Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3364


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For an Immortal Emperor powerhouse, their strongest power, their foundation, is their own laws, the laws of the Smaller Thousand Worlds.

After the fall of an Immortal Emperor, after the collapse of Smaller Thousand Worlds, there will be a fairy crystal of law, which contains the Law Power left by an Immortal Emperor

This is an Immortal Emperor, the most important thing.

The sword cultivator is different.

The most important thing for a sword cultivator is his own Sword Dao. Even if it is a sword cultivator who has made the Immortal Emperor, for them, his own Sword Dao is the most important.

It’s like the Sword God Emperor, Lord of Sword Dao, and the first sword emperor. So after the fall of a sword cultivator powerhouse, what they leave behind is not the crystal stone of the law, but Contains a sword cultivator martial artist’s lifetime sword crystal of Sword Dao.

For a sword cultivator, Sword Dao is the absolute foundation, even more important than the understanding from the movement technique.

Chu Fengmian also once speculated that perhaps the reason why the sword cultivator can’t break through dominates is because of this.

Other martial artists, even other weapons of cultivation, other Martial Dao, but their most fundamental power is the power of Comprehend Laws, and Dao of Laws is the root.

Only the sword cultivator, in any case, Sword Dao is the only one.

It’s just that this is also Chu Fengmian’s guess. His current realm has not even truly achieved the Immortal Emperor. He is far away from the master. The mysterious of the Ruler Realm world is not yet Chu Fengmian’s reach.

Now the sword crystal that Chu Fengmian picked up from this skeleton should belong to the owner of this skeleton.

Jianjing, only a sword cultivator Sword Dao can condense when he reaches Peak and crosses the Sword God realm.

But in this blood pool, all the bones are the former Sword Demon Blood Slaughter, not the Sword Demon Blood Slaughter, and they are not qualified to enter the blood pool at all, even some martial artists want to forcibly rush into it. In the blood pool, it is also impossible to enter.

Becoming a Sword Demon Blood Slaughter must be a host to be valued by the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword. Blood Slaughter Demon Sword is a sword of dominance, which contains the power of dominance, and only a very good sword cultivator can do it. I was fancyed by Blood Slaughter Demon Sword and became Sword Demon Blood Slaughter.

Not just a martial artist is qualified to be in charge of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword.

The martial artist who can be in charge of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword and become the martial artist of Sword Demon Blood Slaughter is one in ten thousand genius in Sword Dao.

Although he was just a piece of bone, he was once an invincible sword cultivator, and a shiver coldly invincible powerhouse in Nine Domains.

Chu Fengmian also sighed in his heart. If he was eroded by the killing intent of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword and couldn’t wake up completely, then even if he entered the blood pool, he would end up like this.

This sword crystal, in Chu Fengmian’s hand, shines with a kind of silver white rays of light. The moment Chu Fengmian held the sword crystal in his hand, he clearly felt that this sword The sharp Sword Intent contained in the crystal.

This Sword Intent is almost to break through Jianjing’s blockade.

“You have fallen, I will inherit your Sword Dao.”

Chu Fengmian glanced at the skeleton and held the sword crystal. A Sword Intent burst into the sword crystal. In an instant, Chu Fengmian’s Sword Intent poured into the sword crystal. In this sword crystal, the same gushing out.

Two Sword Intents clashed fiercely.


Chu Fengmian was coldly snorted, his Sword Intent instantly increased several times, only to see the power in the sword crystal, but suddenly dissipated, the original violent Sword Intent, disappeared, instead, it was pure Sword Intent.

This is the real Sword Dao of this Sword Demon Blood Slaughter, the very pure Sword Dao.

“Sword Dao.”

Chu Fengmian closed his eyes, feeling that Sword Dao was among them, and soon he opened his eyes again. The Sword Dao in the sword crystal before him, he has already judged the identity of the Sword Demon Blood Slaughter, Chu Fengmian also inferred.

Immortal Emperor Mantra.

Before Chu Fengmian appeared, the previous master of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, once a sect, Sect Master of Mantra Sword Sect, this Mantra Sword Sect was said to be destroyed by the Desolate Ancient domain, and finally Mantra Immortal Emperor was furious, In the discipline, all but him were killed.

Even the descendants of the Immortal Emperor of Mantra were all killed and never survived.

This also made the Immortal Emperor Shenyan plunged into madness, he disappeared completely incognito.

At that time, everyone thought that Immortal Emperor had chosen to escape.

Among the Sword Sect of Mantra, even if there is an Immortal Emperor, the Immortal Emperor of Mantra was only a small third-order Immortal Emperor. In front of a huge monster like Desolate Ancient, It is not worth mentioning.

As for a small sect being extinguished sect, it is even more a small matter, and it didn’t cause much movement.

After the immortal Emperor disappeared, he was always looking for the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword. In the end, he succeeded and he also subdued the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword.

When the Mantra Immortal Emperor reappears was in the sight of everyone in Nine Domains, that Mantra Immortal Emperor had completely disappeared, and replaced by a Sword Demon Blood Slaughter.

After turning into the Sword Demon Blood Slaughter, the Immortal Emperor rushed into the Desolate Ancient leader, beheading a million Desolate Ancient leader martial artist, and even the Heavenly Venerate Immortal Emperor who died in his hands. There were dozens of people. Among them, the Immortal Emperor who was directly beheaded by him had several digits, including a seventh-order Immortal Emperor who was responsible for the destruction of Sword Sect.

Finally, after complete revenge, the Immortal Emperor of Mantra fled all the way to the blood pool, escaped the heavy blockade, and entered the blood pool. At that time, he was afraid that the lamp oil had dried up and his body was already It is about to collapse under the erosion of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword killing intent.

After completing the passage, he fell on the spot and fell at the exit of this passage.

Chu Fengmian responded to the memory of Immortal Emperor with a sigh. Many of the Sword Demon Blood Slaughters in the past were forced to come to this path.

After all, everyone knows that once the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword is used, there is only one way to wait.

In the blood pool, the so-called assessment by Blood Slaughter Demon Sword is just an illusory dream that’s all.

Like Chu Fengmian, when he truly became the host of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, he was also in Nine Domains and Six Paths Demon Sect. In order to protect himself, he had to use the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword and he became the Blood Slaughter. The host of Demon Sword, a new generation of Sword Demon Blood Slaughter.

In the magic cave, the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword was used to fight against the power of Void God, so that the killing intent of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword was completely uncontrollable and completely eroded Chu Fengmian’s body. He also wanted to control this The killing intent of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword finally came to the Nine Domains.

Until now, I have come to the blood pool.

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