Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3486


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After leaving the top floor, Chu Fengmian returned to the lower hall.

There are still seven days left before the date of the White Tiger blood essence transaction. In these seven days, Chu Fengmian is also prepared not to go anywhere, just in this endless nihility branch, waiting for the light weight ‘s arrival

No matter what happened, Chu Fengmian simply went to the trading area again.

According to the words of Silver Wing, although Chu Fengmian has not passed the assessment of the Era Club headquarters, he is not a true four-star member, but he has already opened many four-star members.

Every four-star member is a core member of the Epoch Club.

Chu Fengmian is also very curious about what he will get after turning on the permissions of these four-star members.

In the Epoch Club, the trading area is the most core area. If you want to buy treasures from Epoch Club, or even purchase information, you can use this trading area and consume contribution points to complete.

Chu Fengmian used to be only one-star and two-star members, the information that can be purchased is only outdated or less important information.

He has now become a four-star member, and he should be able to buy more treasures. The information is right.

Chu Fengmian walked to a water mirror, a Spiritual Force was injected into it, and the interface in the water mirror emerged. Chu Fengmian clicked on the treasure item at will and noticed it all at once. In this trading area, Regarding the treasures sold by Epoch Club, there are more.

When Chu Fengmian opened this page before, he could only see one page of treasures at most, the most valuable of which was the empty triangular ship worth 30,000 contribution points.

Obviously, in the Epoch Club, the real treasure, as Chu Fengmian at the time, was not eligible to buy it.

Now, Chu Fengmian glanced at the past. The treasures that will be sold in this era are more than three times more than that. Even Chu Fengmian has seen a huge military ship. The military ship led by the Heavenly Sword is even bigger, and the formidable power is even stronger.

Almost equivalent to a shrunken celestial ship.

Although there is no such horrible defensive power in the immortals, the speed of this military ship is comparable to that of a fourth-order Immortal Emperor. It is extremely convenient for driving on the road.

Moreover, it is just the defensive power of this military ship. When facing some weak attacks, there is no need to dodge.

Such a military ship is of great use to many Immortal Emperors of Tier 7.

After all, even a seventh-order Immortal Emperor is impossible to urge Escape with all his strength, especially in a place like this endless emptiness, where dangers are everywhere, and other martial artists may be attacked.

If you use all your power on the road, then once you encounter an attack by other martial artists, the situation is naturally unimaginable.

Of course, the price of such a military ship is extremely expensive. It requires a full 500,000 contribution point, which is countless times more expensive than the one currently in hand by Chu Fengmian.

Such a price is a sky-high price for a four-star member, and it takes a long time to buy it.

Chu Fengmian just took a look, let him spend 500,000 contribution points to buy such a military ship, Chu Fengmian is definitely not willing.

However, Chu Fengmian has noticed that there is no limit to the number of military ships. In other words, as long as Chu Fengmian has enough contribution points, he can purchase such ships indefinitely.

This kind of military ship is much more powerful than the military ship led by the Heavenly Sword. Now that the Epoch Society has chosen to sell in such a large amount, it can only mean that the Epoch Society already has a large number of refined military ships The ability of the ship.

Several warships like this may not be a big deal, but if a large number of these warships are gathered, they will also become a big army.

The foundation of this era meeting seems to be deeper than Chu Fengmian had imagined, and there seems to be an incomparably huge force hidden behind it.

The acting style of Jiyuanhui is extremely low-key. Faced with the destruction of the Nine Domains branch on this day, it actually retaliated by publishing tasks.

It seems that it is completely impossible to fight the Ten Thousand Realms.

However, since the Era Society can exist, it has already proved the power behind the Era Society. Otherwise, such an organization would have been destroyed by Ten Thousand Realms a long time ago.

Jiyuanhui obviously hides an immense power, but it has been hiding it in a low-key manner, and there must be a scheme behind it.

However, none of this has much to do with the current Chu Fengmian. He joined the Epoch Society, on the one hand, he intends to use the power of the Epoch Society to fight the Ten Thousand Realms.

On the other hand, it only uses the various resources of the Epoch Society to enhance his strength. As for the plot against of the Epoch Society, it has not fallen to his head.

Chu Fengmian took a look at the treasures sold by The Epoch Association. Many of them are useful for the seventh-order Immortal Emperor.

Moreover, it looks like some Immortal Grade immortal armors on sale, all of which resemble immortal armors in the Jiazong. I just took a closer look and found that the powers are different, but they are also unique and unmatched.

Many treasures that Chu Fengmian saw in the Era Fair Trading Zone were all he had never seen elsewhere, just like Chu Fengmian bought it. The triangular empty boat has a unique shape, but it is Except for the Epoch Club, there are no other places.

Chu Fengmian looked at it casually. Although these treasures are good, they are not enough to make him tempted.

After all, Chu Fengmian now only has 1,000,000 contribution points in his hands. This contribution point is hard to come by. He must also use this contribution point on the tip of a knife.


Just when Chu Fengmian turned to the last page.

From the water mirror, there is a third option.

The first option is the treasure sold by Epoch Club, and the second option is the treasure sold by Epoch Club members in this trading area.

And this third item has only two words, Supreme Treasure.

When Chu Fengmian looked at the trading area before, he hadn’t found the third option. It seems to be this time, because Chu Fengmian became a four-star member and his privileges were elevated and suddenly appeared.

Chu Fengmian opened the third Supreme Treasure with curiosity, and suddenly a dazzling array of treasures appeared in Chu Fengmian’s eyes.

“This is?”

Chu Fengmian just glanced at the Supreme Treasure item, the lowest-priced treasure, which also has a full 900,000 contribution points.

As for some high-priced treasures, they are worth several millions and tens of millions of contribution points.

It can be said that Chu Fengmian’s current contribution point is that he only buys one treasure from the Supreme Treasure page, which is the cheapest one.

However, the treasure on this Supreme Treasure page is completely different from the previous treasures. The least valuable treasure is a metal called black fire gold.