Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3481


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The body of Chu Fengmian, his fate, but even Divine Prediction Mountain, Divine Prediction Tianjun, can’t be calculated.

At the beginning, Chu Fengmian wanted to try and ask Divine Prediction Tianjun to figure out what happened to Chu Fengmian 10,000 years ago that led to his rebirth.

But in the end, nothing was gained.

The fate of Chu Fengmian seems to be nonexistent.

Similarly, no one can figure out the location of Chu Fengmian, even if it is the witch god fire left by Chu Fengmian.

This Sword Ancestor just calculated, but Chu Fengmian deliberately let him discover the location of the incarnation.

Chu Fengmian had thought about it a long time ago. When his identity was revealed, the Heavenly Sword Leader would definitely have a powerhouse to arrest Chu Fengmian, so he prepared such an incarnation in advance.

“Go ahead.”

Chu Fengmian’s mind moved, only to see the incarnation that the witch god’s fire turned into, it turned into a ray of light, and flew directly into the endless nothingness.

Boundless boundless, this incarnation is just flying in the boundless void, attracting the attention of the heavenly sword.

In this way, Chu Fengmian doesn’t need to worry about the trouble he is being watched by the powerhouse led by the Heavenly Sword.

I just don’t know who the martial artist of the Heavenly Sword leader who calculated the Chu Fengmian incarnation is, but no matter who it is, just follow Chu Fengmian’s incarnation and walk around in this endless void.

After doing all this, Chu Fengmian was in a good mood, but he was not in a hurry, and slowly flew towards the direction of the endless emptiness of the era.

After half a month, the owner of the White Tiger blood essence will appear in the endless nihility division of Epoch Society and come face to face trading with Chu Fengmian.

This time completed the four-star mission and wiped out the Six Devil Guards. The time for Chu Fengmian to prepare was Nine Heavens. But I didn’t expect that in just over a day, Chu Fengmian would catch everything in one. net up.

The remaining things took a little time, but only two days have passed. For Chu Fengmian, he still has seven days left to do.

“My current strength should be similar to that of an eighth-order Immortal Emperor, but I don’t have a high-rank Immortal Emperor, that kind of world erosion method. Although the existence of the blood pool can make up for some, there are still some gaps. .”

Chu Fengmian flew all the way, and he was confirming his own strength all the way.

After leaving the blood pool, Chu Fengmian’s strength is indeed advanced by leaps and bounds. Even without using the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, he can easily kill the fleshy body of the Thai King.

Although the current King Tai is far inferior in strength to when he was in Qixian Mountain, he is also a genuine seventh-order Immortal Emperor.

Chu Fengmian killed him with a single sword, with no difficulty, this is the strength of Chu Fengmian now.

Of course, it is Chu Fengmian’s current strength, which is comparable to the eighth-order Immortal Emperor. Chu Fengmian himself speculated. In fact, before a real battle with the eighth-order Immortal Emperor, Chu Fengmian could not say that he was capable. Fight with the eighth-order Immortal Emperor.

After all, Chu Fengmian has not really seen an eighth-order Immortal Emperor, so he is just a speculation about the strength of the eighth-order Immortal Emperor.

Even if this kind of speculation is rigorous, but true strength, only Chu Fengmian can judge it after actually fighting with it.

“The law, my weakest right now is the law. If the law of water can reach the Great Accomplishment, I will be equivalent to the law of a seventh-order Immortal Emperor, but if I can grasp the world and erode this move, my strength is no different from the real eighth-order Immortal Emperor.”

“Even with a blood pool, my strength may be stronger than that of a real eighth-order Immortal Emperor.”

Chu Fengmian said silently.

The law.

His weakest item now is the law.

His Sword Dao is comparable to the Sword God Emperor, and his bloodline is even more unmatched. His chance is also at the apex of countless martial artists. There are only rules, which are Chu Fengmian’s weakness.

Although in the world of Immortal Venerable Realm, one can fully understand the Six Principles of Great Accomplishment, which is already a shocking thing.

Even if it is the first Imperial Princess of Sacred Son in the Era Club, the achievement in law is just like Chu Fengmian now, almost on par that’s all.

But for the opponent Chu Fengmian is about to face, his law is indeed a weakness. This is the biggest hidden danger of Chu Fengmian’s fight against the eighth-order Immortal Emperor.

However, to understand the law, it takes time to accumulate.

Chu Fengmian was able to comprehend the six principles to reach the Great Accomplishment. It was also because he had a shocking opportunity. With countless chances and coincidences, he reached this step in front of him. Next, it is not easy to go further.

The law of water, it’s only a short step before Great Accomplishment.

But it was this last immortal kick. I don’t know how many Immortal Emperors have been trapped to death.

Like most of the sixth-order Immortal Emperors, but they have spent their entire life, unable to truly understand the seventh law and become the seventh-order Immortal Emperor. This is a threshold.

Chu Fengmian is now stuck above this threshold. He wants to go one step further and comprehend the Seventh Law. He must have a chance and an opportunity.

The law of darkness, Chu Fengmian is just entered, but if you can’t get other black jade stones, Chu Fengmian’s law of darkness wants Great Accomplishment, which is almost impossible.

What Chu Fengmian values ​​now is the White Tiger blood essence that is about to be acquired.

White Tiger is the god of thunder in the Desolate Ancient era. If a large amount of White Tiger blood essence and condense White Tiger Bloodline can be obtained, Chu Fengmian will have the opportunity to take advantage of the law of thunder in one fell swoop and learn about Great Accomplishment, breakthrough, the bottleneck .

The law of water has the greatest hope now, but it lacks an opportunity.

White Tiger blood essence is the best choice now, but five drops of White Tiger blood essence is far from enough to condense White Tiger Bloodline. However, since it appears, there are only five drops of Impossible… …

At the beginning, when Chu Fengmian was in the blood martial world, he started with a drop of Qiongqi blood essence, and then he obtained more and more Qiongqi blood essence.

The other party said that they have five drops of White Tiger blood essence. In fact, they must have more. After all, the odd goods can be lived in. If you sell too much at once, not only can you not sell a good price, but it may cause trouble.

In any case, Chu Fengmian is going to meet the “Guangzhong” first, and plan for the next step.

One day later.

The triangular empty ship that Chu Fengmian rode returned to the endless void of the Epoch Society.

At the moment when Chu Fengmian left the empty ship and stepped into the immortal city, one after another gaze fell on Chu Fengmian.

Chu Fengmian previously took over the four-star mission to destroy the Six Devil Guards, but now he is well known. Watching Chu Fengmian come back this time, many people’s eyes are fixed on Chu Fengmian.