Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3470


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“Ancestral Dragon, took over the four-star mission?”

While Chu Fengmian was still reading the contents of the trading area, he suddenly heard an exclamation around him.

“Four-star mission, that four-star mission?”

“Of course it is the task of destroying the Six Demon Guards.”

“The mission that might lead to the seventh-order Immortal Emperor? Ancestral Dragon actually took it. Is he crazy?”

“That mission, didn’t even a few five-star adults dare to accept it?”

“Ancestral Dragon, actually took that mission…”

The center of this discussion is Chu Fengmian.

In just a few days, Chu Fengmian has become an influential figure of the branch of endless nothingness.

Originally, these Era Club members, when they saw Chu Fengmian, they all felt that Chu Fengmian was just a naive newcomer that’s all.

But then, Chu Fengmian took over the task, and the speed at which he completed the task was simply amazing.

If there is only one time, it may be an accident. Good luck and a good deal.

Then one after another, it is absolutely impossible that Chu Fengmian is lucky.

This also makes these Era Club members understand that Chu Fengmian is definitely not an ordinary newcomer.

“Ancestral Dragon, did you take that four-star mission?”

The first time before that, the four-star member of the Era Club Blood Hammer, who had talked with Chu Fengmian before, heard this discussion and walked directly to Chu Fengmian’s side, browsed tightly frowns’ opened the mouth and said.

“That task is not that simple. In that battlefield, there is this seventh-order Immortal Emperor of Nine Domains. If you go to destroy the Six Devil Guards, you may lead to that seventh-order Immortal Emperor. “

The blood hammer spoke to remind Chu Fengmian.

Most of the sub-battlefields in the endless emptiness do not have the existence of the high rank Immortal Emperor, so the general task in the sub-battlefield is not too dangerous for a four-star member.

The four-star members of the Epoch Club are almost always the fifth-order Immortal Emperor or even the sixth-order Immortal Emperor. As long as they don’t encounter the seventh-order Immortal Emperor, even if they are unable to complete the task, they can retreat. Did it.

However, this mission is different. On the battlefield number one, six and seven, there is this seventh-order Immortal Emperor. The difficulty of this mission is completely unlike a four-star mission.

Even the five-star members are unwilling to accept this mission.

Bloodhammer is a little worried now, Chu Fengmian didn’t know the inside story of this task, so he took it rashly.

“The guy at Silver Wing unexpectedly fooled a newcomer. I’ll help you find him. I can’t take this task.”

As the blood hammer said, he wanted to take Chu Fengmian to find Silver Wing.

“I know the difficulty of this task, it is my own responsibility.”

Chu Fengmian looked towards Blood Hammer, his face also showed helplessness.

With this blood hammer, Chu Fengmian spent a few days in this branch of Infinite Void, and he probably figured out who he really is.

A good old man.

In Martial Artists World, such a good old man is extremely rare.

Even more how is in the Epoch Club. The Epoch Club is an extremely loose organization. The members that join are also fish and dragons mixed in together. There are also many things that plot against each other.

This is why, almost everyone in the Era Club, when entering the branch, will choose to use black robes to hide their identity.

I’m afraid that people will know their true identity, and then be plotted against, framed, or even besieged.

This kind of thing has happened countless times among the members of the Era Society.

After all, the restriction of the members of the Era Society is that I cannot do anything with other members of the Era Society.

But once you want to do something, you can find other people, or frame them in other ways, etc. There are many methods.

Therefore, most of the members of the Era Club are in a close relationship and can complete tasks together.

Just like the spider and Love that Chu Fengmian encountered, they can work together to complete tasks.

The general relationship is to trade some intelligence, treasure, contribution point, etc. through the trading area of ​​the Epoch Club.

Because the Epoch Club’s trading area is supervised by the Epoch Club, there will be no problems.

It’s rare to see good old people like Blood Hammer who often help newcomers. It is said that many people in the Era Society have been rescued by him.

Chu Fengmian also turned to the blood hammer and asked some questions about the Era Council. Although he didn’t say a few words, he was familiar with it.

It was just this task, Chu Fengmian did know all the inside information, and he took it.

After all, for him, even if the seventh-order Immortal Emperor took the shot, it was just another that’s all that would bring death.

A seventh-order Immortal Emperor, Chu Fengmian wants to kill him, with no difficulty, even more how Chu Fengmian can’t beat him alone. In his blood pool, there are nineteen sword slaves. Some sword slaves have the strength of the seventh-order Immortal Emperor.

In his eyes, this task is more troublesome, but it is not difficult.

“Do you know that the danger took the initiative?”

Listening to Chu Fengmian’s words, the blood hammer’s frowning brows eased a little.

“It seems that you are confident. In that case, I won’t stop you anymore, but if you are in danger, you can use your identity jade talisman to call for help and contact me. During this time, I’m in this endless nothing in.”

“Many thanks.”

Chu Fengmian smiled and replied.

He could also see that this blood hammer was only a reminder of Chu Fengmian out of concern for the newcomer.

A few more casual words, the blood hammer also left.

At this point, it is the limit.

The relationship between members of the Epoch Society is generally not too close. After all, as a member of the Epoch Society, the relationship is close, but it may be dangerous.

The other side.

After learning about the White Tiger blood essence transaction, it will be done half a month later.

Chu Fengmian simply left this endless void division directly and flew towards the direction of the battlefield number 167.

In the endless emptiness, large and small have thousands of sub-battlefields. Many of the sub-battlefields do not have their own names. They are all based on approximate coordinates.

The four-star mission that Chu Fengmian took this time, the goal of the mission, the Six Devil Guards, is in this battlefield No. 167.

In the jade talisman of this time, there is also a star map, marking the large and small battlefields near the Endless Void Division of this era.

Chu Fengmian also suddenly discovered the location of the battlefield number one six and seven, turned it into a light, and flew over at full speed.

This battlefield No. 167 is far away from the Endless Void Division. If you are a member of the Epoch Society, you will take an empty boat, and it will last for at least half a month. time.

However, with Chu Fengmian’s escape, he is confident that he can arrive in at most three days, and back and forth in six days, leaving Chu Fengmian with the time to solve the Six Devil Guards, which is Nine Heavens.

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