Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3482


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Watching Chu Fengmian enter the room where he received the mission.

Some members of the Era Club just whispered.

“This Ancestral Dragon is back.”

“Did he complete this task?”

“Impossible, this task, but even a five-star member is unwilling to accept a task. If he can complete it, then his strength, is it the strength of a five-star member or even a six-star member?”

Some members of the Era Club discuss each other, looking at each other.

Now they don’t regard Chu Fengmian as a newcomer.

Although it seems that Chu Fengmian would be good to join Era just now, but this kind of strength is by no means a newcomer.

“Five-star member…”

Some members of the Epoch Society sighed.

Five-star members, but almost all of them are among the divisions of the Epoch Association. Except for the branch directors, the powerhouse is the most powerful. In this endless nihilistic division, only the branch directors are six-star members.

The most powerhouse apart from this is just a five-star member that’s all.

Five-star members, every one of them is a powerhouse with a small reputation inside the Epoch Club. Like most of the five-star members of the Epoch Club, they actually started as newcomers.

People like Chu Fengmian who have just joined the Epoch Club and suddenly emerged are extremely rare.

“The four-star mission to destroy the Six Devil Guards is completed.”

Just as everyone was discussing, a member of the Epoch Society criticized out in surprise.

Many members of the Era Society hurriedly took out their identity jade talisman, looked towards Chu Fengmian, and finally the name of Ancestral Dragon suddenly had two more stars.

Chu Fengmian, he was promoted from a two-star member to a four-star member in one fell swoop.

“It’s still 100% perfect…”

A four-star member is a bit speechless.

He has also seen that task, but he knows that the original reward for that task is actually only 500,000 contribution points. Only by completing the task perfectly can you get 1,000,000 contribution points in one fell swoop.

Now that Chu Fengmian has suddenly become a four-star member, it means that Chu Fengmian has perfectly completed the task of destroying the Six Devil Guards.

The task of destroying the Six Demon Guards, but if any member of the Six Demon Guards is not beheaded, it is not perfect.

Since Chu Fengmian was promoted to a four-star member, it means that the entire Six Devil Guards, without exception, was beheaded by Chu Fengmian.

The Six Devil Guards are also considered to be bad names. Even some five-star members are unwilling to provoke them, but now they are all beheaded.

“This person has not obtained the various resources in the Era Club, so he can have such strength, I am afraid that it is possible for him to become one of the six-star members in the future.”

A member of the Epoch Society murmured to himself.

“Six-star members? Really? The six-star members in our Era Club, but are there only about twenty?”

Six-star members, but without exception, in the Epoch Association, they hold important positions, or they are the branch ministers of various branches, and belong to the princes who hold a party of power.

Every new six-star member is born, there will be a storm in the era.

“This Ancestral Dragon is indeed too terrifying.”

“Forget it, even if this person is not a six-star member in the future, he must be a five-star overlord. We absolutely cannot offend him.”

“That spider, Love’s two Little Brats, it’s good luck that they can meet this person.”

There are also some opened the mouth and said that the epoch members envy.

The name of Chu Fengmian’s Ancestral Dragon in this epoch meeting has now spread throughout the endless nothingness.

The name of Ancestral Dragon, members of the Era Society in this endless emptiness, are already known to everyone.

Even in other divisions, the name Ancestral Dragon is spread.

Chu Fengmian didn’t say anything in the face of the accident. He was sitting in a chair casually in the room where he was receiving the task, watching the identity jade talisman in his hands.

In his current identity jade talisman, four stars have appeared, which also means that Chu Fengmian is now officially a four-star member.

Similarly, the contribution point in this identity jade talisman has reached one hundred and 18,000 points.

The 1,000,000 contribution point has already been credited.

Chu Fengmian completed the four-star mission of destroying the Six Demon Guards so quickly, the Silver Wing was as shocked as it was before.

In other words, when Chu Fengmian actually dared to take the four-star mission to destroy the Six Devil Guards, he already had some guesses in his mind.

Seeing that Chu Fengmian completed this task so easily, he was already mentally prepared.

“You are now a four-star member. According to the rules, any four-star member must go to the headquarters once and undergo an assessment.”

Yinyi looked towards Chu Fengmian, slowly opened the mouth and said.

“This is something that any four-star member must go through. Otherwise, after one year, your four-star membership will also be cancelled.”

“Headquarters, test?”

Chu Fengmian lifts the head with some doubts.

Chu Fengmian doesn’t know where the headquarters of the Era Club is.

But listening to the meaning of this silver wing, if he does not go to the headquarters and pass this so-called assessment, he will not be able to truly become a four-star member, nor will he be able to get close to the core of the Epoch Club.

In fact, speaking of which, when you go to the headquarters, you have already begun to contact the core of the era.

The headquarters of the Era Society is actually in an extremely secretive place. The general Era Society members do not know it, only members with four stars or more.

Era Club, but the forces that secretly compete with the Ten Thousand Realms are also one of the thorns of the Ten Thousand Realms.

The branches of the Epoch Club have always been established in some extremely secretive places.

It’s like this endless nihility branch, and it’s built in one space, the purpose is to conceal the identity, so as not to be noticed by the powerhouse of the world.

For example, in the Nine Domains, the branch of the Epoch Society was discovered by the Emperor Sword God and was directly destroyed. The branch ministers were all beheaded by the Emperor Sword God.

So this era club headquarters must be located in an extremely secretive place.

“Four-star members represent the core members of Era Club. If you become a four-star member, you are actually qualified to join Era Club.”

Silver Wing looked towards Chu Fengmian, calmly opened the mouth and said.

“In the Era Club, in fact, only four-star members or more can be regarded as true Era Club members. As for the remaining one-star, two-star, and three-star members, they are all marginal members that’s all. According to some sects All explanations belong to the outer sect. As for the four-star members, they are considered to enter the inner sect.”