Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3299


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These seven emperors were the seven invincible powerhouses who besieged Lord of Sword Dao at the beginning, and they all belonged to the world.

However, among the territories under the command of these seven gods, there are often some frictions and battles, even wars, and this kind of war hardly hurts the foundation of a territory.

On the contrary, through war, geniuses can grow up and become true powerhouses.

Any genius has to experience life and death battles again and again before he can achieve true powerhouse. This is an eternal principle. The aptitude is high and the secluded bitter cultivation is meaningless.

Chu Fengmian has today’s strength, and it is also related to his life and death battles and escape from the dead.

The Saint King collar is another territory close to the Heavenly Sword collar. There are frequent wars on both sides, but this time has started again.

Zheng Guogong is not surprised at all of this. In his impression, this kind of war has already happened several times.

It’s already commonplace.

Every time a war breaks out, there can be a genius rise in it, and a powerhouse can be achieved.

What Chu Fengmian cares about is that this time the Heavenly Sword leader is about to start the Sacred Domain war and attack the Three Great Saint Territories. In the past few years, it should be the only way to conserve strength and store up energy.

This time it was a little strange that a war with Saint King suddenly broke out, but this meant a bit of profiting from somebody’s misfortune, taking advantage of the time Heavenly Sword had no time to take care of.

The seven divine emperors, on the surface, can be regarded as one piece of iron, but in essence they are still fighting with each other, and they will unite only when they encounter a real powerful enemy.

Heavenly Sword leads this time. If the Sacred Domain war is really launched, it must be possible to plunder a large amount of resources in the Three Great Saint Territories. This is a skyrocketing strength. The Saint King leader is not willing to sit back and watch all this. occur.

Only before the start of the Sacred Domain war, will it stir right and wrong.

The fighting between the two parties is a good thing for Chu Fengmian. If the two parties really break out, the internal pressure will be reduced a lot. No matter what Chu Fengmian does, the resistance will be reduced.

Even he may gain some benefits in this war.

“There is no official war between the two sides.”

Looking at Chu Fengmian seemed a little interested, Zheng Guogong opened the mouth and said.

“If there is a new message, send it to me immediately.”

Chu Fengmian opened the mouth and said.

He felt that the news was not that simple.


Prince Zheng respectfully replied.

As for some other things, Chu Fengmian can’t take any interest.

“I’m going to Heavenly Sword to lead Holy Land.”

Chu Fengmian thought for a while, and directly opened the mouth and said.

Since it is the identity of the Imperial Family disciple, it has already been acquired, and Chu Fengmian can directly enter the Heavenly Sword to lead the Holy Land and go to the comprehend sword technique.

Entering Heavenly Sword to lead Holy Land is Chu Fengmian’s first goal in imperial city this time.

It’s just that after coming to the imperial city, too many things happened. The matter of the Primordial Secret Realm, the first emperor, has delayed him until this time. Now there is nothing wrong during this period of time, and he can just enter the Heavenly Sword to lead Holy In the Land, go to the comprehend sword technique.

“Master Songluo, please follow me.”

Prince Zheng heard Chu Fengmian’s words and walked straight ahead to lead the way. The two left the courtyard and walked directly into the Imperial Palace.

Heavenly Sword leads the Holy Land, which is located in the Imperial Palace led by Heavenly Sword, but at the deepest point of the Imperial Palace led by Heavenly Sword. According to legend, Heavenly Sword God’s sleeping place is in this Heavenly Sword led Holy In the Land.

With the identity of Prince Zheng, after entering the Imperial Palace, the road was smooth, and the guards who came and went did not dare to stop him. Chu Fengmian followed Prince Zheng all the way, but on the other hand he separated a spiritual Consciousness and entered the space ring.

This Spiritual Consciousness entered the illusory jade talisman.

This illusory jade talisman, naturally, was given to Chu Fengmian by the first emperor, and what it recorded was a lot of information about the world.

Chu Fengmian was only willing to join the Era Club. One big reason was to obtain some information from the Ten Thousand Worlds, some important information, and the first emperor would not give it to Chu Fengmian for no reason.

But some basic information, the first emperor would not be too stingy.

In this jade talisman, many things about the world are recorded.

“Qingfengzong, Misty Divine Palace, Demon God Temple… actually belong to the forces of Ten Thousand Realms?”

The more Chu Fengmian saw the content recorded in jade talisman, the more he was shocked. Among the Three Great Saint Territories, nearly half of the Overlord Influence belonged to the forces of Ten Thousand Realms.

Other 1st Rate Influences are even more numerous. Nearly half of the Three Great Saint Territories are shrouded by the worlds. The Smaller Thousand Worlds they control are naturally also controlled by the worlds.

The name of the world, name is not in vain.

All Heavens Myriad Realms, you are in control.

If it hadn’t been for the contents of this jade talisman, Chu Fengmian would have been unable to imagine that there is such a big hand in the world, covering everything.

“Unfortunately, there is no information about the Void God, as well as the information about the ruler in the Divine Palace, don’t they belong to the world?”

Chu Fengmian frowned.

The two powerhouses he has seen are the Void God sleeping in the endless emptiness, and in the Divine Palace, controlling the Divine Palace, the mysterious master behind the Luoshen General.

But these two masters were not mentioned in the information.

Either, the identities of these two masters are mysterious, and there is no record in this information, or they do not belong to the world, but belong to another force.

This is also possible.

After all, although the Ten Thousand Realms are strong, it still has the existence of the Epoch Society, which is the enemy of the Ten Thousand Realms. The existence of the Epoch Society should not be an example of each and everyone. It is very likely that there are forces that can confront the Ten Thousand Realms. .

All of this, tangled and complicated, the information that Chu Fengmian has now is only a tip of the iceberg. Of course, if he wants to get more information, he must pay a sufficient price.

According to the records in the Jade Talisman, the identity of the Epoch Society, the Epoch Society itself is also a trading organization, allowing members of the Epoch Society to trade with each other, as long as they pay a sufficient price, they can also get some information.

Of course, this must also have to pay a sufficient price, especially for some intelligence related to the world, and even the master, the price paid is extremely huge.

When it comes to wealth, Chu Fengmian is naturally not lacking, not to mention that Chu Fengmian himself has mastered a Smaller Thousand Worlds, beheaded countless Immortal Emperor fleshy bodies, and gained the accumulation of those Immortal Emperors.

Only this time in the Primordial Secret Realm, Chu Fengmian collected a large amount of Primal Hidden Treasure, some of which are useful to Chu Fengmian are left by him, but most of the hidden treasure, only Martial Dao , Useful for Chu Fengmian.

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