Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3354


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The threat of the three people, instead of stopping the King Tai, aroused the anger in King Tai’s heart, and now he rushed into Qixian Mountain desperately.

The Qixian Mountain, which was originally quiet and quiet, became completely lively because of the appearance of King Tai.

Some of the warriors who had been hidden, all appeared because of the appearance of King Tai, and they talked in a low voice.

“The King Tai actually came to Qixian Mountain.”

“It seems to be coming to the Demon Venerable Songluo. It is said that Demon Venerable Songluo wounded King Tai’s only son, the true prince, and escaped from the Heavenly Sword collar and into the Qixian Mountain. “

“Thai King, but one of the kings led by Heavenly Sword, this Loose Demon Lord, dare to provoke him?”

“Who knows, maybe this is a play performed by Songluo Demon Venerable and Thai King. It is said that Songluo Demon Venerable is now in the collar of Heavenly Sword. This Thai King may be directed at Blood From Slaughter Demon Sword.”

Many warriors were talking in low voices, and many people also doubted whether the arrival of King Tai this time was directed at the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword.

Even if it’s just said by the King of Thailand, he has no interest in Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, but such words are not worthy of belief. For the sake of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, a little bit of credibility is totally impossible. t be considered what.

This is also the reason why the powerhouse of the tripartite forces is unwilling to let King Tai enter Qixian Mountain. They also cannot believe King Tai’s words.

As soon as King Tai entered the Qixian Mountain, he rushed into a rampage, and he had no intention of retreating. The countless array of blocks arranged by the three forces were directly destroyed by him.

“In any case, the appearance of the Thai king has disrupted the layout of the three forces.”

Some warriors also noticed this and opened the mouth and said quietly.

“In this case, we will also take action to destroy the layout of these three forces first!”

A Heavenly Venerate warrior, his eyes flickering, suddenly shot, taking advantage of everyone not paying attention, suddenly shot, ruining an Array arranged by Desolate Ancient led powerhouse in the western mountain range.

All the warriors present were actually directed at the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword. The countless arrays and inescapable nets arranged by the three forces were not only a threat to Chu Fengmian, but also to them.

If it is really arranged by the three parties, then they want to capture the probability of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, which is almost nothing, but if all these arrangements are broken, the absolute blockade of the three forces will also be broken.

They also have a chance to take the opportunity to take the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword.

From this point of view, many warriors have long thought of breaking the blockade of the three powers in their hearts, but they are alone, but it is difficult to do it, and spear is out on top.

Whoever dares to do it first will naturally be siege by the powerhouse of the tripartite forces. This is a point that no warrior in the presence wants to see. Under this threat, no one dared to do it, and a deadlock was formed. .

Now the appearance of King Thai has broken this deadlock. Other warriors are afraid of the three powers, but King Thai is not afraid. King Thai took the lead. Many hidden warriors have also taken action, attacking many of these three forces. Array.

The entire Qixian Mountain has lost its previous silence and began to become chaotic.

But for Chu Fengmian, the more chaotic Qixian Mountain is, the more beneficial it is for him. While escaping from Qixian Mountain, he observed the direction of the blood pool.

The King of Thailand also follows closely from behind, chasing Chu Fengmian all the way, but because of the uniqueness of Qixian Mountain, under the cover of this cloud, the breath of Chu Fengmian is easily obscured, King Thailand Several times, I almost caught up with Chu Fengmian, but eventually he escaped by Chu Fengmian.

This also made the Thai king more and more angry. On the way Chu Fengmian escaped, anything that might block the Thai king was directly crushed by the Thai king. Many tripartite Immortal Emperor Heavenly Venerates are now dead In the hands of the King of Thailand.

But under such circumstances, the true leaders of the three forces, the three 7th grade Immortal Emperors, did not plan to do anything, their three people guarded the blood pool tightly, watching them vigilantly.

The warrior who wants to fish in troubled water is not only Chu Fengmian alone. Many warriors present also want to get into the blood pool by taking advantage of the chaos. In this way, they will wait until Blood Slaughter Demon Sword is born , To find a better position and have a greater chance to compete for Blood Slaughter Demon Sword.

Let King Tai make trouble on this Qixian Mountain, they are still guarding around the blood pond, with no intention of leaving.

This makes Chu Fengmian brows tightly frowns. In his plan, the King of Thailand had better team up with these three people. In this way, Chu Fengmian could take the opportunity to enter the blood pool .

But now their three people are guarding the blood pool tightly, and Chu Fengmian’s plan has undergone some changes.

“Boy, even if you are on the run, you cannot escape today!”

Behind Chu Fengmian, there was a ray of light chasing. This ray of light was the King of Thailand. He chased and killed Chu Fengmian, and the killing intent in his eyes became stronger.

If it weren’t because this is Qixian Mountain, it would be too dangerous to use the power of the body, and the current King Tai wants to use the power of the body to kill Chu Fengmian.

In his eyes, Chu Fengmian is just a character like an ant, even if it is Heavenly Venerate, not a 7th grade Immortal Emperor, in his eyes, it is not much different from the ant.

No one in his eyes would be considered by him normally.

But now Chu Fengmian is playing with him one after another, making him extremely angry. A path of sword edge, beheading Chu Fengmian, made Chu Fengmian feel extremely pressure.

“Can’t go on like this!”

Chu Fengmian eyes flashed.

Under the chase of King Tai, Chu Fengmian’s power is now consumed extremely fast, and more importantly, the consumption rate of the power of purification far exceeds the usual state.

The killing intent of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword has already invaded Chu Fengmian’s body. Once Chu Fengmian mobilizes his own power, it may trigger the killing intent of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword.

It’s just that the killing intent of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword has been suppressed under the suppression of the power of purification, but once Chu Fengmian uses his power, it will trigger the power of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword killing intent, which The rate of force consumption will also increase.

Before changing, maybe Chu Fengmian will not be so nervous yet.

But last time, Chu Fengmian rushed close to the blood pool, and already triggered the killing intent of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword once. That time, it directly consumed more than 90% of the power of purification.

The only remaining purification power, even if Chu Fengmian does not mobilize any power, can suppress the killing intent of Chu Fengmian within the body Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, within a week .

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