Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3474


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This palace has dozens of ten thousand zhang high, and it looks like a huge mountain. The whole palace is pitch black, shrouded in great array method.

If you want to enter this huge palace, you can only enter the palace by opening the bronze door in front of you.

This huge palace is the Cave Mansion of the patriarch Sha.

The body of the ancestor Sha Yuan is a huge Desolate Ancient sand scorpion. The establishment of such a huge palace is also to accommodate his huge body.

Chu Fengmian’s attention was not focused on the Cave Mansion of the ancestor of Sha.

His gaze is staring at the black clothed person standing in front of the cave mansion, the huge bronze gate.

In front of this huge Cave Mansion, we are standing in front of the three forces, presenting a triangle. The martial artists of each force are now erupting with this power, seemingly intending to compete for the Cave Mansion, the ancestor of Sha And shot.

Among them, the martial artists of the first forces are all dressed in Qingfengzong clothes. They seem to be martial artists of the Qingfengzong. The leading young man is a six Rob Immortal Emperor.

The other three martial artists of Qingfengzong standing behind him are all Immortal Emperors, and there are four Immortal Emperors in all.

These four Immortal Emperors of Qing Fengzong, although Chu Fengmian didn’t know them, and had never seen them before, but judging from the aura of their clothes, they were enough to recognize their identities.

The other group of people is the group of black clothed people that Chu Fengmian stared at. Without exception, they were all covered in black clothed bodies and couldn’t see themselves.

However, in this group of black clothed persons, there is an extremely pure and ancient demonic intent, which Chu Fengmian can tell at a glance.

This group of black clothed persons is the goal of Chu Fengmian’s trip. In the four-star mission, the Six Devil Guards to be killed, the black clothed person headed by them is also the sixth-order Immortal Emperor.

As described in the mission jade talisman, the leader of the Six Devil Guards has exactly the same strength. There is no doubt that this group of black clothed persons is Chu Fengmian’s true target.

However, there is only one force on the last side, but the aura on him alone is more tyrannical than the other two. This is a real seventh-order Immortal Emperor.

He stood there alone, and the breath on his body could surpass the surrounding two parties.

Although he is just a person, in the other two parties, whether it is the martial artist of the Qingfengzong or the Six Devil Guards, he is the most threatening, and the look towards him is also extremely jealous.

As for this seventh-order Immortal Emperor, Chu Fengmian knows it.

“It turned out to be him?”

This seventh-order Immortal Emperor is the father of King Tai, the true prince.

I once led the imperial city from the Heavenly Sword to chase Chu Fengmian all the way to the King Tai in Qixian Mountain.

enemies on a narrow road.

This time Chu Fengmian just came out of Nine Domains and entered this endless emptiness, and met the true prince’s entire group, and seized the opportunity to seize an era Supreme Treasure, the black jade stone.

Now I didn’t expect that I was in this sand star and met the King of Thailand.

The Heavenly Sword led the army on the expedition, and the sleeping kings of the Heavenly Sword led one after another. They all went out and joined the army. It was no surprise that the King of Thailand appeared on the battlefield of endless nothingness.

I didn’t expect that Chu Fengmian would come across again this time.

Before in the sky sword collar, Chu Fengmian was chased by the Thai king very embarrassed. After Chu Fengmian entered the blood pool, the Thai king did not give up and continued to wait for Chu Fengmian outside the blood pool.

Later until the Sacred Domain war was about to break out, and the Thai king believed that Chu Fengmian must have died in the pool of blood, and then left.

This also made Chu Fengmian a little regretful. Originally, he planned to wait for the King of Thailand to settle after leaving the blood pool.

Although if there is no chance like the real prince, if you want to completely destroy the king’s body world, there is no chance, but if you can kill the fleshy body of the king, you can also be killed before Chu Fengmian. The evil spirit of the king chasing.

And now, the opportunity is here.

Thai King, Qingfengzong, Six Demon Guards.

These three parties, no matter which party they are, are Chu Fengmian’s enemies.

“That’s true, there is no need for any scruples.”

Chu Fengmian has a cold smile on the corner of his mouth.

Now these three parties are in front of the huge bronze gate, neither giving way to the other.

There is only one Cave Mansion of the ancestor Sha Yuan, and these three parties, everyone wants to monopolize the Cave Mansion of the ancestor Sha Yuan, and they are not willing to give the Cave Mansion of the Sha Yuan ancestor to others.

“Mysterious demon boy, you and I are the forces of the Nine Domains. You are now in a stalemate with us. Are you planning to let the people of Three Great Saint Territories take advantage of it?”

Under this stalemate, the first person to speak was the King of Thailand.

His gaze, looked towards the direction of the Six Demon Guards, coldly said.

“In my opinion, it is better to work together to solve the four fellows of the Qingfengzong first, and then between you and me, how about fighting for the Cave Mansion of the Sha Yuan ancestor?”


Hearing what King Thai said, the leader of the Six Devil Guards was only coldly snorted, and didn’t intend to respond to him at all.

Among the three powers, Thai King Alone seems to be the weakest.

But in fact, King Tai is the only Immortal Emperor of the seventh order. Although he has only one person, he is better than both in terms of strength.

Like the Six Devil Guards, although a whole guard has several Immortal Emperors and more than 20 law immortals, they all shot together and broke out the Combined Assault Technique, which was enough to counter the seventh-order Immortal Emperor.

But the seventh-order Immortal Emperor that can contend with is just the weakest seventh-order Immortal Emperor that’s all.

The Thai king in front of him, although it was because of the destruction of the Thai Emperor Divine Sword by Chu Fengmian, his strength was different from the past, but he was still a veteran Tier 7 Immortal Emperor.

Even if the Six Devil Guards form a great array, it is impossible to be the opponent of the King of Thailand.

Now the Six Demon Guards, on the contrary, are united with the four Immortal Emperors of the Qingfengzong, and they can barely compete with the King of Thailand.

Of course, this combination is also due to the threat of the King of Thailand. Between the Three Great Saint Territories and the Nine Domains, they are the enemies of Life and Death. If it were not for the threat of King Thailand, they would not choose this way.

Under such circumstances, the four Immortal Emperors of Qingfengzong were first solved.

The Six Demon Guards alone are naturally impossible to be the opponent of the Thai King. Under such circumstances, the Six Demon Guards will naturally not agree with the Thai King.

Three or four days have passed since the stalemate of the three parties.

Seeing that the leader of the Six Devil Guards has not responded yet, there is also a cold look in King Tai’s eyes.

“This King is just worrying that everyone is a member of the Nine Domains and does not want outsiders to take advantage. Do you really think that I dare not touch you?”

There was a bit of killing intent flashing in the eyes of the Thai king looking towards the leader of the Six Devil Guards.

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