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At the same time, on the identity of Chu Fengmian, jade talisman, there is also a hundred thousand contribution point.

The transaction at this time is considered complete.

“If you need to sell other treasures, please put them on the stone platform.”

Chu Fengmian nodded, took out another bottle of elixir and put it on the stone platform.

This is a top grade elixir for healing. It has a very good healing effect for Immortal Emperors under the high rank Immortal Emperor. It was found by Chu Fengmian from the space ring of the leader of the Six Demon Guards.

There are five elixir in this bottle.

Soon on the water mirror, a price appeared again.

150,000 contribution point.

This bottle of top grade elixir is sold to Epoch Club at a price of 150,000 contribution point.

Chu Fengmian nodded, also completed the transaction this time again.

Chu Fengmian Next, he took out the materials, cultivation technique, etc., and put them on the stone platform, one after another to complete the transaction.

After these few transactions, Chu Fengmian has probably determined that the price that will be given in this era is indeed fair. Although it is low, it is also a price that Chu Fengmian can accept.

Chu Fengmian was simply thinking about it. After he left the blood pool, he killed those martial artists and got all the space rings, took out all of them, put them on the stone platform, and prepared to sell them all at once. .

This time, Chu Fengmian waited for a full five minutes before a price appeared on the water mirror.

6,000,000 contribution point.

Chu Fengmian nodded, after completing this transaction, the space ring placed on the stone platform was sent to other places through another transmission Array. At the same time, Chu Fengmian’s identity as jade talisman also added 6,000,000 contribution point.

6,000,000 contribution points are credited.

In addition to the treasures that Chu Fengmian had sold before, and the one million contribution points he originally had, there are already 8 million contribution points among Chu Fengmian’s identity jade talisman.

This is almost the net worth of a five-star member.

Five-star members, although they need to complete a 10,000,000 contribution point task before they can be promoted to a five-star member, every five-star member, after receiving the contribution point, will also use the contribution point to purchase treasures to improve their own strength.

Like most five-star members, in fact, the contribution points they can come up with in one go may not be enough for this 8 million.

“8 million contribution point, enough to buy Dark Profound Crystal.”

Chu Fengmian said to himself.

Dark Profound Crystals, the price of each one is one hundred and one hundred thousand contribution points. There are a total of five in the Epoch Society, and Chu Fengmian is going to buy them all.

The law of darkness, Chu Fengmian could not comprehend it by himself.

His Law of Darkness also relied on the black jade stone to barely reach the entry point. It was far away from Great Accomplishment. He needed a lot of Supreme Treasure of the Law of Darkness to understand the Law of Darkness.

These five Dark Profound Crystals are far from enough for Chu Fengmian’s dark law to understand the Great Accomplishment, but there are only these five in the Epoch Society, and Chu Fengmian intends to buy them all.

Five Dark Profound Crystals, which is a full 5.5 million contribution point.

Chu Fengmian’s 8 million contribution point now can’t be spent at all.

Chu Fengmian thought for a while, and slowly took out a space ring and put it on the stone platform. The space ring was loaded with nothing else. It was what Chu Fengmian got from the sand star. Cave Mansion of the patriarch.

Sha Yuan’s Cave Mansion, inheritance, and countless treasures left behind, none of Chu Fengmian moved, they are all in this space ring.

“The inheritance of Sha Yuan ancestor, completeness, 100%…”

Soon a line of words appeared on the water mirror.

“This item is eligible to be included in the Supreme Treasure and sold to Epoch Club for a price of 16 million contribution points. Will it be sold?”

After a while, the price appeared on the water mirror.

16 million contribution points.

The price is a bit higher than Chu Fengmian thought.

Compared with the price of three Extreme Dao Immortal Weapon.

But if you think about it carefully, Chu Fengmian can probably understand why the price of the inheritance of the Sha Yuan ancestor is so expensive.

First of all, this Sha Yuan ancestor inheritance is complete. Chu Fengmian did not take away any of them, the complete inheritance of an eighth-order Immortal Emperor, for any sixth-order Immortal who wants to be promoted to a high-rank Immortal Emperor. For the Emperor, they are all their yearn for something even in dreams.

For those Immortal Emperors who are stuck in the high rank Immortal Emperor bottleneck and cannot break through, even if they spend a lot of contribution points, they are willing to get the Cave Mansion of the ancestor of Sha.

It can be said to be an opportunity that can be met but not sought.

Even Epoch Club has always given a low price of 16 million contribution points.

Originally, Chu Fengmian had the idea to leave the inheritance of the ancestor of Sha Yuan to the Sword Dao gate, which might allow a seventh-order Immortal Emperor to be born from the Sword Dao gate.

But now Chu Fengmian just lacks the contribution point, so let’s sell it first, in exchange for the contribution point, and improve Chu Fengmian’s own strength.

The power of Chu Fengmian is the root of everything. Like the current Sword Dao gate, it can always exist because Chu Fengmian is alive.

Once Chu Fengmian fell, everyone around him, the Sword Dao gate, and even the entire blood martial world, would not escape a ruin.

“Confirm the sale.”

Chu Fengmian nodded, I saw that space ring, which disappeared from above the stone platform, and 16 million contribution points were also credited.

Among Chu Fengmian’s identity as jade talisman, there are now a total of 24 million contribution points.

Seeing this number, Chu Fengmian ended the transaction this time.

Two thousand 4 million contribution points are enough for the time being.

He has a lot of treasures, if not enough, he can exchange contribution points from this trading zone.

Start with the contribution point.

Chu Fengmian immediately opened the trading area. On the Supreme Treasure page, he selected the Dark Profound Crystal. All five Dark Profound Crystals were selected by Chu Fengmian.

“I want to buy five dark crystals.”

Chu Fengmian click on which item to buy.

On the water mirror, a paragraph popped up.

“These five dark crystals are now located in the Nine Nether World branch of the Era Society. It will take five years to ship to the Nether World branch. You can also choose. Two years later, trade in the headquarters. Do you still want to buy these five Dark Profound Crystals?”

Nine Nether World Division, five years time…

Chu Fengmian frowned.

These five dark crystals are actually in the Nether Nether World.

It takes five years to ship to this endless nihility branch, and even if Chu Fengmian chooses to trade at the headquarters, it takes two years. This means that it will take Chu Fengmian two years to get these five A dark mysterious crystal.

Two years, for an Immortal Emperor martial artist, it was a matter of flicks, but many people were willing to wait. After all, a retreat would take two years.