Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3466


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Holy Force Elder’s voice suddenly stopped.

In the palace, those Saint King leading martial artists with their heads down didn’t know what happened. They lifted the head in a hurry, but suddenly saw a scarlet silhouette standing in front of the Holy Force Elder. .

In the hands of this scarlet silhouette, there is a Spirit Sword burning with bloody flames. The sword edge of Spirit Sword has already penetrated into the throat of Holy Force Elder.


The body of Holy Force Elder burst into flames, and was burned to death by this bloody flame.

All this happened in a flash.

The Saint King leading martial artist in the palace did not respond to each one, and could only hear the scream of Holy Force Elder. His fleshy body was completely swallowed by the scarlet flame.

All Saint King leading martial artists, watching this scene before them, even thought that what they saw was an illusion, and didn’t know what happened.

But the screams of Holy Force Elder suddenly made them sober.

“Enemy Attack!”

“There is an enemy attack!”

Several Desolate Ancient leading martial artists rushed out and called out loudly.


At the same time, I saw two figures in the other two palaces. Suddenly two figures flew out. It was the Immortal Emperor of Saint King who was sitting in the other two strongholds, and the two Elders of Desolate Ancient.

The moment they saw the Lord of the Inferno, their expressions changed in shock.

In this ruin, there are these three strongholds led by Saint King, and the great array that covers the entire ruin is arranged by the three Immortal Emperors of them.

In such battles, almost no martial artist will court death and want to attack here.

So even after hearing that some strongholds led by Saint King were attacked recently, the three Immortal Emperors did not take this news in their eyes.

But now, someone actually attacked them, even this scarlet silhouette, the Lord of the Inferno in front of them, silently, bypassed the array placed in the sky and killed them in one fell swoop The Holy Force Elder.

When looking towards the Lord of Hell, the eyes of the two Saint King leaders Elder were a little scared, with sweat on their foreheads.

The Lord of the Inferno in front of him, the strength is absolutely to far surpasses the two of them before they can easily enter this stronghold and directly kill the Holy Force Elder.

“Unfamiliar powerhouse, although I don’t know who you are from, is there some misunderstanding today? What do you want? Resources, or slave? As long as we can get it, you can choose whatever .”

One of the Saint King leaders Elder opened the mouth and said directly to the Lord of the Inferno.

The Lord of the Inferno in front of him is definitely a powerful enemy, although they are here only the Fleshy body, but once they are killed, they will have to pay a price if they want to regroup.

The nodded lord of the hell, turned into a scarlet rays of light, and flew into Chu Fengmian’s body at once, and he also returned to the pool of blood.

Chu Fengmian flew directly in the direction of the branch of the Epoch Society in the endless nothingness.

As for the two Sword Dao disciples, Chu Fengmian didn’t pay attention to them. Chu Fengmian saved them this time. They are already lucky.

Sword Dao has grown into a huge monster. Chu Fengmian is also impossible to take care of every discipline, at most outside. When he meets Sword Dao, he chooses to take care of one or two.

“I came back so soon?”

“Has this person completed the task again?”

“This is only one day.”

Looking at Chu Fengmian stepping into the immortal fortress, many Era Council members looked towards Chu Fengmian with an incredible face, watching Chu Fengmian walk towards the sending room that received the mission.

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