Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3477


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Chu Fengmian deliberately talked to the Immortal Emperor of Qing Fengzong for so long before, and he did it deliberately.

In order to expose his own identity, Peerless Sword.

It should be said that the identity that Chu Fengmian wants to expose is precisely Chu Fengmian, the identity of the former Lord of Sword Dao disciple.

Peerless Sword The Witch Emperor is Chu Fengmian’s affair, and he could hide it ten years ago, but after these ten years, someone with a heart has long discovered Chu Fengmian’s true identity.

Long Aozi, the sky of Ten Thousand Dragons, suddenly recognized Chu Fengmian’s true identity.

As far as the Heavenly Sword Leader and Six Demon Realms are concerned, naturally they should have discovered it a long time ago.

If Chu Fengmian has been concealing his identity, I am afraid that after the Heavenly Sword led the army gradually invaded Li Hentian, in order to force Chu Fengmian to appear, he would act on the northern witches, the bloody world.

The northern witches, Chu Fengmian is not very worried.

As the strongest One of the Overlords in the Desolate Ancient era, the Witch Clan has gradually declined even after experiencing the Great Tribulation of the Era, but there are still many ancient powerhouses of the Witch Emperor within the Witch Clan.

It will happen for a while, there will be no danger.

Chu Fengmian’s main concern is the bloody world, the bloody world, although it is hidden in the endless emptiness around Li Hentian, it is difficult to find coordinates.

But once the army led by the Heavenly Sword enters, under the search of hundreds of millions of martial artists, the entire endless nothingness will be turned upside down, and the bloody world is impossible to find.

Blood Martial World is just a Smaller Thousand Worlds. Although the current Sword Dao gate has developed, it still exists as an ant in front of the Heavenly Sword leader, unable to withstand a single blow.

As long as it is noticed by the leading army of the Heavenly Sword, the bloody world is inevitable for destruction.

So Chu Fengmian thought about it for a while, it would be better for him to take the initiative to show up to attract the Heavenly Sword leader, and it should be said to attract the attention of Ten Thousand Realms.

Xuewu world is just a Smaller Thousand Worlds. There is no value that Ten Thousand Worlds notice. The real goal of Ten Thousand Worlds is only Chu Fengmian.

So Chu Fengmian appeared outside and attracted the attention of these ten thousand worlds, but it could make the blood martial world safer.

Since Chu Fengmian’s strength is now unable to face the Ten Thousand Realms, instead of involving the blood martial world Sword Dao door into it, it is better for him to fight the Ten Thousand Realms by himself. He alone can also reduce Many scruples.

Xuewu world, now has the ancient Emperor Minglong, plus two shadow dragon guards with the strength of the seventh-order Immortal Emperor. As long as they are not targeted, in this Sacred Domain war, self-protection should be worry-free.

And Chu Fengmian, alone, can also stay in the Epoch Club better and improve their strength.

“After completing this task, I will become a four-star member, and then I can join the core of the Epoch Club.”

Chu Fengmian said to himself.

Chu Fengmian entered the Epoch Club branch before, actually because of curiosity that’s all, but when Chu Fengmian gradually integrated into the Epoch Club, he discovered that the Epoch Club was huge, far beyond what Chu Fengmian had expected.

Such a huge monster has intelligence and resources that Chu Fengmian alone can’t match. Chu Fengmian now intends to completely integrate into the Epoch Club and become a core member of it, with the help of the Epoch Club Intelligence resources to enhance his strength.

Anyway, Chu Fengmian is in the Epoch Club, his identity is innocent, even more how he is the son of Epoch Club, it is reasonable to join the Epoch Club.

Of course, Chu Fengmian dared to do this. The biggest trump card is the checks and balances of the Epoch Association. It is useless for Chu Fengmian. The identity of the Epoch Association jade talisman incorporates the dominance of Chu Fengmian’s body. Chu Fengmian can suppress it at any time.

He now masters the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword and already has the ability to fight against Domination.

So even if there is fraud in this era, once Chu Fengmian notices it, he can retreat without scrutiny.

The news of Chu Fengmian’s appearance in Shaxing should be spread by King Thai soon. I am afraid that it will be trouble is not small.

However, Chu Fengmian is now ready. He has grown up. He has been hiding in hiding as before, and it is time for him to face the Ten Thousand Realms.

Chu Fengmian didn’t think about it at all, he looked towards the other side, the huge palace, the Cave Mansion of the ancestor Sha, also slowly flew over.

Above this huge bronze gate, there are countless arrays of prohibitions, but as Chu Fengmian’s mind moved, a Heaven Devouring Force enveloped the past, and all the arrays of prohibitions collapsed.

The huge bronze door slowly opened.

Chu Fengmian stepped into it. Just after entering this huge bronze gate, he saw a huge scorpion, more so, the corpse of a scorpion.

This is the body of the ancestor of Sha Yuan, Desolate Ancient Sand Scorpion, even if it falls on the ground, it has ten thousand zhang high huge monsters.

Chu Fengmian can’t feel any vitality on the body of this huge Desolate Ancient sand scorpion.

“Even the Immortal Emperor of Tier 8 cannot escape the limit of life essence.”

Chu Fengmian also sighed.

In the world, there is no absolute immortal life, even if it is a master. Every time the Great Tribulation of the Era passes, the Tianzhu mark on each master will become stronger and stronger, even if it is hidden in the end , Will also be found by Tianzhu.

So even if you are a master, you can’t live forever, unless you can control Heavenly Dao and control Tianzhu.

Today’s Ten Thousand Realms have a similar plan. They succeeded the last time. They let the Desolate Ancient Era’s Great Tribulation come early, resulting in insufficient power for the Era’s Great Tribulation, allowing them to easily survive. Even from it, many benefits have been obtained.

Of course, the last time, it wasn’t actually the Ten Thousand Realms that had successfully controlled Heavenly Dao, but it accelerated the change of epochs, leading to the Great Tribulation of Nothingness and Destruction, that is, the Great Tribulation of Era.

But this already means that the Ten Thousand Realms already have the ability to interfere with the operation of Heavenly Dao. If in this era, Ten Thousand Realms are arranging more back players, then Heavenly Dao may be controlled by the Ten Thousand Realms. .

Then in the future, it will be true that the heavens and the outside world fall into the hands of the Ten Thousand Realms. Whoever the Ten Thousand Realms wants to live, let whoever live, let whoever die, let whoever die.

Chu Fengmian shuddered just thinking about this.

Similarly, Chu Fengmian, the son of Jiyuan, is the number one enemy of Ten Thousand Realms.

He needs strength…

This Cave Mansion, the ancestor Sha Yuan, was probably turned inside and out by Chu Fengmian. The inheritance and treasure left by Sha Yuan ancestor also fell into Chu Fengmian’s hands.

Unfortunately, the inheritance left by an eighth-order Immortal Emperor is not very helpful to Chu Fengmian now.

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