Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3484


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“I don’t know Gu Song Fellow Daoist, why are you going to see me this time?”

Chu Fengmian straight to the point asked directly.

If nothing happens, this Gu Song, who will not be unfathomable mystery, called Chu Fengmian to come and meet.

This Gu Song is the sub-director of Endless Nothingness, a prince, it seems that there is not much to do with this Endless Nothingness branch, but in fact, it is not easy to master such a branch.

Such a character will not meet Chu Fengmian for no reason.

In the Endless Void Division of the Era Society, several of the five-star members are said to be ineligible to meet the Gu Song Division Minister, even more how is a newcomer like Chu Fengmian.

“Fellow Daoist speak quickly, then I won’t be nonsense here.”

When Gu Song heard what Chu Fengmian said, he also said straight to the point.

“Seeing what Fellow Daoist means, it should be going to the headquarters and really joining the Epoch Meeting?”

“Not bad.”

Chu Fengmian nodded, continue to wait for Gu Song’s words and continue speaking.

“In my opinion, the strength of Fellow Daoist is more than just a four-star member. It’s as simple as that. I am afraid that in the future Fellow Daoist wants to become a five-star member, even a six-star member Great opportunity.”

Gu Song looked at Chu Fengmian, slowly opened the mouth and said.

Chu Fengmian didn’t answer, only a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

His strength, of course, is more than just a four-star member. The strength that he shows is much stronger than that of an average five-star member.

After Chu Fengmian completed the four-star mission to destroy the Six Demon Guards, almost all the members of the Era Society had already acquiesced to Chu Fengmian, who should have the strength of a five-star member.

This Gu Song sub-director sees this, not at all what is strange.

“With Fellow Daoist’s aptitude and strength, do you just want to become a core member of the Epoch Club?”

Seeing that Chu Fengmian didn’t answer, Gu Song continued to ask.

“With my current strength, to become a five-star member, there is a chance. As for a six-star member, I should be far behind. If there is hope, of course I want to become a six-star member.”

Chu Fengmian half true half false opened the mouth and said.

“Fellow Daoist Long, I didn’t understand what I meant.”

Na Gu Song heard Chu Fengmian’s words, but suddenly lowered his voice and said softly.

“I mean, doesn’t Fellow Daoist want to be the fourth Sacred Son in my Era Club?”

“Become the fourth Sacred Son?”

Hearing this sentence, Chu Fengmian probably understood, why this Gu Song met with Chu Fengmian today, and he was so polite to Chu Fengmian.

Chu Fengmian can’t believe that this Gu Song is still so polite when he treats other members of the Epoch Association. If he can become the branch director of one branch, Gu Song must have his means.

The fourth Sacred Son.

This Gu Song’s words can be considered completely clear, and his purpose today is.

“I have no plans for this.”

However, Chu Fengmian shook the head.

This sentence is true.

Chu Fengmian does not intend to become the fourth Sacred Son in this era.

Although, he has this capital.

The only condition for the Sacred Son of the Era Society is actually the son of the Era, and every son of the Era is eligible to become the Sacred Son of the Era Society.

Currently, there are three Sacred Sons in the Epoch Association.

The first Imperial Princess that Chu Fengmian met in Nine Domains, which is the sword demon Sacred Son in the Era Club.

Every Sacred Son of the Era Society is the core of the Era Society. If a six-star member like Gu Song is a giant in the Era Society, it exists like a prince.

Then the three Sacred Sons in the Era Society are the equivalent to the prince. They are the future and are truly qualified to control the Era Society.

Every Sacred Son of the Era Society holds this immense power in his hands, even enough to use the power of the entire Era Society for his use.

The first Imperial Princess can actually pretend to be an identity, mix into the Heavenly Sword Leader Imperial Family, and hide so many eyeliners from the Heavenly Sword Leader Imperial Family. It must be because of the Epoch Society, who will be behind.

From this point of view alone, we can see how great the power that Sacred Son holds in each era.

But for the position of Sacred Son in this era, the current Chu Fengmian really has no idea.

If you want to become a Sacred Son of the Era Society, it is naturally equivalent to that your whole body is tied to the war chariot of the Era Society, but it is impossible to get out of it when you want to.

Chu Fengmian has not yet trusted the Jiyuanhui to such a degree. He believes only in himself.

Now what Chu Fengmian is in contact with is actually just the fringe of the Era Society. Even if he wants to become Sacred Son, he must first figure out what the core of the Era Society is, and then make plans.

even more how Chu Fengmian’s idea now is just to explore what’s all in this era. It’s okay to be one of the core members, but Sacred Son… is too involved.

“Fellow Daoist Long, you don’t need to be so nervous. There is no one else here. I don’t have any malice towards you. On the other hand, I actually came to see you this time to support you.”

That Gu Song said with a smile, seems to have not taken Chu Fengmian’s words just now, taking seriously, but thought it was some shirk that’s all.

Era Club Sacred Son, transcendent position, no one does not want to be the fourth Sacred Son in Era Club.

He didn’t believe what Chu Fengmian said just now. At most, he just thought it was because Chu Fengmian didn’t trust him and didn’t want to tell the truth.

“Becoming a Sacred Son, for the ancestor Fellow Daoist Long, there are countless benefits, not only can you get the blessing of the Epoch Association, even if it is chased by the ten thousand worlds, it can’t help you, even you, can get a lot of resources .”

“I know that the ancestor Fellow Daoist Long is only long live, and the weakest thing now should be the attainment of the law. If the ancestor Fellow Daoist Long is willing to become a Sacred Son, then he can get a large amount of Principle Supreme Treasure, and come to Fellow Daoist Long, used by the law of enlightenment.”

“As for the rest, such as sword technique, Extreme Dao Immortal Weapon, etc., what the ancestor Fellow Daoist Long needs, we can provide, as long as the ancestor Fellow Daoist Long is willing to become the fourth Sacred Son of the Epoch Club, All this will be yours.”

Gu Song came slowly.

Hearing what Gu Song said, Chu Fengmian couldn’t help but feel a little moved.

Principle Supreme Treasure, sword technique, and even Extreme Dao Immortal Weapon.

It seems that Chu Fengmian can get it as long as he becomes the fourth Sacred Son in this era.

Especially this Gu Song is right.

The weakest link of Chu Fengmian’s current strength is his knowledge of the law. If he can give him a large amount of Principle Supreme Treasure and let him understand the law, then his strength will go further.