Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3472


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As far as Chu Fengmian is concerned, whether it is the Six Devil Guards or what they do with Shaxing, it has nothing to do with him.

His goal is to kill all the members of the Six Demon Guards, and perfectly complete this time, the four-star mission of the Epoch Society.

Other things have nothing to do with Chu Fengmian.

This Sha Yuan ancestor is an eighth-order Immortal Emperor. His Cave Mansion inheritance may attract a large number of Immortal Emperors.

Especially those who want to break through the high rank threshold in one fell swoop, stepping into the sixth-order Immortal Emperor of the seventh-order Immortal Emperor. The Cave Mansion inheritance of the Sha Yuan ancestor is the best opportunity for them to break through the high-rank Immortal Emperor in one fell swoop.

Once you step into the seventh-order Immortal Emperor, it will be under the seventh-order Immortal Emperor, completely different level. In any force, the seventh-order immortal Imperial Capital is a very high-ranking ancestor, placed in the Jiyuanhui Among them, there is also a branch minister who is qualified to oversee a area, and is equivalent to a person like a prince.

However, for Chu Fengmian, he does not care much about the Cave Mansion inheritance of the Sha Yuan ancestor. Before Chu Fengmian was in the Taikoo Secret Realm, he had collected many ancient secret inheritance.

even more how With the current strength of Chu Fengmian, it may not be much weaker than the ancestor Sha Yuan. If he exerts his full strength, he can defeat Sha Yuan ancestor with the use of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword. It was enough to make a tie with him, no matter how bad he was, he could retreat.

The Cave Mansion of the Sha Yuan ancestor is not very attractive to Chu Fengmian, but the Six Devil Guards, since they are here for Sha Yuan Pao’s Cave Mansion, if Chu Fengmian can find Sha Yuan Pao Cave Mansion, You can follow the vine and find the Six Devil Guards.

This sand star is so big that it has the size of a complete Smaller Thousand Worlds. If Chu Fengmian is looking around like a headless fly, let alone Nine Heavens time, given him 90 days, he will also be difficult to find six. The location of the Magic Guard.

Especially around this sand star, there is still a main battlefield. In that main battlefield, the high rank Immortal Emperor on the side of Nine Domains has double digits.

If Chu Fengmian reveals his identity and attracts these people, I am afraid that the trouble is not small.

So Chu Fengmian’s plan to come to Shaxing was to find the Six Demon Guards first, and then directly deal with the Six Demon Guards, and then leave as soon as possible.

Among the sand stars.

Chu Fengmian flew slowly, his Spiritual Consciousness spread to the surroundings, and every move around him could not escape Chu Fengmian Spiritual Consciousness’s detection.

Above this sand star, what can be seen is the desert with no end in sight, countless sand seas, all over the sand star.

Except for the boundless sand sea, almost nothing else can be seen. What I can see occasionally is only some mountain ranges that expose the sand sea.

But above these mountain ranges, there is also a bare piece, looking extremely desolate and dead.

Desolate, dead, this is the sign of Shaxing.

It is rumored that this ancestor of Sha Yuan is not a human martial artist, but a Demon God. His race is a Demonic Beast living in the desert. Therefore, the ancestor of Sha Yuan became a Demon God and cultivated into Immortal. After the Emperor, he still liked this environment.

This sand star is a nest created by the ancestors of Sha Yuan, so this environment is like his hometown. As a result, there are almost no living things on this sand star.

There are only some very special Demonic Beasts who like to live in the desert. They live on this sand star. Some Demonic Beasts have been instructed by the Sha Yuan ancestors, but now they have some strength.

But with the sky Nine Domains, Three Great Saint Territories, and martial artists from both parties, all gathered on this sand star, and turned this sand star into a battlefield of endless nothingness, the Demonic Beast of the sand star. , Almost all beheaded by both sides.

Now what can be seen on the sand star is almost all martial artists from the Nine Domains and Three Great Saint Territories. When Chu Fengmian came to the sand star, he has already seen dozens of games. Fought.

The cultivation technique of martial artist cultivation of the two parties, clothing and breath, are almost completely different. When they meet, they will almost fight each other.

Chu Fengmian was also spotted by the martial artist of Nine Domains. The breath he has now is a Dragon Clan powerhouse, and in Nine Domains, there is no Dragon Clan at all.

even more how Now the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Dragons has joined the Three Great Saint Territories side and participated in the battlefield. For the Nine Domains martial artist, all Dragon Clan is their opponent.

However, after Chu Fengmian squeezed a few non-long-eyed Nine Domains martial artists at will, it was rare to find Chu Fengmian’s troublesome Nine Domains martial artists.

After all, no martial artist is a fool.

Many martial artists who came to participate in the Sacred Domain war were all for profit, but no one wanted to court death.

After Chu Fengmian killed several waves of martial artists of Nine Domains in succession, his fame became more and more popular. For many days, martial artists of Nine Domains met Chu Fengmian again, and he just turned his head. Go, there is no intention to do anything with Chu Fengmian.

“Immortal Emperor Heavenly Venerate martial artist above this sand star, at least there should be dozens of talents, how can I not touch any of them now.”

It took about a day to shop.

Chu Fengmian discovered the most wrong point on this sand star.

It was during this day that Chu Fengmian turned out to be an Immortal Emperor Heavenly Venerate martial artist, but he didn’t find it.

Although Sha Xing is not a main battlefield, it is also considered to be a very large one among the sub-battlefields, and the fighting is fierce. There are many Immortal Emperors on both sides, coming to this Sha Xing.

Impossible For a full day, Chu Fengmian has not encountered an Immortal Emperor Heavenly Venerate.

Chu Fengmian probably spared the floxin in this day, although it cannot be said that he fully inspected the flax.

But it is also impossible that any Immortal Emperor Heavenly Venerate can touch it.

Then there is only one possibility, and these Immortal Emperor Heavenly Venerates are gathered in one place.

“Sha Xing, the Cave Mansion of the ancestor Sha Xing, should be impossible. On the surface of this Sha Xing, the martial artist of Tian Nine Domains and Three Great Saint Territories. Cave Mansion……”

Chu Fengmian’s gaze condensed, and suddenly looked towards the boundless sand sea under his feet.

The Cave Mansion of the ancestor of Sha Yuan has been in the Sacred Domain war for so long and has not been found. Then the only possibility is that it is in this sea of ​​sand.

The sea of ​​sand in this sand star is boundless, and it’s not bottomed out. In terms of size, it is much larger than the surface of the sand star.

Only the Cave Mansion of the Sha Yuan ancestor, hidden in this sea of ​​sand, could it be possible for so many martial artists on both sides to spend so long without finding them.


Chu Fengmian in an instant just landed and plunged directly into the sea of ​​sand.

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