Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3480


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Many kings and high-rank military leaders in the room are sighing, the Thai king this time, I’m afraid he is going to turn over completely.

Only the king, his face was extremely gloomy, he hit a person when he’s down to the king one after another, that is, he already felt that the king would never turn back.

Unexpectedly, the king of Thailand was so lucky and encountered such a good thing.

“The second most wanted criminal, since he has the aura of this person, then you only need to figure out where he is and just capture him directly.”

Dazai sat on the throne, closed his eyes and thought about it.

“This matter, let the Western border go and catch it.”

Dazai’s gaze finally fell below, the body of a high-rank army master opened the mouth and said.


The high-rank military commander just got up.

Opposite Dazai, who looked like a sleeping Sword Ancestor, but slowly opened his eyes, opened the mouth and said calmly.

“The second most wanted criminal, let me arrest him. There are a lot of secrets in this person. If you escape repeatedly, I will do it this time.”


The Western border commander who just got up, sat down again without the slightest hesitation.

Sword Ancestor, but the oldest ancestor in the Imperial Family of the Heavenly Sword Leader, he wants to take action, no one dares to fight with him, even Dazai just glanced at Sword Ancestor with surprise, opened the mouth and said.

“Then please Sword Ancestor.”

“It’s okay, I, Old Guy, haven’t done anything for a long time. I just met an interesting Little Brat. Let me meet him.”

Sword Ancestor body moved and disappeared in the palace in an instant.

No one noticed how Sword Ancestor left, and the fire of the wizard god in the hands of King Thai also disappeared.

“Lord of Sword Dao’s discipline, Chu Fengmian, huh, didn’t expect finally let me find out, Lord of Sword Dao, this person has a big secret, once stole a Supreme Treasure from Ten Thousand Realms This Supreme Treasure was not found after the fall of Lord of Sword Dao, I am afraid it was in the hands of this discipline.”

In the depths of endless nothingness, amidst nothingness, Sword Ancestor slowly appeared and muttered to himself.

“This thing, even those Old Guys in Ten Thousand Realms, are crazy about it. If I can get it, I can take this last step ahead of time. In this era, the ruler of Sword Dao can only be me!”

Sword Ancestor muttered to himself, while also taking out the golden flame. With a big wave, he saw the golden flame lit from the sky and turned into an illusory shadow in the illusory shadow. , A young silhouette in golden clothes slowly emerged.

“Found it!”

In Sword Ancestor’s eyes, there was a bit of greed, the body moved, and instantly turned into a light to disappear.

In the hall.

Because of the departure of Sword Ancestor, the gathered kings and high-rank military leaders also left one after another. In the entire hall, only Dazai and the Western border military leader remained.

“Master Dazai, this time Sword Ancestor, the Old Guy, will take the initiative. There must be something wrong with it. The Old Guy has always been unprofitable.”

Western border The commander’s eyes flashed a bit of coldness.

“It seems that the identity of the second most wanted criminal is not simple.”

“Of course his identity is not simple. His Master is Lord of Sword Dao. He himself has become the son of this era. He must have a big secret.”

Dazai’s tone said in a tranquil voice.

“Then Dazai-sama, why not do it yourself and arrest this person?”

The Western border military owner said somewhat puzzled.

“Capture this person? It is so easy. As the son of Era, this person has the shelter of luck in this era. Even if I try to get him personally, it is not easy, Sword Ancestor That Old Guy, since he wants to make a move, just let him grab it slowly. Accidentally, I’m afraid the Old Guy from Sword Ancestor will suffer a big loss.

Said with a sneer appeared at the corner of Dazai’s mouth.

“This person suddenly appeared now, and there must be a problem in it. There must be a trap. Let Sword Ancestor go first. Anyway, this kid can’t escape my palm.”

“The son of Era, the darling of Era, indeed has great luck. Your Majesty personally took the action, but did not catch the first wanted criminal and let her run away.”

The commander of the Western border sighed involuntarily.

“Is it the first Imperial Princess? I have seen her before. At that time, I didn’t even notice that this person turned out to be the son of Epoch. This method is indeed amazing.”

“But the so-called Son of Era is nothing, but it’s the last struggle of Heavenly Dao in this era that’s all. Heavenly Dao in this era can’t make any waves anymore, even more how are these little ones Son of Epoch.”

“Ten Thousand Worlds will eventually be unified…”

Dazai said silently, his voice gradually disappearing.

The other side.

In the endless nothingness.

A escape light, flying all the way in the endless void.

It was Chu Fengmian from Shaxing who was going back to the Endless Void Division of Era. His escape speed was extremely fast. In just two days, he crossed millions and millions li.

Suddenly, his retreat stopped immediately. Chu Fengmian’s lifts the head seemed to be looking towards something.

“Are you going to do it so soon? It seems that the guys in the sky sword collar are impatient.”

Chu Fengmian can clearly feel that a force is calculating where he is.

But all this was originally expected by Chu Fengmian.

The fire of the witch god, Chu Fengmian was deliberately left to the king of the witches, otherwise, because of Chu Fengmian’s control of the fire of the witch god, how could he not know that the king of witches quietly stole a group of the witch gods fire.

Only when returning with this group of witch god fire, the people with the heavenly sword will believe the words of King Tai, and in the same way, can they focus their eyes on Chu Fengmian and achieve Chu Fengmian’s goal.

Of course, Chu Fengmian, but he didn’t want to be chased by the powerhouse led by the Heavenly Sword. The powerhouse as clouds led by the Heavenly Sword. Among them, the Immortal Emperor of the ninth order, not even the Heavenly Sword God.

Just started to calculate that powerhouse of Chu Fengmian, Chu Fengmian was a little unable to see the strength of this person. The only thing that is certain is that the strength of this person is definitely beyond Chu Fengmian.

Having been chased by the powerhouse led by the Heavenly Sword is also an extremely tricky thing, so Chu Fengmian also made a second-hand preparation.

“Go, just in this endless nothingness, take this person and go around.”

A group of witch god’s fire emerged in front of Chu Fengmian, and gradually gathered into a human form, exactly the same as Chu Fengmian’s appearance, this was his incarnation.

Chu Fengmian deliberately left that group of witch god fire, so that people can estimate the location of Chu Fengmian, for this purpose.

What that person calculated was actually just an incarnation of Chu Fengmian.