Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3363


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After doing all this and making perfect preparations, Chu Fengmian stepped into the dark passage.

On the other side of the dark passage, there is no danger, but a deep passage. The wall around this deep passage is still a dark metal casting.

all directions, they are all pitch black metals, and only one can see different colors, only those roots that spread on the ground, these scarlet roots seem to spread from deeper in the passage of.

Chu Fengmian didn’t stop, and walked towards the depths of the passage step by step. I don’t know how long he walked. The scarlet roots under his feet have grown more and more, even spreading to the entire ground. This kind of scarlet tree roots.

In desperation, Chu Fengmian could only step on the scarlet tree root. To Chu Fengmian’s surprise, he walked on the scarlet tree root, this scarlet tree root, without the slightest power fluctuation, completely ignored Chu. The existence of Fengmian.

All these things are calm and unreasonable.

But the calmer, the more weird Chu Fengmian felt.

The place where he is now is not a safe place. This is in the blood pool, the blood pool, the examination place of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, and the home of the Sword Demon Blood Slaughter of the past.

The host of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword in the past, Sword Demon Blood Slaughter, was not fallen outside, almost all returned to this blood pool, and they, without exception, fell in the blood pool.

It can be said that this blood pool is a dangerous Danger Land ten deaths without life. No one who enters it can go out alive.

Chu Fengmian would not naively think that this blood pool would be so peaceful.

Keep walking.

Chu Fengmian didn’t know how long he walked in the tunnel, suddenly a ray of light appeared in front of his eyes. The moment Chu Fengmian saw the rays of light, Chu Fengmian immediately quickened his pace.

He didn’t know how long he walked in this passage. The scenery was always the same, and he was already very annoyed.

However, even if his feet speed up, Chu Fengmian does not relax at all.


When Chu Fengmian stepped out of this passage, a Sword Intent spread out from his body. The Four Swords in the early days guarded Chu Fengmian’s side to prevent any sudden sneak attack.

When he found that there was no threat, Chu Fengmian slowly relaxed. His eyes flashed, and he saw the scene at the end of the passage. This is an ancient space with a high mountain in the center of the space.

On the surface of this mountain, countless scarlet tree roots are attached to the mountain, and this mountain is stained blood red. Chu Fengmian noticed that all scarlet tree roots actually originated from this mountain.

When Chu Fengmian hadn’t noticed yet, he seemed to have stepped on something under his feet.

“This is?”

Chu Fengmian looked down. What he stepped on was actually a section of Bai Gu. Upon closer inspection, he discovered that this Bai Gu actually exists at the exit of the passage, which is a human bone.

“This is the skeleton of a martial artist who once entered the blood pool?”

Chu Fengmian observed carefully and discovered that the Bai Gu that he stepped on was actually shattered and turned into a powder. Although this Bai Gu exists here, it has long been decayed and will dissipate with a touch.

The only martial artists who can enter the blood pool are the Sword Demon Blood Slaughter of the past. Among the Sword Demon Blood Slaughter of the past, the Heavenly Venerate and the Immortal Emperor occupies the vast majority. Strength.

Xianzun’s skeleton is an excellent material for refining Immortal Grade. It is much harder than ordinary Immortal Grade, but now the Bai Gu under Chu Fengmian’s feet is extremely fragile, with a little bit of strength. Touch it, it will burst into pieces.

This is the essence of Bai Gu, which has been completely destroyed.

“This should be the skeleton left by a Sword Demon Blood Slaughter.”

Chu Fengmian shook the head, exclaimed.

Blood Slaughter Demon Sword will stimulate the potential of a martial artist, exploding dozens, hundreds of times the power, but such a huge power is also an unbearable power for the body of that martial artist .

Even Chu Fengmian, who has the real body of the Sorcerer God and the real body of Demon God in it, cannot withstand the explosive power of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword.

even more how are other martial artists.

The Sword Demon Blood Slaughter of the past can hardly use the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword. For a long time, the body will collapse completely. This is the case of Bai Gu. This Bai Gu is also a Heavenly Venerate, Immortal Emperor powerhouse Bones.

But the power in it has been completely squeezed out, and now it is more fragile than mortal bones, and there is no trace of Spiritual Force on it.

This is the scary thing about Blood Slaughter Demon Sword.

Once it is entangled by the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, once it is controlled by the killing intent of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, all martial artists will eventually end up like this.

Even a martial artist with a strong Fleshy body can only maintain that’s all for a longer period of time at best, but the final result is the same.

Even if it was Chu Fengmian, if he had not previously confronted the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword killing intent because of the power of nothingness, so that Chu Fengmian could find a first-line opportunity and wake up.

Chu Fengmian used the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword in the Demon Cave. The moment he was eroded by the killing intent, it represented his fall.

Seeing this Bai Gu, Chu Fengmian was also deeply moved. This is the fate of Sword Demon Blood Slaughter. An Immortal Emperor, Heavenly Venerate, can only turn into such a dry bone in the end.

Chu Fengmian can think of how this martial artist was exhausted, his body collapsed, and finally fell into this pool of blood.

Actually, this is a lucky existence among the Sword Demon Blood Slaughters of the past. Many Sword Demon Blood Slaughters can’t even return to the blood pool. They just fell outside. t exist.

Chu Fengmian cautiously put the bone aside, and at the same time he noticed that among the bones, there was a jade-like skeleton.

This skeleton, only the size of a thumb, presents a kind of jade. In the other skeletons, they are almost weathered and decayed, and appear completely different.


Chu Fengmian knows that this is a sword jade, a sword cultivator, a sword cultivator condensed by Sword Dao.

Kendama, like the Sword Dao clan in the Age of Swords, the powerhouse of the Sword Demon clan, will integrate the life-long power, Sword Dao, into a sword bone, whoever can get it A sword bone can completely inherit the opponent’s power, Sword Dao.

The sword jade in front of me is similar to the sword bones of the Sword Dao clan, but not at all.

The sword cultivator martial artist condensed by sword cultivator martial artist is just a condensed sword cultivator Sword Dao, which is similar to the crystallization of some Immortal Emperor powerhouse.

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