Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3368


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At the moment when this Sword Intent broke out.

From the core pages of the Sword Dao ancient book, there was a sudden burst of Sword Intent. The two Sword Intents actually merged into one. The two Sword Intents blended in the air.

“Incomplete sword technique? The sword technique obtained by this heart sword Heavenly Venerate is actually the incomplete sword technique in Sword Dao Totem?”

Chu Fengmian’s face suddenly changed.

Chu Fengmian’s current Sword Dao can surpass the Lord of Sword Dao and reach the same level as the first Imperial Princess and the Sword God Emperor. He half-stepped into the origin of Sword Dao, relying on his accidental learning In, the incomplete sword technique obtained.

This incomplete sword technique, Chu Fengmian has only seen it in Sword Dao Totem, and every Sword Dao Totem seems to contain part of the incomplete sword technique.

It seems that only after getting all of the 21 Sword Dao Totems, can this incomplete sword technique be completed.

Chu Fengmian has always felt that this incomplete sword technique is Chu Fengmian’s Sword Dao, which can surpass Peak and directly step into the origin of Sword Dao, the most critical step.

So Chu Fengmian has not stopped collecting Sword Dao Totem.

However, there are 21 Sword Dao Totems. Each Sword Dao Totem is the Sword Dao Supreme Treasure. This is something that any sword cultivator knows.

Even if a sword cultivator obtains Sword Dao Totem, it must be hidden by himself. It is rare and rare. Chu Fengmian used almost all his methods to find it.

In addition to chance and coincidence, Chu Fengmian himself got the Sword Dao Totem, and Chu Fengmian now has eight Sword Dao Totem in total.

This number is already very scary. In some Smaller Thousand Worlds, if a sword cultivator can get a Sword Dao Totem, it can use the sword technique as the foundation to create an inheritance sect. The door comes.

The eight Sword Dao Totems are now in the hands of Chu Fengmian. If they are used by some sword cultivator, they may drive them crazy. Even if they fight against Chu Fengmian, they also want to take these eight Sword Dao Totems. It’s all possible.

But the eight Sword Dao Totems are just one third of them compared to the 21 Sword Dao Totems in total.

The incomplete sword technique that Chu Fengmian mastered now only completes one of the third, but it is just the incomplete sword technique of the one third, which also makes Chu Fengmian’s Sword Dao advanced by leaps and bounds.

Of course, the most central point among them is that Chu Fengmian saw from this incomplete sword technique that he can touch the original hope of Sword Dao.

The origin of Sword Dao is the end of Sword Dao. Whoever can truly step into the origin of Sword Dao can break the ancient rules and become the first sword cultivator master.

This is the dream of any sword cultivator powerhouse. Lord of Sword Dao, the first sword emperor, like the current Sword God emperor, all want to take this last step.

The Sword God Emperor, judging by Chu Fengmian’s insight from the Heavenly Sword Leader Holy Land’s stone sword, he is also like Chu Fengmian. He has found this way, but whether he can really finish it depends on him By myself.

Every sword cultivator has a different origin.

The first Imperial Princess is because of the sword technique inheritance of the Sword Era, and Chu Fengmian is because of the incomplete sword technique in the Sword Dao Totem.

It can be said that this is the most important one among all the sword techniques that Chu Fengmian has obtained. Originally, Chu Fengmian planned to find more Sword Dao Totem in the Three Great Saint Territories.

Especially, he also bought a lot of information about Sword Dao Totem from Lei Zu. Unfortunately, Chu Fengmian and his party led him to the erosion of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword killing intent, so he had to suspend Sword Dao Totem’s collection.

I didn’t expect that in the Nine Domains and the blood pool on this day, Chu Fengmian actually encountered the traces of the incomplete sword technique.

The mysterious gift left by the heart sword Heavenly Venerate is exactly the incomplete sword technique in Sword Dao Totem.

“Heavenly Venerate, the heart sword, may have obtained the Sword Dao Totem, from which I learned this incomplete sword technique?”

Chu Fengmian still doesn’t know how this heart sword Heavenly Venerate got this incomplete sword technique, but no matter what, this gift is indeed a great gift for Chu Fengmian.

The incomplete sword technique in this heart sword Heavenly Venerate sword crystal is not the incomplete sword technique that can be recorded in a Sword Dao Totem. According to Chu Fengmian’s calculation, this should be among the three Sword Dao Totems. Incomplete sword technique.

In particular, what surprised Chu Fengmian the most was that the incomplete sword techniques in these three Sword Dao Totems were not understood by Chu Fengmian.

There is no conflict with the incomplete sword technique among the eight Sword Dao Totems in his hand, which means that Chu Fengmian equivalent to three Sword Dao Totems at once.

Sword Dao Totem, Sword Dao Supreme Treasure, it is extremely difficult to find one of them. Now because of the incomplete sword technique in the Heavenly Venerate sword crystal of this heart sword, it is actually quite the same and got three in one breath. Seat Sword Dao Totem.

This makes Chu Fengmian ecstatic, completely unexpected harvest.

Without the slightest hesitation, Chu Fengmian moved his mind directly, and directly activated the Sword Intent on his body, to understand the incomplete sword technique left in the sword crystal of the Heavenly Venerate.

The incomplete sword technique in the Sword Dao Totem is extremely obscure. The general sword cultivator, even if it is obtained, cannot be directly understood.

However, Chu Fengmian has already comprehended countless times. For this incomplete sword technique, he is already familiar with it to the extreme. He sits cross-legged on the ground, and a little bit of it integrates the mysterious into Sword Dao ancient book in.

In Chu Fengmian condense’s Sword Dao ancient book, this incomplete sword technique is the most fundamental one among them. This incomplete sword technique is still incomplete and does not really show its true formidable power, so it can only It is to incorporate some of the mysterious into Chu Fengmian’s own Sword Dao and use it for him.

But from the perspective of this incomplete sword technique, Chu Fengmian is a little unimaginable. If this sword technique can be completed, what kind of power will it be? It is a power that can change Sword Dao.

Time passes by every minute and every second.

Even at the speed of Chu Fengmian’s comprehension.

The comprehension of this time also took a full seven days.

Seven days later, Chu Fengmian woke up again, slowly converging the Sword Intent on his body. The power on his body did not seem to have changed much, and it was not even as good as when Chu Fengmian was in the Holy Land Book Collection Pavilion. When I left, the changes were big.

But Chu Fengmian knows in his heart that the integration of this incomplete sword technique will change Chu Fengmian’s Sword Dao, and make his Sword Dao all undergo a transformation, which is another big step toward the origin of Sword Dao.

This strengthened Chu Fengmian’s own choice.

This incomplete sword technique in Sword Dao Totem is Chu Fengmian’s path to the origin of Sword Dao.

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