Great Saint A sword technique that has never been seen in Territories.

These sword techniques, integrated into the Sword Dao ancient book, greatly enhanced the power of the Sword Dao ancient book, and Chu Fengmian used this to perfect the Nine Domains Sword Technique he created.

This 3rd Style of Nine Domains Sword Technique, too, has been completely created. ,

Chu Fengmian got up and moved his palm. A Spiritual Force was transformed into a spirit sword in his palm, and he slashed away at will. An extremely powerful force was cut out with this sword.

This power is very close to the power of Taizu, but the core of it is Chu Fengmian’s Sword Dao. This is the power of Taiyi, this sword.

Feeling the power of this sword, Chu Fengmian is very satisfied. The formidable power of this sword is not worse than the first two styles of Nine Domains Sword Technique, even stronger.

It’s just how powerful the formidable power this sword can burst out. Chu Fengmian can only test it out when he really fights against people.

“There should be news from the First Queen.”

Chu Fengmian converges on his Sword Intent.

In this imperial city, he can’t do it easily to avoid revealing his identity.

Although Chu Fengmian wants to find an opponent now, and try the sword he created, what kind of power it is, obviously in this imperial city, Chu Fengmian can’t do this.

The fighting intent in his heart can only be temporarily suppressed.

Chu Fengmian got up and left the palace.

Outside the palace, a middle-aged man soon walked over, dressed in the clothes of the Imperial Family disciple, opened the mouth and said respectfully to Chu Fengmian.

“Master Songluo, this is something that your Highness asked me to give you, as well as the status token of the Imperial Family disciple, which is already down. They are all put into the space ring. Heavenly Sword is qualified to lead the Holy Land. , It’s already done, Song Luo-sama can go anytime.”

The clothes of this middle-aged man is not the ordinary Imperial Family disciple, but the clothes of the National Duke. He is also one of the Heavenly Venerate powerhouse, Zheng Guo Gong, among the Heavenly Sword’s Imperial Family.

It is also a Heavenly Venerate powerhouse under the command of the First Queen.

The person who was sent by the First Empress to handle some matters of Chu Fengmian.

The first emperor, although it is said to be in the Imperial Family of Heavenly Sword, there is not much power, but it is only relative to the Sixth Imperial Prince and the Second Tenth Imperial Prince, who are soliciting all influence.

The forces under the first emperor are actually much stronger than the other princes except these two princes. After all, the first emperor is also impossible to do everything by herself. Some small things naturally require someone to come. Dealt with.

Zheng Guogong is one of the first emperors of the followers.

Zheng Guogong, although he is an unknown person in the Imperial Family of Heavenly Sword, he is also a Heavenly Venerate powerhouse after all.

I was sent by the first emperor to take care of Chu Fengmian, the loose demon venerable. She was a resentment qi and she was very dissatisfied.

However, after being arbitrarily taught by Chu Fengmian, this Zheng Guogong was completely convinced and never dared to give birth to any resentment qi.

Especially after Chu Fengmian pointed out his sword technique, this Zheng Guogong has great respect for Chu Fengmian. In his heart, Chu Fengmian is only a figure who is second only to the first emperor.


Chu Fengmian nodded, just took over the space ring.

Among this space ring, the most conspicuous is a jade talisman, which is the status token of the Imperial Family disciple.

Chu Fengmian has already changed his face. The identity of the ancient snake Sword Monarch is naturally useless, so he also asked the first emperor to help him get an identity, which is now the identity of the Songluo Demon Lord.

Now I just made the identity of the Loose Demon Lord into the Imperial Family disciple. In this way, Chu Fengmian can enter the Holy Land of Heavenly Sword.

In addition to this jade talisman, there is also this ancient book, this ancient book, which presents a sense of illusion, which seems to be broken at any time.

Chu Fengmian knows that this is a unique means of transmitting messages. It can only be maintained for a moment, or it will dissipate. This method is only used when conveying some important information.

“In the past few days, nothing has happened.”

Chu Fengmian put away the space ring and asked casually.

“No major event happened, it was the Six Tenth Imperial Prince, because in the Primordial Secret Realm, I got a shocking opportunity, so the strength skyrocketed, and the prestige was extremely high. It is said that the ten Third Prince, fought against him, all had one Lose…”

Zheng Guogong opened the mouth and said.

Chu Fengmian is not much interested in the fight between the princes, but just listens casually.

“Also, it is the recent border. Some are not quite peaceful. It is said that the people from Saint King led the border, and they are engaged in the border. It seems that they intend to cause war again.”

Zheng Guogong opened the mouth and said.


This news made Chu Fengmian a little concerned.

The Saint King collar is one of the Nine Great Divine Sovereigns, the territory of the Saint King God Emperor. The Saint King Sect in the Nine Domains actually comes from this Saint King collar.

Nine Great Divine Sovereigns of Nine Domains, seven of them correspond to the seven Great Sects of Nine Domains.

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