Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3478


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This Sha Yuan ancestor Cave Mansion, which was collected by Chu Fengmian.

The inheritance of this Sha Yuan ancestor is of little value to Chu Fengmian, but for others, especially some sixth-order Immortal Emperors, it is their best helper for breakthrough high rank Immortal Emperors.

Chu Fengmian directly left all the inheritance treasures of the ancestor of Sha Yuan, intending to sell them in the Era Fair trading area in exchange for contribution points.

Although Chu Fengmian should have millions of contribution points in his hands after the four-star mission is completed, it is still not enough.

In the Era Club, the real treasure is mainly intelligence. The required contribution points are all sky-high. 1,000,000 contribution points seem to be many, but any four-star member can get it.

Although you can earn contribution points by receiving tasks, Chu Fengmian didn’t waste that many time on completing tasks.

The reason why he has completed a large number of missions now, or for he first promoted Chu Fengmian’s status to a four-star member. In this way, it will be convenient for Chu Fengmian to use the core of Jiyuanhui and become a core member. .

Only when you become a four-star member can you really touch the core of the Epoch Club.

“Time to go back.”

After scouring the Cave Mansion of Sha Yuan ancestor, Chu Fengmian also planned to return directly to the Endless Void Division. He quietly hid his figure, and then left Sha Xing, a light disappeared. In the endless nothingness.

The other side.

A place of endless nothingness.

The huge palaces are connected together. In this endless nothingness, there are people. Here, a huge Imperial Palace, a huge stone sword, is located in the center of the Imperial Palace .

When you come to this Imperial Palace, you can clearly feel that this stone sword connects these countless palaces and condenses into a great array method, the power of this array, even the seventh-order Immortal Emperor, the eighth-order Immortal Emperor, will have a sense of horror when they see it.

Here is the headquarters of the Heavenly Sword Leader in the endless void.

Only the Heavenly Sword Leader can have such great generosity. It is possible to build such a huge Imperial Palace in the endless emptiness. The kings of the Heavenly Sword Leader all live here.

It’s just that as the emperor of the Heavenly Sword Leader, Heavenly Sword God Emperor is not here. Although Heavenly Sword God Emperor is out of customs, he is extremely mysterious. He is killing the sub-director of Nine Domains of Era Club After that, he entered the Three Great Saint Territories.

It is rumored that the Sword God Emperor once played against several great characters from Three Great Saint Territories. Neither party has taken too much advantage, so they have not taken any shots again for the time being.

There are also rumors that the current Sword God, in the Three Great Saint Territories, laid out this big plan, intending to defeat the Three Great Saint Territories in one fell swoop and take all of the Three Great Saint Territories.

There are countless rumors like this. Even the kings of the Heavenly Sword Leader don’t know where the Heavenly Sword God is. Now it is the Heavenly Sword Leader Dazai who controls the Heavenly Sword Leader.

Dazai is the Number One Person of the Heavenly Sword Leader. Similarly, he is also one of the two members of the Heavenly Sword God. One of them is Dazai and the other is Imperial. The oldest ancestor of the Family, Sword Ancestor.

The two of them, without exception, are both the Immortal Emperor of Tier 9 and the Heavenly Sword God retreat. They are the ones who truly control the power of the Heavenly Sword.

However, the two of them are loyal to the Sword God Emperor, and they are indifferent. Although there are internal struggles, once the Emperor Sword God orders them, they will all follow.

The power of the Heavenly Sword to lead the army fell into the hands of Dazai. The military leaders are naturally very happy. On the other hand, the Heavenly Sword leads the Imperial Family’s kings, many princes, and national princes, although they have hearts dissatisfied.

But this is an order from the Emperor Sword God himself.

Among the Heavenly Sword Leader, no one dared to question Emperor Heavenly Sword God’s order, and could only follow.

In the largest palace in this Imperial Palace.

one after another silhouette, both are sitting on the thrones on both sides. The military is on the left and the Imperial Family is on the right. The two sides can be called entirely different. The styles of these thrones are also different.

The imperial seat at the top is empty.

This is the seat of the Sword God Emperor.

The Sword God is not there. This location is naturally it’s empty. At the same time, sitting on the left and right sides below, on the left side, is a middle age person. His eyes are like a sword. There is a kind of heroic spirit.

This is Dazai, now the controller of the Heavenly Sword leading the army.

The opposite to him is the oldest ancestor belonging to the Imperial Family, Sword Ancestor, Sword Ancestor is an old man, now sitting on the throne with his eyes closed, looking like he is asleep.

Sitting below these two are the powerful commanders of the a military, and the kings of the Imperial Family, followed by some weaker commanders, the princes, the kings, and so on.

There are hundreds of seats in the entire hall. Although there are not one third, there are hundreds of Immortal Emperors.

This is the true terrifying power of the Heavenly Sword Leader.

There are hundreds of Immortal Emperors with a single god emperor, and even among them, there are more than 30 Immortal Emperors of the seventh order.

This kind of background is the reason why the Heavenly Sword Leader dared to directly fight the Three Great Saint Territories.

“Thai King, what is it that you called us here this time?”

In this palace now, one after another line of sight is all gathered on the right side of the palace, belonging to the ranks of kings, on the throne at the end.

The person on this throne is the King of Thailand. Originally, the position of King Thailand among the kings is considered to be the middle position.

However, since he disregarded the military order and hunted down Chu Fengmian, and later in Qixian Mountain, Chu Fengmian crushed the Thai Emperor Divine Sword. After his strength declined, his status was dropped a thousand zhang in one fall .

He has become the last of the kings, and even some people want to drive him out of the kings.

The king of Thailand has always acted arrogant and despotic. If he had been tyrannical before, naturally no one would dare to treat him like this, but now the king of Thailand is greatly damaged, and the other Imperial Family members are no longer afraid of him.

This is also the reason why King Tai wants to take over Cave Mansion of Sha Yuan Patriarch so much. He wants to use the inheritance of Sha Pa Pa Pao Cave Mansion to restore his strength and regain his position in one fell swoop.

But his plan, with the appearance of Chu Fengmian, completely fell through.

However, even though he was beheaded by Chu Fengmian this time of Fleshy body, he also had a greater gain.

“Thai King, the battle is anxious now. I’m all fighting on the front line. If you have anything to say, just say it quickly. Don’t waste time.”

Another Imperial Family king, the absolute king, suddenly opened the mouth and said in a cold voice.

“Or, do you think that your throne is about to be lost, and you want to use the rights of the kings?”

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