Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3485


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As long as Chu Fengmian comprehends the seventh law to Great Accomplishment.

Then his strength will usher in a new height.

even more how Chu Fengmian now needs the sword technique, the news of Sword Dao Totem, and even the first Heavenly God beast blood essence, Foundation Tree branches, etc., can all be directly obtained with the help of the huge power of the era.

This has become the allure of Sacred Son, it is indeed huge.

On the other side, Chu Fengmian also knew in his heart that this was just Gu Song’s words that’s all to win him over.

This Gu Song wanted to make Chu Fengmian the fourth Sacred Son of the Epoch Association, and it must have his purpose.

“It’s not that easy to become the fourth Sacred Son of the Epoch Club.”

Chu Fengmian turned his words, opened the mouth and said.

“Oh? The ancestor Fellow Daoist Long does not need to worry about this. You are the son of Era. In your capacity, it is reasonable to become the fourth Sacred Son of my Era Club. As for the little trouble, we will Solved it for you.”

“All we need is to wait until the ancestor Fellow Daoist Long becomes the fourth Sacred Son, and can give us a convenience. Of course, this is not a trouble for you.”

Gu Song smiled and opened the mouth and said.


This Gu Song doesn’t seem to be alone. Behind him, there are other people, it’s a huge force.

It seems that there are many forces within this era.

After all, the three Sacred Sons represent the three powers.

Now Gu Song, and the people behind him, should belong to the forces other than the three Sacred Sons. They need a person with a bright face and convenient work.

Chu Fengmian is their best choice.

The son of Era, the born Era will be Sacred Son.

“Can the other three Sacred Sons not meet your requirements?”

Chu Fengmian asked again.

“To be honest, the reason why we need the help of Fellow Daoist Long is because our enemy is actually Sacred Son among the three Sacred Sons.”

Gu Song didn’t hide it, and directly opened the mouth and said.

“If you want to compete with Wandao Sacred Son, one Sacred Son must act. We have tried to pull the other two Sacred Sons, but the other two Sacred Sons, Heart Demon Sacred Son, Sword Demon Sacred Son, I don’t have the thought to fight against Wandao Sacred Son,”

Wan Dao Sacred Son, Heart Demon Sacred Son.

This is the first time Chu Fengmian knows the names of the other two Sacred Sons.

“Then, you need me to help you fight against Wandao Sacred Son after becoming the fourth Sacred Son?”

Chu Fengmian eyes flashed opened the mouth and said.

If it’s just a factional fight, Chu Fengmian doesn’t mind, and promises the Gu Song in front of him. After all, Gu Song’s conditions are really good.

The three original Sacred Sons of the Epoch Society, there are internal struggles within themselves. This is a matter on the surface of the Epoch Society.

In addition to having some friendship with the sword demon Sacred Son, the first Imperial Princess, Chu Fengmian has never met with the other two Sacred Sons.

According to the relationship between Sacred Sons, the two Sacred Sons who have never met before are probably Chu Fengmian’s opponents.

Chu Fengmian exposed his true identity to the King of Thailand. On this side, it seems that Gu Song already knew the news and confirmed the true identity of Chu Fengmian, before he came to directly win over Chu Fengmian.

Gu Song knows the identity of Chu Fengmian. For the three Sacred Sons, knowing the existence of Chu Fengmian is only a matter of time.

The first Imperial Princess may not be able to deal with Chu Fengmian, but the other two Sacred Sons may not.

So instead of Chu Fengmian facing the pressure of the other two Sacred Sons, it is better to use the power of Gu Song to make Chu Fengmian directly stand firm in the Epoch Meeting.

The only thing that Chu Fengmian is worried about right now is this Gu Song. I’m afraid not at all. To be honest, if Chu Fengmian really agrees to him now, then he will be completely on the thief ship.

Sometimes I wanted to quit, but it was difficult.

“I’m thinking about it.”

Chu Fengmian thought for a moment opened the mouth and said

He still didn’t directly agree to Gu Song.

Chu Fengmian intends to wait until he visits the headquarters first to explore the headquarters of the Era Society, and is considering agreeing to Gu Song.

After all, now, Chu Fengmian is also unhurried at this time.

“Well, Zu Fellow Daoist Long, please consider it.”

Hearing Chu Fengmian’s refusal, Gu Song’s face did not change, still smiling and opening the mouth and said.

“This is our contact Jade Talisman. If Fellow Daoist Long has considered it clearly, please contact us. Whether it is in the headquarters or in this endless nihilistic branch, we are all there.”


Chu Fengmian nodded, also took Gu Song’s jade talisman, the two had a few more conversations, and Chu Fengmian turned around and left.

Watching Chu Fengmian leave, Gu Song took out a jade talisman, from which several voices came.

“He didn’t agree.”

“Oh? No promise, the benefits of Sacred Son, didn’t you tell him clearly?”

“Speaking clearly, it seems that he still has scruples and wants to consider.”

“Consider, let him think about it. Our plan must be supported by a Sacred Son, but it’s not bad. At this time, Ancestral Dragon is unwilling to join, we will wait for the next one.”

“Next, I don’t know how long it will take to wait.”

“It’s okay. Recently, the action of Ten Thousand Realms has started again. Heavenly Dao is afraid that he will make another shot soon, but more sons of the era will be born in time. We need to prepare well and we must win a Sacred Son. .”

“Gu Song, what do you think is the strength of Ancestral Dragon?”

This last sentence was directed at Gu Song.

“The Dao heart is stable and strong. In my opinion, it is not under the current Heart Demon Sacred Son.”

Gu Song thought for a while, opened the mouth and said.

“I can’t see his true strength, but I feel that his strength is deep and unmeasurable.”

“No less than Heart Demon Sacred Son?”


“This person, has not obtained the resources of Sacred Son in the Era Club, so he has such strength?”

One after another a surprised voice sounded.

Sacred Sons in the Era Society, everyone is a peerless genius, but this is not only because of their extremely high talents, as a son of Era, but also because of the resources in the Era Society.

As for Chu Fengmian, he has not really joined the Epoch Club and has the resources of the Epoch Club, so he has such strength. Then, when Chu Fengmian truly becomes the fourth Sacred Son and gets the resources of the Epoch Club, his strength will be even stronger. .

“Gu Song, you continue to win over this Ancestral Dragon. If his strength is really so terrifying, then he is our best chance to fight against Wandao Sacred Son.”

“This person is the discipline of Lord of Sword Dao. Although he is now named Ancestral Dragon, he is still a sword cultivator…”

“It is said that he has been looking for Sword Dao Totem, the Endless Void Division, which happens to have one for him.”

“This Sword Dao Totem, but Sword Dao Supreme Treasure, if it is given to the sword demon Sacred Son, she may be on our side…”

“A Sword Dao Totem can’t do much to win over the sword demon Sacred Son. This Ancestral Dragon is not Sacred Son now. At this time, it is the best opportunity to win him, win him, even if it is In the future, he will not join us, nor will he be our enemy…”