Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3491


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Looking at the departure of Silver Wing, Chu Fengmian took out the space ring again, continued to observe the Sword Dao Totem, and quietly integrated a Sword Intent into the Sword Dao Totem.

Seeing the countless sword techniques recorded in Sword Dao Totem, Chu Fengmian was finally able to determine that this is really a Sword Dao Totem.

So easily, you can get a Sword Dao Totem.

Don’t blame Chu Fengmian for being so unbelievable.

The incomplete sword technique in Sword Dao Totem is the most critical point used by Chu Fengmian to attack the origin of Sword Dao.

So Chu Fengmian has always been looking for the trail of Sword Dao Totem, but Sword Dao Totem, there are only 21 in total, and it is still scattered in countless worlds within the realm. If you want to find any easy.

The last time Chu Fengmian found Sword Dao Totem was in the ancient Snake Mountain, he ran into the forest, and got a Sword Dao Totem from him, so that Chu Fengmian’s Sword Dao Totem reached eight.

After this, Chu Fengmian was still trying his best to find Sword Dao Totem, and even let the blood martial world Sword Dao gate, the northern wizard clan, also help him find Sword Dao Totem.

However, the information received is not very useful.

Chu Fengmian joined the Epoch Club this time. He also planned to use the information of the Epoch Club to find Sword Dao Totem. He didn’t expect Chu Fengmian to do it yet.

A Sword Dao Totem was delivered to the door.

Of course, this Gu Song would only give a Sword Dao Totem like Chu Fengmian. It should be he made a decision after fully investigating Chu Fengmian.

The true identity of Chu Fengmian, this Gu Song already knew, Chu Fengmian looked for Sword Dao Totem with great fanfare, and the others were also well known.

If the price of this Sword Dao Totem is placed in the Epoch Club, I am afraid it will not be higher than the Dark Element Mirror.

At least for Gu Song, it is not too expensive treasure, but it is what Chu Fengmian needs most now. This gift can be said to be sent to Chu Fengmian’s heart.

Regardless of the purpose of this Gu Song, Chu Fengmian now has a good impression of Gu Song and the forces behind him because of such a Sword Dao Totem.

But like in the Era Club, there really is the existence of Sword Dao Totem, whether it is Sword Dao Totem, it was originally in the hands of Gu Song or the Era Club.

For Chu Fengmian, it is actually not a good thing.

If it is in the Era Club, there is the existence of Sword Dao Totem.

So on the other side, in the hands of Ten Thousand Realms, is there Sword Dao Totem?

The power of the Ten Thousand Worlds, but it is larger than the Epoch Association.

If Sword Dao Totem falls into the hands of Ten Thousand Realms, Chu Fengmian wants to get Sword Dao Totem from Ten Thousand Realms, which is no different from heavenly ascension.

even more how is not just the Ten Thousand Realms, Chu Fengmian also learned from Tian Long Aozi’s mouth about a force called Sacred Hall. This Sacred Hall is extremely hidden, but it seems to be the same as the Ten Thousand Realms and the Era. Great Saint Territories and Nine Domains are inextricably linked.

Powers like Ten Thousand Worlds, Jiyuanhui, and Sacred Hall are normally hidden deeply, making it difficult for outsiders to detect where such powers are.

It’s like Chu Fengmian. Before he met the first Imperial Princess, he just faintly made an appointment and felt that he was being watched by a force.

After encountering the first Imperial Princess and learning about the existence of Ten Thousand Realms, Chu Fengmian realized that he was targeted by Thousand Realms.

Such a huge monster has always been hidden in the shadows, and only during this time Sacred Domain war did these three forces slowly appear in the sight of everyone.

Twenty-one Sword Dao Totems fell into the hands of Chu Fengmian, a total of nine, and the remaining twelve Sword Dao Totems still have no news.

Like many of them, Sword Dao Totem, have disappeared in history.

Sword Dao Totem, the material is special, almost impossible to destroy, so it is only possible that these Sword Dao Totem are hidden in some worlds, or even hidden in some forces.

This ancient pine gave Chu Fengmian a Sword Dao Totem, which confirmed Chu Fengmian’s conjecture.

Chu Fengmian wants to make up the incomplete sword technique completely. He must obtain all the 21 Sword Dao Totems before he can make up the incomplete sword technique.

Although Chu Fengmian got the incomplete sword technique among the three Sword Dao Totems from the heart sword Heavenly Venerate, and the equivalent to got the three Sword Dao Totems, there are still nine Sword Dao Totems The incomplete sword technique was not obtained by Chu Fengmian.

He still needs to get nine Sword Dao Totems.

“You still have to collect news and intelligence about Sword Dao Totem.”

Chu Fengmian said silently.

Sword Dao Totem is extremely important to Chu Fengmian’s sword technique. Among them, the incomplete sword technique is Chu Fengmian’s Sword Dao, which can hit the core of the source of Sword Dao, which is the high realm.

But what Chu Fengmian needs most now is his knowledge of the law, Principle Supreme Treasure.

Chu Fengmian now also has a feeling that with the Ten Thousand Realms, the Era Society, and the forces that have been hidden in the shadows like Sacred Hall, they gradually revealed their huge bodies.

These three forces are also plotting against something.

The identity of Chu Fengmian is the core of these tripartite forces’ plot against. No matter what Chu Fengmian evades, he cannot escape this disaster.

Improving strength is the most important thing for Chu Fengmian to survive. Therefore, Chu Fengmian must quickly understand the law, especially the seventh law.

Comprehend the law of seven, Chu Fengmian once condenses Smaller Thousand Worlds and steps into the Immortal Emperor Realm, he becomes a seventh-order Immortal Emperor, a high rank Immortal Emperor.

This has been something that no genius can do since ancient times, even the genius of the monster, in the world of Immortal Venerable Realm, can only comprehend the six principles.

Comprehensing the Seventh Law is a threshold. Countless sixth-order Immortal Emperors are even stuck on this threshold. For a lifetime, they cannot understand the seventh law and become the seventh-order Immortal Emperor and promote high rank.

For Xianzun, this is even more true. Even the first Imperial Princess, as the son of Era, the sword demon Sacred Son, one of the three Sacred Sons of the Era Society, has the great opportunity of this era.

She was still at the time of achieving the Immortal Emperor, but she had only comprehended the six laws of Great Accomplishment. At the time of breakthrough, she became a sixth-order Immortal Emperor.

This seems to be a rule in the dark.

This is why, Chu Fengmian’s law of water is only one step away from Great Accomplishment, but he has never been able to understand the law of water to the cause of Great Accomplishment.

But Chu Fengmian wants to break this rule.

His second life, reincarnated and reborn, has broken the rules of heaven and earth. Chu Fengmian has a feeling that if he is in the Immortal Venerable Realm world, he can understand the seventh law, then once he steps into the Immortal Emperor Realm will bring immense benefits.