Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3300


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After comprehend the Martial Dao recorded in those ancient hidden treasures, these hidden treasures have no meaning for Chu Fengmian, but they are at least Immortal Emperor inheritance and are extremely valuable.

With these hidden treasures of the ancient times, Chu Fengmian can get a lot of information in exchange, but he is now too busy to spare time for a separate task, going to the era of the Three Great Saint Territories branch.

Only when you go to the branch can you purchase information from other Era Club members.

The branch of the Epoch Society is located in an area of ​​Nine Domains, in the chaos, like Qixian Mountain, it is a neutral place.

However, unlike the calm of Qixian Mountain, Chaos Ning is a place where chaos is at its extreme. This war breaks out all the year round and is a buffer zone for several territories. In this chaotic area, there are many major territories. Wanted criminal.

The Epoch Club’s branch is located in it, and Chu Fengmian also plans to at least wait for Heavenly Sword to finish his work, and then go to the branch to take a look.

There is not much intelligence in jade talisman.

Chu Fengmian watched it for a while, then it was completely finished.

At the moment Chu Fengmian finished watching, the jade talisman was broken in volley and completely dissipated without leaving any trace.

You must be extremely careful about the affairs of the members of the Era Society, absolutely not to disclose, otherwise what is waiting will be the endless pursuit of the world.

By the time Chu Fengmian came back to his senses, he had already followed Zheng Guogong, and had already entered the depths of the Heavenly Sword’s Imperial Palace. This place is no longer an ordinary Imperial Family disciple, and is qualified to step into it. Up.

Even some princes are not even qualified to set foot here. Only the princes and the princes are qualified to enter.

Zheng Guogong, always taking Chu Fengmian, came to a huge courtyard deep in the Imperial Palace. This courtyard was heavily guarded. Many Imperial Family disciple, fully armed, guarded the surroundings.

At a glance, the weakest of these Imperial Family disciples are also Immortal Saints, Immortal Venerables, and Law Immortal Venerables. They are everywhere, and even some of the powerhouses that sit in town have the strength of Heavenly Venerate.

Such security is much stricter than most palaces in the Imperial Palace.

“Who is trespassing on the forbidden land!”

Looking at Zheng Guogong walking by with Chu Fengmian, several of the guards drank in unison.

“It’s me.”

Zheng Guogong’s face was normal, and he said directly.

The guards recognized Zheng Guogong and hurriedly opened the mouth and said.

“It turned out to be Zheng Guogong, I don’t know why Zheng Guogong came this time?”

One of the guards asked.

“I came by the order of His Highness, this one is the Demon Lord of Pine Forest. His Highness asked him to come and enter the Heavenly Sword to lead the Holy Land, the comprehend sword technique.”

Zheng Guogong calmly opened the mouth and said.

The two powerhouses he has seen are the Void God sleeping in the endless emptiness, and in the Divine Palace of the Witch, controlling the Divine Palace of the Witch, the mysterious master behind the Luoshen General.

But these two masters were not mentioned in the information.

Either, the identities of these two masters are mysterious, which are not recorded in this intelligence, or they do not belong to the ten thousand realms, but belong to another force.

This is also possible.

After all, although the Ten Thousand Realms are strong, it still has the existence of the Epoch Society, which is the enemy of the Ten Thousand Realms. The existence of the Epoch Society should not be an example of each and everyone. It is very likely that there are forces that can confront the Ten Thousand Realms. .

All of this, tangled and complicated, the information that Chu Fengmian has now is only a tip of the iceberg. Of course, if he wants to get more information, he must pay a sufficient price.

According to the records in the Jade Talisman, the identity of the Epoch Society, the Epoch Society itself is also a trading organization, allowing members of the Epoch Society to trade with each other, as long as they pay a sufficient price, they can also get some information.

Of course, this must also have to pay a sufficient price, especially for some intelligence that is related to the world, and even the master, the price paid is extremely huge.

When it comes to wealth, Chu Fengmian is naturally not lacking. Not to mention that Chu Fengmian has mastered a Smaller Thousand Worlds, beheaded countless Immortal Emperor fleshy bodies, and gained the accumulation of those Immortal Emperors.

Only this time in the Primordial Secret Realm, Chu Fengmian collected a large amount of Primal Hidden Treasure, some of which are useful to Chu Fengmian are left by him, but most of the hidden treasure, only Martial Dao , Useful for Chu Fengmian.

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