Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3467


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“The task you took has been completed again?”

In the room where the mission was received, the member of the Epoch Society in charge of the mission looked towards Chu Fengmian with an incredible expression.

With the speed at which Chu Fengmian completed the task last time, this time he has a little psychological preparation in his heart.

However, the mission that Chu Fengmian received was also clear in the mind of this member of the Era Society.

It is said that there are three three-star missions, but in essence, the difficulty is no less than that of a four-star mission. Although it is divided into three, it is almost done together.

This is not the kind of two-star mission, a two-star mission, basically most of the Heavenly Venerate Immortal Emperor can be completed.

So Chu Fengmian completed it quickly, not surprisingly, maybe Chu Fengmian has some very fast empty ships.

However, this mission, following the previous one, is not at the same level. To complete this mission, you must face the three Immortal Emperors led by Saint King at the same time.

Without the strength of the fourth-order Immortal Emperor and the fifth-order Immortal Emperor, it is almost impossible to complete this task.

Chu Fengmian was too lazy to speak, and directly put the crystal stone that recorded the scene on the table, and then sat beside him casually, waiting.

The member of the Era Society in charge of the task picked up the crystal stone and injected a Spiritual Force into it. Observing this carefully, at the first glance, his face changed a little.

According to the image in the crystal stone, the ruins, the three strongholds of Saint King, have been completely destroyed, the destruction is completely clean, and he hardly needs to confirm whether the mission is completed.

“who the hell are you?”

This member of the Era Society responsible for the task couldn’t help but opened the mouth and said.

“Do you still need to find out your identity in the Era Club? I am Ancestral Dragon.”

Chu Fengmian opened the mouth and said, neither salty nor light.

“Forgive me for the offense.”

On hearing Chu Fengmian’s words, the member of the Epoch Society who was in charge of the task quickly apologized.

In the Epoch Club, the most taboo thing is to ask for the true identity of the other party. After all, many members of the Epoch Club are extremely sensitive to their identities. Once their identity is leaked, they may have a killing disaster.

So in the Era Club, the absolute taboo is not to ask the other person’s true identity, even if they are acquaintances, even more how strangers.

“My name is Silver Wing. I have stayed in this endless nihility division for more than five years. I have an understanding of this endless nihility. If you need help, just come to me.”

Silver Wing, a member of the Era Society who was responsible for issuing the task, opened the mouth and said politely.

“Silver Wing.”

Chu Fengmian took a look at the status token. He is also a four-star member, so according to this person, at least the strength of Tier 4 Immortal Emperor or above.

It is considered that this has touched a member of the core of the era, so it can be responsible for this distribution task.

“This is fifty thousand contribution point.”

Silver Wing spoke while taking out a jade talisman and handing it to Chu Fengmian.

“Looking at you, do you still plan to receive missions to earn contribution points? With your strength, you can already receive higher-star missions. I have some here. Do you need them?”



Chu Fengmian could not help but opened the mouth and said when he heard Yinyi’s words.

“What kind of task.”

“The difficulty of the four-star mission is close to that of the five-star mission. The difficulty of this mission is extremely high. It has been hanging up for a long time in this endless nihility division, and no one has taken it.”

Silver Wing opened the mouth and said, and at the same time he took out a mission jade talisman, with four stars carved on it, obviously a four-star mission.

“For this task, those five-star members think that the contribution point is low and they are reluctant to take it, and the four-star members are too risky and unwilling, so even if the rewards have increased a lot, no one has been taking it.”

Once you accept the task of the Epoch Club, you must complete it. Otherwise, you will need to accept punishment and consume contribution points. Therefore, for some tasks with great risks, few people are willing to accept them, unless they have Enough self-confidence, with the strength to complete this task.

Chu Fengmian didn’t care much, so he picked up the task jade talisman and watched it carefully.

The difficulty of the four-star mission is at most difficult for four-star members to complete. Any five-star member can complete it, so it is classified as a four-star mission.

Even if it is the apex of the four-star mission, the most involved is around the sixth-order Immortal Emperor Peak, like five-star members, almost without exception, they are all the powerhouses of the sixth-order Immortal Emperor Peak Peak.

Once they are promoted to the seventh-rank Immortal Emperor and achieve the high-rank Immortal Emperor, they will be directly promoted to six-star members.

It does not involve the mission of the high rank Immortal Emperor. In Chu Fengmian’s eyes, there is no difference. Rather, it is better to be higher.

Completing a task like this will get enough contribution points, which is enough for Chu Fengmian to be promoted to a four-star member quickly.

Chu Fengmian’s current plan is to become a four-star member of the Epoch Society first.

A four-star member of the Era Society has the qualifications to reach the core of the Era Society, and the authority will be greatly opened up. Chu Fengmian wants to get more information from this era.

Promoting to a four-star member requires a full 1,000,000 contribution points. If it is like completing a three-star mission, one only costs 10,000 contribution points. Chu Fengmian needs to complete a hundred missions, which is too slow.

There is such a four-star mission that can receive the four-star mission in advance, which is exactly what he can’t ask for.

The Silver Wing in front of him also saw the strength of Chu Fengmian. He was definitely not a newcomer, so he took out this task.

Of course, Silver Wing’s move also has the idea of ​​trying one’s luck. This task has always been backlogged in his hands. If he can’t complete it late, it will cause him some trouble.

“The difficulty of this task is very high, but if it is done well, the reward may even be higher than some five-star tasks.”

Silver Wing watched Chu Fengmian pick up the task jade talisman, and added another sentence.

Chu Fengmian injected a Spiritual Force into the mission jade talisman. Looking at the words that appeared in it, Chu Fengmian gradually understood what Silver Wing meant.

Enter the 167th battlefield, destroy the Six Demon Guards, and kill the leader of the Six Demon Guards. It is considered complete. If you can kill the members of the Six Demon Guards, you can also increase the mission completion degree. The rewards follow The task completion degree is improved, and the entire Six Demon Guards can be completely killed, and the contribution point can be twice compared to the basic reward.

This is a description of the task.

Below, there are more introductions about the Six Devil Guards.

Six Demon Guards, the guards of the Six Demon Realms, each of the most common members has the strength of the Law Immortal Venerable, several of them are Captain, and without exception, they are all Immortal Emperors, Heavenly Venerate, its leader, is a sixth-order Immortal Emperor.

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