Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3468


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The Six Demon Guards used to be in the Nine Domains, and designed the Ambush Era to be in the branch of the Nine Domains.

The Nine Domains branch of the Nine Domains of the Era Society, because the Emperor Sword God personally took action, the branch minister fell on the spot, and the remaining members of the Era Society were evacuated urgently, but on the way of evacuation, they were besieged by the Six Demon Guards in advance. The fall of many Era Council members.

This task is considered revenge.

Because the leader of the Six Devil Guards is just a sixth-order Immortal Emperor who has just been promoted, according to the internal rules of the Epoch Society, this mission is designated as a four-star mission.

But in fact, because the Six Devil Guards are a whole, all members of the Six Devil Guards have cultivated the Combined Assault Technique. Once they join forces, the explosive power of the formidable power, a Tier 6 Immortal Emperor Peak, is difficult to follow. contend.

So although this mission is a four-star mission, it is difficult to approach a five-star mission, and it is extremely dangerous.

The Six Devil Guards are now in a battlefield. This battlefield can be regarded as an endless emptiness among thousands of large and small battlefields, the larger one, and there are even seven of the Nine Domains side. The Immortal Emperor sits.

A rash attack on the Six Devil Guards will most likely cause the seventh-order Immortal Emperor to take action.

Nine Domains of the Heavenly Nine Domains, although they are not compatible, they are on the same front when dealing with the Epoch Society. Once a member of the Epoch Society appears, the seventh-order Immortal Emperor may not be able to take action.

So for a five-star member, this task is also dangerous.

No wonder this task has been in the Endless Void Division for so long, no one has taken it, even if the reward is so generous.

The basic reward of this four-star mission is 500,000 contribution points.

If you count the extra rewards, as long as you can kill all the six demon guards, you can get 1,000,000 contribution points.

The rewards for Era Club missions are basically the same as those of the stars. For three-star missions, the reward is about 10,000 contribution points. Some of the more difficult three-star missions.

It’s like the three completed by Chu Fengmian add up to 50,000 contribution points.

The general reward for a four-star mission is around the hundred thousand contribution point.

But this task is a basic reward, which is enough for 500,000 contribution points. This is already the culmination of a four-star task, especially if you can complete additional rewards, then it can be a full 1,000,000 contribution points.

equivalent to ten times the average four-star mission. Compared to the five-star mission, the rewards are no less.

However, compared with the difficulty of this task, this reward is not much.

Chu Fengmian can see the danger after reading it. For any martial artist of the sixth-order Immortal Emperor Peak, this task is not a good task. Although there are many rewards, the danger is even greater. .

In particular, it is possible to encounter the seventh-order Immortal Emperor.

The seventh-order Immortal Emperor is a dividing line. The seventh-order Immortal Emperor can be called the high-rank Immortal Emperor. A seventh-order Immortal Emperor can easily sweep ten martial artists of the sixth-order Immortal Emperor Peak.

A martial artist of the sixth-order Immortal Emperor Peak, a five-star member of the Epoch Society, would not be able to retreat if he encounters a seventh-order Immortal Emperor, and there is even a danger of falling.

With such a big risk, naturally no members of the Epoch Society are willing to take the risk.

It looks like a real Seventh-order Immortal Emperor, but they are all giants of the Epoch Association. For example, this endless nihilistic branch minister, how can such a character complete a trifling four-star mission?

This task, if you don’t meet Chu Fengmian, it should indeed be unattended forever.

For Chu Fengmian, the biggest risk of this task is that there may be a seventh-order Immortal Emperor from the Nine Domains who has taken the shot. The seventh-order Immortal Emperor and Chu Fengmian have both been killed.

It’s okay if the seventh-order Immortal Emperor doesn’t make a move. If he dares to make a move, Chu Fengmian doesn’t mind killing one more.

“I took this task.”

Chu Fengmian checked the content of the mission and put away the mission jade talisman.

“Well, what, did you answer?”

The Silver Wing originally thought that Chu Fengmian would choose not to accept this task.

After all, he had found a few five-star members who wandered in the endless void, and those five-star members were not willing to accept this task.

Once this task encounters an accident, it is not as simple as a failure. A seventh-order Immortal Emperor who takes action may even be in danger of falling.

Silver Wing never thought that Chu Fengmian would actually take this task.

“Do you really want to take this task?”

Silver Wing asked involuntarily.

He just wanted to try one’s luck from Chu Fengmian, but he didn’t expect that Chu Fengmian would directly accept it.

“No way?”

Chu Fengmian gave Yinyi a strange look.

This task was brought out by Silver Wing. Although he is still a two-star member in name, he should be able to take it.


Silver Wing gave a weird look towards Chu Fengmian.

“This task, but even the five-star members are unwilling to take it. Are you sure you want to take it?”

“Others are unwilling to pick up, it doesn’t mean I can’t pick up.”

Chu Fengmian casually opened the mouth and said.

“If it’s okay, I will leave.”

Chu Fengmian put away the task jade talisman, then turned around and left the room where the task was received.

For Chu Fengmian, this task is really a godsend. What he lacks most now is that he can obtain a large number of contribution points at once and send it directly to the door.

1,000,000 contribution point.

Chu Fengmian’s mouth is full of smiles.

With this 1,000,000 contribution point, Chu Fengmian will be promoted directly to a four-star member, and then he can be lifted to the core of Jiyuanhui and become a true core member.

In addition, Chu Fengmian has such a large amount of contribution points, he can also buy some of the information he needs, and the information that Chu Fengmian cares most about now is the information about the world and the Sword Dao Totem .

Ten Thousand Worlds, is the biggest enemy that Chu Fengmian faces right now, and it is also the most hidden one.

The incomplete sword technique in Sword Dao Totem is Chu Fengmian’s Sword Dao. Whether it can take the last step and enter the root of Sword Dao, Chu Fengmian must collect all the Sword Dao Totems before he can use this Incomplete sword technique spells it all out.

So Chu Fengmian never missed any one, looking for the opportunity of Sword Dao Totem.

Of course apart from this, the kingdom of ten thousand dragons, the Qingfengzong, and even the information about Lord of Sword Dao, etc., are extremely important to Chu Fengmian.

When the Era Society was first established, it was used to share information on the world to fight against the world. The reason for Chu Fengmian at first to join the Epoch Club was not only for the first Imperial Princess, but also for the era. Information about the Ten Thousand Worlds chose to join the Epoch Club.

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